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Indiana coach Tom Crean has made his mark in-state. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Ron Patterson, Peter Jurkin and James Blackmon Jr. all represent great progress in-state, but there is still Cody Zeller to be had, I wrote.
  • Ted Bolser is the complete package at tight end, Dustin writes.




Brandon Flowers’ “Crossfire.”


  1. For those still crying about the quality of the non-conference opponents on the IU football schedule, Western Ky was good enough for Nebraska, #9, to play; Arkansas St was good enough for Auburn, #23, to play; and Akron was good enough for Syracuse to play. Oh, by the way, IU also plays OSU, #2, Iowa, #10, WI, #12, PSU, #14, NU, #47, and MI, which if it beats Notre Dame on Saturday will be ranked in the top 25. Also, how can a kid write for the IDS and NOT know of Rice University? That is hard to believe! You would think that with all of the attention on the AAU university members during the recent expansion of conferences debate, he would have at least glanced at that list-where, sure enough, Rice University is proudly listed.

  2. Looks like you’re doing more than just putting a “Beat” on Purdue. Classy to come over to Scoop and rip a young IDS journalist.

    You might want to also take a shot at 4guards for criticizing our “cupcake” basketball schedule before conference play ensues(a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of games played in the course of a Big 10 season). And I do believe a few of our Big 10 foes in hoops will be highly ranked.

    The football criticism is warranted. The non-conference ‘W’s in football carry much heavier weight because of far fewer games than basketball. No football team should go to a bowl game if they can only come away with victories against cripples while struggling to win one or two games in their own conference. College football loses all credibility with the plethora of meaningless contests that are nothing more than two-hour advertisements for corporate sponsors feeding our gorging appetite for mediocre food in athletics.

  3. ‘See boys, this is the way it is… When the other team has the ball do whatever you can to stop them from scoring. I don’t care what 4guards has told you, he don’t know squat!’

  4. If IU goes bowling with a 6-6 or 7-5 record, don’t watch the game. That way you can stay pure to your high standards of excellence.

  5. As long as Glass’s football philosophy continues to consist of trying go 6-6 and get to a bad bowl game with the cheapest possible coach, then we will have to play cupcakes, because we won’t be winning more than two conference games.

    As long as we insist on pouring all this money into infrastructure instead of personell, there is no way we can schedule anyone better than who we have..

  6. Herman, Glass indicated in a recent article in the Indianapolis Business Journal that he sees IU’s football and basketball coaches making a similar salary in the future.

    With that said, I think it’s smart to invest in infrastructure before staffing. It takes top-notch facilities and the thought that a program is serious in order to lure a top-notch coach. Otherwise we’ll just be paying some unproven joker more money just to say we did.

    And in business, which college sports now are, you need to invest in infrastructure prior to growth. If you grow before putting the proper infrastructure in place then you won’t be able to sustain the growth, it will actually be your downfall.

  7. BGleas, that is the best expressed post as to the vision for IU FB I’ve read this Summer. Greenspan kicked it off but AD Glass has brought organization and process to what just 6 years ago was a disheveled department.

  8. BGleas, well said, very well said but I also agree with Herman. IU has done everything and I mean everything but look at other staff/coaching options. With that said, maybe if this year is magical, IU has the right staff in place already. I have to admit that after last year I expected at least O and D coordinator changes and was sad it did not happen. I feel like if IU wins 7 games this year, an extension should be given to Lynch, anything less and I am not sure…I will judge by the product on the field and game day/halftime adjustments and many other factors like play calling, team ready to play, being competitive. I read the IBS article as well and it was great, I actually learned a lot and respect Glass for what he is doing. I would ask you this, Clarion too and be objective if you can…if IU had a long tenured and well respected AD instead of the Greenspan to Glass switch, would Lynch still have a job today after following up the first bowl game in forever with losing seasons??? I say NO way!!!

  9. BGleas-

    That’s a good point, and I buy it, as long as the plan is to eventually invest in personell and not just to try to get by on the bare minimum.

    I’ll echo Bob Kravitz’s thoughts here and say that if Bill can’t get to a bowl with this easy of a schedule, Right Said Fred will have to do something other than preach blind faith in the coaching staff. If he doesn’t then his business acumen will start to be questioned.

  10. What do you want? Indiana football is a signficantly below average program, who should be on the schedule?

    Granted playing the te picked last in the FCS CAA (Towson) might be too far but is blowing people out or getting blown out better?

  11. JPat,

    I can only say this about your scenario, most likely Cam, Dinardo and Hep would never have had the opportunity to be the IU coach.

  12. Essentially, we added the rec room off the garage to the old ranch for dad…Poor sweet dad never demands much…We got a pool table for the rec room to let dad have a little fun and keep the kids momentarily entertained until it also loses its sparkle…We bought a showy new car to buzz around town and impress the locals..We splurged on a fur coat for the complaining stepmom(guess who gripes about the horrible kids?) moved into the old outdated ’70s house our real mother struggled to raise a family.

    I guess it’s o.k. the way things turned out..Dad got his rec room and I don’t care if we get a new pretty house right away..I just don’t like seeing the nag drive around town in her fur coat while dad shoots pool by himself.

  13. Clarion, point taken…but you did not answer my question. I am joking really. It is what it is right now and GOD and my wife know that I am positive right now about IU football and am excited about the 25th. I already have my meat and veggies planned to cook on the grill and we are ready…

  14. Nobody ever factors in the Athletic Department budget into these things. I think the number of wins and losses should be modified by a percentage factor based on budget. It is unfair to have competition between a school with double the budget. E.G. Indiana vs. Ohio State. Indiana is a smaller state and has two Big Ten Schools versus one in Ohio. Ohio State’s football stadium seats about 107,000 versus about 52,000 for IU. Simply unfair.

  15. JPat,
    As usual your posts are direct and on the money.

    Are you on the record as expecting 7 wins(or more) this year? I hope you are right, but remain skeptical.

  16. Kevin, I am predicting 5 wins and 6 if they are very very lucky. I see a 5th vs a bad Illini club with a frosh QB and possibly a 6th vs NW if Lynch can find a way to outcoach Pat Fitz and his amazing halftime adjustments. Now that will only happen if IU can win the non-conf 4 games.

    Clarion, enjoy I will and we will still make it in for kickoff, haha!

  17. Kevin, 7 wins means a swing either beating UM or PU and deep down I just cannot see that happening with 6 other wins so I guess that is what I refer to as magical if it would happen…

  18. West Coast-

    Take a look around. How large is the Illinois budget? The Wake Forest budget? The Boise St. budget? The Kansas football budget? The Cincinnati budget? The Rutgers budget?

    All the above teams, plus endless others, have gone to really good bowl games in the last decade. Let’s stop acting like we are handcuffed by factors beyond our control. I swear, fans treat this program like a mother treats her alcoholic son. “He’s not that bad”…”he had a tough childhood”…”7 beers a night is quite normal”…etc.

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