Freeland still out, Jones probable

Kicker Nick Freeland will miss his third straight game with a hip injury according to IU’s injury report Thursday. However, most of the other players who were in any sort of jeopardy will apparently play.

Safety Donnell Jones, who has practiced with a yellow jersey most of this week, is listed as probable with a knee injury. Senior linebacker Tyler Replogle, who also practiced in a yellow jersey after missing last week’s game with a concussion, is not listed on the injury report.

Safety Chris Adkins, who was still on crutches this week with an ankle injury, is of course, still listed as out.


  1. We’ll beat Michigan 62-59.


    09/27/10: University of New Mexico men’s basketball coach Steve Alford confirmed former coach Bob Knight will be in Albuquerque on November 1st.

    Knight will speak at an event to help raise money for the UNM Library Fund.

    Alford played for Knight at Indiana University and helped Knight win a national title in 1987. Knight has won 902 NCAA Division One men’s college basketball games, more than any other head coach. Knight’s won three national championships (1976, 1981, 1987) and last coached at Texas Tech.

    “That’s somebody that means a lot to me in a lot of different ways so to have him come to our community and be a part of our program for a couple days, watch our practices, it’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Alford

    Indiana legends in exile.

  2. You would expect an old coach and one of his best former players to remain close. I really don’t give a da** about the UNM (But I do like all libraries! It would have been nice of Bobby to do a similar appearance in Indianapolis for their public libraries, which are being forced to shut down and reduce hours of operation due to lack of operating funds! The last I checked the kids and poor folks of Indy had nothing to do with his battle with Myles Brand and the Trustees.) But you need to work on your vocabulary. “Exile” refers to someone who was banished from their native land by some institutional authority. The word you are searching for is “ex-patriot” which refers to a person who voluntarily absents him/her-self from their homeland due to anger or unhappiness with the powers that be in said homeland! No problem, you don’t even have to thank me for the help.

  3. Well-said, BeatPurdue. Although watch out for an acerbic response. Remora doesn’t like to be corrected.

    Expect 3-4 flailing posts with links to crazy videos and dated articles.

  4. Dude you need to work on your spelling. “Expatriate” is what you want to write. You are so laughable. Also Husky you don’t deserve any attention. You’re clapping around BP like a monkey, like a minuscule Tom Crean. Compete, Husky, compete!

    Anyway, you two are entertaining, so no caustic reply for you two just a friendly encouragement to work on your spelling.

    Also, Husky: don’t forget to compete, dude, compete!


  5. Remorowning, would it be inappropriate to say I love you (“in a rhubarb pie kind of way”)?

    I really do. I love your feistiness. I love your doctored images – you share so many talents with Downing in that domain.

    I love your nicknames, which nobody comes close to in creativity: Fluffy Tom, Clari-yawn, Goofy Dave, Coun-twerp-unch…you have a good one for almost everyone but Bristol Palin and 4tards.

    But most of all I love how your panties get all bunched up whenever I say anything about your timeless idol and father figure Bob Knight. I love how you even try to blame the Pepperdine loss on the fact that Herman B. Wells died that evening. That is awesome, dude. Totally awesome. You are so predictable, dude.

  6. I think we were all unable to think straight the night Herman died. I’m surprised the tournament wasn’t canceled.
    Bristol Palin…where to start?

  7. Don’t worry about the libraries in Indianapolis. I heard Tom Crean has invited Dwyane Wade to come and talk to raise money for them. You know: coach and former best player have remained close.

    Knight was fired by IU. If that doesn’t mean “banish” (from the lan Knight has built here) then … just blame it on the libraries in Indianapolis. But not for long because Dwyane is coming…

    So, where was Crean the night of his famous final four? Reports published after the game failed to mention him —

  8. Wouldn’t you want the Huskies to be blown out in a Final Four? But: no such luck. Somebody will always dispose of them much earlier in the tournament… (See Purdue 2009, etc.)

  9. Thankfully, I don’t go around trumpeting gruff old coaches, dusty banners, and dead traditions, all the while trying to get the coach fired and simultaneously convince the state’s best recruit to play for him.

    Therefore, trips to the sweet sixteen for an up-and-coming program make me oh-so-happy. I’m sorry that you are jealous, and can’t express your jealousy in any other way than teasing Crean’s clapping.

  10. I’m not jealous, nor teasing, but I am saying that Crean would be clapping his head off to see Knight in Bloomington while he (Crean) is here. Even you can’t deny that.

  11. He has tried hard — I believe that. But he hasn’t come anywhere near a semblance of achieving that. But I will pray for him this season to succeed (and deserve even half the money he’s being paid). He needs to try harder to be honest. These past two seasons the team looked like the basketball player Tom Crean was in college. The spitting image of that, don’t you think?

  12. I choose my words VERY CAREFULLY! See if you can understand the difference in meaning between “ex-patriot” and “expatriate”.

  13. Nothing to deserve the job? Dude, wake up. He took the job to begin with. That says all you need to say.

    For a winning coach to take the huge career risk of taking the reigns of a decaying tradition, with fans like your petulant self waiting to run them out of town if they don’t turn water into wine within your prescribed limited time frame, I’d say Crean’s most impressive move was simply to show up.

    Luckily, however, he has done so much more than that, snagging a top 10 recruiting class in 09 which is going to be the cornerstone of a new tradition.

  14. As the last hire of the decrepit Greenspan regime the honorable thing for Leberwurst Crean would have been to not show up. He did show up for the vacant position and that speaks volumes.

    Beat Douchebag glad to know you recovered. Your weak reply doesn’t hold water. Plus, Alford is obviously in exile. He’s not wanted here by Leverwurst because he (Alford) is obviously the better coach. Knight was fired by the University (thus exiled by force). He doesn’t want to come here because he doesn’t want to lend any help to the Whiner Coach Tom Crean. Crean has no credibility and is currently a bumbling stooge walking around in clown boots trying to justify the money thrown at him.

    Crean is the last self imposed sanction of the Greenspan regime. We will outlast him. He will soon be gone through his sheer incompetence.

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