Goff to Oklahoma

Robert Goff has verbally committed to Oklahoma, Scout.com’s Evan Daniels is reporting.

Goff, a 6-foot-9 JUCO forward, had been made a priority for the Indiana staff, with Tom Crean and Steve McClain visiting him on the first day of the fall open period.

He had said he would be taking a visit to Indiana, but apparently found what he was looking for in Oklahoma.


  1. I am so glad we wasted day 1 of the recruiting period showing this kid how big of a priority he was.
    So now is the kid from the And1 tour our #2 priority?

  2. Agree that it isn’t a big deal … as long as CZ signs with Indiana (although CTC might find a use for a strong, athletic 6-9 PF off the bench). Get another chance in 2012, but TWO YEARS is a long wait to upgrade the post positions.

  3. Frankly, I’m glad. This was one recruitment that kind of puzzled me — only because Goff would’ve increased the lopsidedness of the 2010 class, and wouldn’t have filled an immediate need. I feel good about the PF position with Watford, Elston and Pritchard.

    Overall though, it’s obvious Crean is recruiting quality players. I like our prospects for the 2012 class.

  4. damon bailey- there you go again, you twerp. Staying up late, surfing the net for any scrap of anti-Crean rhetoric that your skinny fingers can guide you to.

    A Notre Dame blog? Seriously? You are that desperate to bash our coach that you dig around in the garbage can of a Marquette basketball rival? What else would you expect to find there?

    Piece of advice: go to bed. It’s a Sunday night.

  5. Mr. Goff’s loss. No way OK is a better place to play and showcase a career. Oh well, we don’t want guys who are not 100% commited to candystripes.

  6. You guys are so predictable, it is hilarious. I have been hearing about how awesome Goff is for months, and now that Crean struck out on him, we didn’t want him anyway.
    The Crean Apologists are out in full force.
    I for one never did want him, so am glad Crean struck out again on this one.
    Bring on Zeller!

  7. This is surprising and dissapointing. He is a solid solid player. I know it is hard to believe but he could have come in and had a quicker impact at IU more than Cody, because he is experienced and physcially ready for the Big Ten. On to the next guy now…

  8. Husky Tom:

    Hey, do you want some cheese with what whine? Go to Clarion, he can cut some right in front of you and then you’d be once again able to exclaim at the top of your lungs: “I can smell our tenth win, folks! It can’t be far, because the smell is so strong, and so refreshing!”

  9. Sorry, but no one could “have been hearig about how awesome Goff is or months” from me, so I beg your pardon. Please, if you are going to post, confine your comments to your own original thoughts, and refrain from attempting to tell us what others are feeling and saying. Better yet, just refrain from making any comments about IU.

  10. Rob is correct. I have only read posts that Goff is a solid 6’9 player, NOT that he is a priority like Zeller and Yogi, NOT that he is awesome and an immediate impact player (except from TheRegion just now). I would not trade for Goff today for Pritchard or Capo or Guy. So who do you propose loosing so we can sign Goff? Let’s sign Cody for 2011 and Yogifor 2012. Then let’s sign Hanner and one more for 2012!

  11. Hope all our eggs aren’t in one basket with Zeller. IU will be in a world of hurt if we don’t get him. It will be a big disappointment sure, but do we have a back-up plan? Is there really a realistic chance that we’ll get him? I mean, would you trust CTC with your future compared to RW’s? Who has the better history? And maybe Zeller won’t even develop into a big time player.

  12. I really don’t know much about Goff, but I would argue that it’s a fairly natural reaction among fans to try to brush it off and move on. A reaction that the so-called “Crean Apologists” probably have had for other coaches and other teams they like, I’m sure. Consider the opposite reaction: ‘Oh no! Goff is our world! How will life go on?’, followed by days or even weeks of praise for the player, and despair and disappointment that he’s not at IU.

    And the Notre Dame blog looked to be the poorly written, nonsensical, driveling of a red-headed sophomore locked in his dorm room who thinks ND basketball matters. Also, humorous that basically the only thing his article does is take a legitimate frustration expressed by Crean, characterize it as whining, then whine about the whining in a series of repetitive, hostile, yet dull paragraphs.

