Goff’s advisor: “He was 100 percent ready”

Jason Knight, former Broad Ripple forward Robert Goff’s advisor and former AAU coach, confirmed a Scout.com report that the Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College sophomore has verbally committed to Oklahoma over a scholarship offer from Indiana among others.

Knight said Goff committed to Oklahoma on Sunday evening. He had taken an official visit there on Sept. 11 for the Florida State-Oklahoma game and had taken an official visit to Wichita State this past weekend. Goff had taken an unofficial visit to Indiana this summer and was scheduled to take another visit to Bloomington on Oct. 2, but decided he was comfortable making the decision.

“He’s very familiar with the program,” Knight said. “He’s been there before unofficially. He took the official a few weeks ago, and in the end, the biggest factor was that he was really comfortable with the school and especially the coaching staff and coach (Jeff) Capel. I think he feels that this gives him the best opportunity to reach the goals he has.”

Goff may have a better chance to make an immediate impact with Oklahoma than even at Indiana. The Sooners lost six of their top eight scorers from last year’s 13-18 squad as well as their top three rebounders. The 6-foot-9, 240-pounder could help in those regards.

“As a junior college player with just two years of eligibility left,  that was a factor,” Knight said. “At all of the schools he’s looking at, that was a main focus. On their current roster, they lost a lot last year and they have a lot of needs to fill. He just felt comfortable with the teammates there and the guys they’re bringing in.”

Still, with visits still on the schedule, Knight said he was looking to convince him that he was ready to make a decision. After a lengthy discussion, Knight said Goff accomplished that.

“In my role in this, I decided I just gotta make sure that he is 100 percent committed to this because of all the different aspects,” Knight said. “Not only basketball-wise, but academically as well as family, and location and things of that nature. Part of the process. We had a long conversation with that. I wanted to make sure and hear from him that he’s 100 percent ready. At the end of that conversation, I’m confident that he is 100 percent committed to that decision.”


  1. Translation, he did not want to compete for playing time at IU and chose to play at a school where football is #1.

  2. I never was comfortable in CTC recruiting him. I am sorry CTC wasted the first recruiting day going to see him. He is a native Hoosier so if he thinks OK is best let him go there. Seems like he values playing time more than an education and tradition. OK is a program going downhill. he will regret his decision but I would rather save the shcolarship for next year anyway. The 2012 class is great and we might be able to use it on someone there.

  3. Here we go again — bashing a player that chose another school instead of IU.

    Get over it. Not everyone we recruit is going to choose us. Saying a kid is going to regret a decision he made based on his own personal goals is ignorant.

    IU is a great institution, and I want the best players to play here, but just because someone doesn’t, he’s not automatically a horrible person. He’s making the decision for himself, not the fans of the schools recruiting him.

    He had interest from a lot of good programs. God forbid he found a place he thinks is the right fit.

  4. I said from the start that this kid was a waste of time. Zeller will win us 4 championships. We must get him. Knight would have closed the deal on Zeller already and been teaching him golf lessons in the offseason.

  5. Goff would have been a starter for 2 years at IU. Oklahoma just brought in 9 players in the 2010 recruiting class—that’s really starting over. He chose OK because Capel has been following him at JC. Academically, iy is easier at schools like OK and Arkansas than at IU.

  6. I say it over and over. Beware the advisor/friend of the family/”uncle” and for UK the occassional translator.

  7. The wanna be 4guards makes some valid points.
    I hear TOS has a good journalist writing for them now every once in a while.

  8. get real…Would you actually play Goff over Guy, Capo and/or Pritchard with their strength program work and experience in the IU system? I would not! Nor would I trade either of the three for Goff in a one-for-one trade (which the over-sign scholarship would require). He was told that he would play a lot at OK, while he was plan B behind Zeller at IU. Goff made a reasonable decision.

  9. 4 tards I love Bob knight also and I used many of his methods in coaching but not every big man to come out of the state of Indiana
    played for Bob. Your comments that Bob would have Zellar locked up by now are crazy. I do not think Cody would have played for Bob nor would his parents approve. You could see this in the same way Bob and Larry Bird did not match up or Eric Montross. Other than Downing( who Bob did not recruit),Benson,Turner,Tolbert and a couple others Bob did not do well recruiting and keeping centers.
    You are bashing his name by bring up his recruitment,coaching and
    keeping big men. If you love your idol shut up.

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