1. Robinson injured in Mich’s game against Bowling Green. Now even less excuses for IU to lose against Mich. next week.

  2. Clarion-

    First, great call on the Toledo game. You hit the nail on the head.

    Second, some around here have already begun using vague excuses such as “we will need to score 43 points, and maybe win by a margin of 2 or 3, in order to beat Michigan.” That was before Robinson went down.

  3. Let’s be honest…the real story of this game is yogi and hanner at the game….two guys that seem to love IU and I would love them

  4. Tom,

    As you well know I read here regularly, vague or not I have not seen a posting having anything to do with the offense needing to score 43 points or the talk of the margin stating a spread of 2 or 3. Of course that does not belie IU’s need for either. By the way I would be ashamed to tell you about the positive monetary result of the Puke/Rockets game today.

  5. Don’t be ashamed of the monetary amount Clarion, be proud.

    Akron scored 10 points against pUKe and 3 points against Syracuse, who gave up 41 to Washington, who gave up 56 to Nebraska. Yes, I know the transitive property of mathematics doesn’t work with football teams, but the point is:

    Akron only has offensive talent to the extent that they are playing a horrible defense.

  6. Husky Thomas,

    Our tackling is almost jr. varsity level. It is my biggest concern vs. running teams in the B10. It will intensify fatigue on D even with the increase in depth. But two bright spots about the first 3 games as compared to the same last year, first one being the D has not allowed a third quarter point, second one is the offense has scored over 3 times as many points during the third quarter vs. what was rung up in “09”. I think the loser of the Mich. game is who trades TD’s for FG’s and ST’s performance because their is going to be scoring. A blind Martian would pick the over in this contest.

    We are going to miss Ben next season while he is making tall money.

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