1. These early IU non-conference games have become so meaningless that I forgot they even played today. Let’s go Hoosiers- stay healthy, above all, and bask in the glory of what will soon become an NCAA record:

    Most 3-0 starts in history that result in last-place conference finishes:

    1) Indiana
    2) Norfolk A&M
    3) Fropist, OH
    4) Hedgewater St.
    5) University of Phoenix (Guam campus)

  2. What is it selective memory, a fleeting memory or simply not an IU fan seeing how the WKU game has been a topic of discussion Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this current blog page?

  3. Hey Husky-Hoosier-Tom,

    Tell me who will enjoy the “post” tailgating the most today, the Huskies or Huskers?


  4. HC-

    I never go out on a limb with predictions, so I am going to play it safe and say the Huskers will be celebrating more than the Huskies. With the way that UW played at BYU I have very little confidence in their ability to win a game of this caliber.

    Still, if you have to lose to someone, let it be the Huskers…their fans are a class act. You wouldn’t believe the Husky blog…Nebraska fans come on there and I’ll be darned if they aren’t the most polite, well-wishing fans in the country.

    Complete antithesis of pUKe, Oregon, and Purdue fans.

  5. It would be really helpful if you posted the final score on the scoop or at least at the end of the chat after football games. I always come here looking for the for the final score because I assume it will be here but can never find it. It’s buried somewhere in the chat, but is never posted at the end of the chat or on the Scoop front page. Thanks!

  6. Michael,

    FYI, IU won 38-20. The defense looked bad at first, then pretty darn good. IU needs to work on running the ball, defending the run, and keeping the offense on schedule on first and second down.

  7. If you have nothing better to do than make fun of IU football and you don’t watch them why are you making comments? You say you forgot they even played today but you spend time looking up some
    meaningless record. What’s that about? Sounds like you care more than you want to admit and you are really wanting them to have more wins than losses this year. if not,why put this on an IU blog for
    IU fans?

  8. Speaking of basketball, what’s up with the funny stuff on the back of the hoosiers pants? Is it some kind of candy stripe?

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