Football season ticket sales reach 13-year high

From IU Sports Info:

Football Season Ticket Sales Reach 13-Year High; Athletics Encourages Students to Not Miss Out on Sellouts – Get Football and Basketball Season Tickets Now

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Thanks in large part to a dramatic increase in student attendance, Indiana University football has sold over 20,000 season tickets for the first time in 13 years, Indiana Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass announced Thursday. IU Athletics has sold 21,125 season tickets for the 2010 season, which is the highest number of season ticket holders since 1997, when IU sold 25,654 season tickets. This year also marks the first year since 1997 that Indiana has sold more than 7,000 student season tickets.

“I think people are very excited about the direction of our football program and really seem to enjoy the game-day experience at Memorial Stadium,” Glass said.  “I think that is reflected in the surge of season ticket sales and the outstanding response by our student body.”

Season tickets for 2010 are still available with the cost prorated to not include the Sept. 2 game against Towson.  Men’s basketball student season tickets are also on sale, but are selling fast. To not miss out on sold out games, students are encouraged to buy their football and men’s basketball season tickets as soon as possible.

Both football and men’s basketball student season tickets may be ordered at ‘The Lecture’ featuring men’s basketball coach Tom Crean on Thursday, Sept. 23, at the IU Auditorium. For more information or to purchase football and basketball season tickets visit or call 866-IUSPORTS.


  1. Dustin, I asked about this in the chat today but it was cut off for some reason. As many tix as have been sold…it was a very small crowd and dead crowd for the first game. I am chalking it up to a Thur night game. If the Akron/IU game is this empty I am going to wonder.

  2. Well, since we were in the red for many years, and we’re now in the black, I’d say Glass is probably pretty pleased.

  3. I just have one question. Why is the price of IU football tickets so high? Is the cheapest ticket really $40? That is the only price I could find. Am I looking in the wrong place? I would love to go to a game this year, but I do not want to pay $40 or $50 for a ticket. Any info would be appreciated.

  4. KW, my friends and family have scalped for years. My friends paid 15 bucks a piece for the first game this year from a scalper. Walk toward the stadium about a half hour before kickoff and gauge the prices. Every 5 minutes they go down 5 bucks. Good Luck and it will be NO problem, trust me!

  5. There are some promotional tickets available (Four Pack, Young Alumni, etc), but our regular ticket prices are still cheap compared to most other schools.

  6. The $5 kids tickets are really nice. Is there any other Big 10 school offering FB tickets to kids for $5? Great idea. Thanks

  7. Thanks for the info. I will def try your suggestion J Pat. I have been to several IU basketball games and I know there are lots of scalpers there. Wasn’t sure about football games. Jimmy where can I find out about the promotional tickets? I am an IU alum, graduated from IUS in 2006, so I would like to look into that. Thanks again. If anyone else has any info that would be great.

  8. KW, I’m currently attending IUS, and I got my season tix for $5 a piece, and as your a recent alum, you can get yours for $5 a piece as well. I would bring a copy of your last transcript just in case, but every ticket for every game (they jacked up the prices on the Michigan and Iowa games) will cost you only $5.

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