  13. Trivia: Who represents the dumbest of each of the following groups?

    People who…

    a) Don’t believe the dinosaurs existed

    b) eat cheese whiz

    c) make the “Dwayne Wade” argument to try to tarnish Crean

    d) none of the above – they are all equally stupid

  14. You all getting upset about recruiting a junior college transfer is so crazy. How are you going to react if we don’t get Zeller? You remind me of the cartoon guy Chicken Little running around saying the ski is falling,the ski is falling! No Coach or College ever gets everyone they recruit. There are always going to be kids in every sport who won’t pick IU so get over it. I would much rather talk about the kids that want to play for IU because I am an IU fan. Casey is right we have some players who have put forth the effort by training everyday since last spring to become stronger and better to play power forward for the next 2 or 3 years. Coach has a 7′ center coming in 2012 and if he keeps working he may be a top 25 player. Coach is rebuilding a team the right way with kids who want to play for IU and all this crap and knee jerk reaction about any one player,even Zeller, does not make or break a team. Who knows he could be like his brothers who played on the same 3A class team. They didn’t exactly light up the world in college. I would love to have him at IU too. Maybe, just maybe, 4tards would shut up his pie hole and act like an IU fan that he tells everyone he is. Basketball is a team sport and the sky is not going to fall if we miss out on Zeller or any one player.

  15. People, why don’t you get it? The all-too-similar Zeller and Plumblee families have written off the state of Indiana since time immemorial. The perennial high-nosed snubs that these families show the IU coaches is just another example of their chain-jerking ways to get attention.

    The biggest mistake for an IU fan (and Crean’s as a coach) is even entertaining the idea that any one of those squeaky-clean boys wants to come to Indiana. What a waste of time. We need all hands on deck here, not a bunch of flirts.

    An IU coach recruiting a Zeller or a Plumb-lee is like a dating a stripper. No, she will not be faithful, my friend.

  16. Damon Bailey,

    The only real noise ND has made in basketball in decades is Brey’s recent infidelity.

  17. Cody Zeller and his family have been the most ethical and straight shooting “recruited family” I have ever read about. Whatever decision he ultimately makes (and I think and hope that it is to pick IU) will leave many fans at two schools disappointed. But NO ONE will ever denigrate either Cody or his family personally for their actions during the recruiting process!

  18. Calling It As I See It –

    The Zeller’s seem like a nice family who have done their best to raise those boys right. Cody comes across as a very humble and respectful young man. He works hard at improving his game and plays unselfish basketball.

    Where do you get off writing something like, “The Zeller family has written off the state of Indiana since time immemorial”? Have you even been in Indiana the last ten years? IU basketball hasn’t exactly been a beacon of stablilty. The fact that Cody is even considering us now speaks volumes in my opinion. His parents aren’t even from Indiana.

  19. JB- according to you and 4guards, with Indiana, “the name sells itself.” You talk about how Hulls, Elston, Creek etc. didn’t come for Crean, but for the name IU. If IU has such lure and tradition that it sells itself, then why, as you and tards claim, should the coaching situation even matter here at IU? Shouldn’t the brand sell itself? SHouldn’t Cody commit “Because it’s Indiana” alone?

    Now, if you, the “Robin” to Bat Tards, have finally wisened up and conceded that coaches win recruits more than buildings and traditions, then you will readily admit that it is CTC that, like you said, is the fact that CZ is “even considering” IU.

  20. Coaches absolutely have an impact on the program. I’m positive that it is because of Crean and the chance to “turn things around” at Indiana that has Cody interested. That doesn’t mean that I think CTC is the greatest coach ever or that I agree with everything he has done. Crean himself sells the brand Indiana. My point is that it is sleazy to get on the internet and compare a nice family to dating a stripper. Your second post doesn’t even come close to explaining your first. They are NOT from Indiana. Time immemorial?? You are the tard sir.

  21. Reasons for Cody to consider IU:
    (1) IU
    (2) Crean

    Reasons for Cody to opt for another school instead:
    (1) Crean

    It works the same with Mike Davis, Bob Knight, Kelvin Sampson etc.

    Coaches factor in as a very dynamic variable.

    Administrations have a much slower rate of change (plus the banners are still there, etc.)

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