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Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Duwyce Wilson (81) leaps over Towson Tigers wide receiver Alex Blake (81) during the game Thursday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times
  • Indiana was pretty much what most expected — strong offense and a suspect defense, Dustin writes.
  • Towson QB Chris Hart gave the Hoosiers a good look as they prepare to face more dual-threat QBs later in the season, I wrote.
  • Aaron Price, a local product, got his first start at left guard, Lynn Houser writes.
Vertical Horizon’s “Everything You Want.”


  1. Can someone please tell me when this picture was taken?

    It’s Korman’s Tweeter page background image. Any idea what game and who was the coach then? Thanks.

  2. Kudos to Dustin for summing up the game perfectly. I especially liked the calling out of the suspect defense…Towson outgained us in total yards (and no, the majority was not in garbage time.

    However, let’s give the defense some credit. Much like last year, they continue to force turnovers. Last year’s defense took a lot of the blame for last year’s blown leads. Yet, in the Iowa game, for example, they had a ridiculous number of picks, giving the offense plenty of chances to put the game away. The offense didn’t convert on a single opportunity, and it was in this fashion that the offense’s untimely flops, not the defense, lost many games last year.

    This year, we should expect the offense to put a few games away when the defense gives them extra possessions. Just like last night.

  3. Hugh – nice video…couldn’t find a justin bieber link?

    We are going to get mauled with this defense. Lynch should have done the right thing and gotten rid of his D-coordinators after last year. Such a waste of offensive talent.

  4. Have to say the defensive secondary looked pretty slow and will really become evident when the competition increases. We need guys that can run a 4.3 40 as DB’s. I think it was Kates that looked like he was running in slow motion compared to Towson’s QB and on the one TD on the slant route. Is Kates one of the Juco transfers? I’d go with true freshman with speed over more experience with no speed in the secondary.

  5. Towson had a total of eight offensive possessions in the first half and our defense was rotating first string players in a generic 4-3, 3-4 set scheme in the same timeline. In the half they gained 104 yd. rushing and 105 yd. passing. 52 yd. rushing came on one play and 64 yd. passing came on one play. On the run of 52 by their QB our read and convergence to the ball was good but over run by 4 defenders. With the 64 yd. pass our DB’s did not make the necessary read and switch. Those two big plays mislead me to thinking negatively about the play of our first string D. Over exuberance and tentative play can be remedied with film study, drills and practice on the field. After their eleventh possession(middle of the 3rd quarter)we started wholesale substitution to the defense. QB Hart kept them as viable on offense as KL used to do for us. My concerns now are about our kicks on kickoffs, pass rush(though Darius Johnson was a hoss all night)and OL sporadic pass and run blocking. The IU offense as a total package is going to be hard to handle. I think these first 3 games are why they did not do a lot of hard tackling in camp. The idea is to practice and fix issues from game conditions.

  6. Clarion-

    Nice analysis. The running game is a bit worrisome to me – it seems like year after year, our backs get all their yards on big plays against early-season cupcakes. Willis’ line last night read like a Marcus Thigpen line: 13 carries, 102 yards, with half of them coming on one run. True, it was all in the first half. But the erratic blocking you pointed out continued into the next half.

  7. I’m psyched! The last season I remember putting this kind of spanking to some tater tots, OSU only had its way with my ugliest sister.

  8. 1. Blocking could stand improvement.
    2. Most ball carriers that average 5.00 yards/carry have a big one, 20 yards or more.
    3. IU did not show everything last night and they will not show everything at WKU.
    4. Northwestern had a tough game with Towson last year.
    5. The slant pass for a TD happens to everyone, Replogle was a step late.
    6. Hart is a good athlete.
    7. This team has a lot of work left to do.
    8. Chappell has problems with his feet.
    9. Iu could win 7 games, not a bet but a possibilty. Maybe more a hope.

  9. ^^^ To summarize: They are good, they are bad, they played good, they played bad, they could be better, they could be worse, we may win, we may lose.

  10. Food for thought. I wonder how the Tar Heels are feeling about their ‘big name’ hire at head coach right now?

  11. You know Chet you are right. With program makers you always run the chance of having the troubles NC is experiencing or on the other coast you could have a coach feeding the media shark like Kiffin does. Sometimes lightning rods can be too tall.

  12. The Davis situation can be compared to the Sampson situation or the Neuheisel situation at Washington. Getting one of these guys almost guarantees a pretty immediate improvement, but it comes at a high long-term cost. I’m starting to see that more and more.

  13. Chet, they are feeling about like I do right now about our big name hire in Sampson. However, a big name or a no name, it does not matter, it is the character of the individual in the end and most of the time you go with your gut and hope for the best. With that said, in the end to get to the rose bowl I will say it will take a “big name” coach at IU. I took the bait and don’t mind. If you see IU going to the rose bowl in the next 5-10 years with this staff you are nuts! I am actaully cool with middle of the road bowls but yes, IU needs a big name and/or very well known proven coach to climb that ladder higher. Just my take. Happy weekend!

    Food for thought: After all the talk in the past year, if Gruden were to come to IU, could he immediately make us into a powerhouse??? I say yes, within 5-6 years and 8-10 years rose bowl contenders. He is one of a small handful that could do it anywhere! Will he come??? most likely not but I used him to make my point.

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