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Darius Willis and Indiana travel to Western Kentucky this weekend. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • By playing at Western Kentucky, Akron or other small schools, Indiana has been able to pay less guaranteed money for the accompanying two home games, Dustin writes.
  • Indiana’s new “Excellence Academy” will hope to prepare student-athletes for beyond their college careers, Dustin writes.


A REAL MAN WOULD BE A MOUNTAINTOPPER (or news on Western Kentucky)



Pink Floyd’s “Money.”


  1. No doubt with Elson on staff we will have good info for game planning match ups against WKU personnel.

  2. The idea is to perform at your highest possible level. Don’t kid yourself we will use all the help Elson can provide. It is the thing to do.

  3. I’m an IU fan, but a realistic one. It is true that our starters are more talented than WKU and we should win this game by a wide margin. But, we are still in the rebuilding stage and there is a big talent gap between our starters and the reserve players in many (most) cases. So, if a few of our starters go down which is always a possibility, this game may not be so easy.

  4. iufan, I am joking really..I know what you meant I think but how long has IU been in a rebuilding phase on the football field? I would argue we have been rebuilding since Mallory was let go. I think we have rebuilt since Hep was here and are ready to go, question is will the team play well and win?

  5. J Pat, I know you are basically joking, and I share your frustration. But,4 years ago, you could count the number of D1 caliber players on IU roster with the fingers on one hand (You possibly would have fingers left over). That is no longer the case. We now have not only D1 players, but B10 competitive guys. Problem is we still don’t have enough and I also think our defensive coaching is not at a B10 level (a whole separate subject). The point is, we are getting there!

  6. Good luck IU! As a 1980 Miami U grad and still a big sports fan, there’s always a spot in our heart for the late Hep and IU football.

    His last year at Miami with Big Ben magical. No telling where IU would be now if Hep were still there.

  7. iufan, agreed. I also agree on the defense but offense as well. Yes, we are getting there but wins and losses are not showing it. Maybe this year will be the year and I hope it is. I would like to travel to a bowl game but I need to be confident to do that.

  8. iufan23- 4 years ago we had James Hardy, Tracy Porter, and Adeyanju on our roster, all of whom went to the NFL, and one of which was a Super Bowl Stud. 3 years ago we had Kellen Lewis tearing up the field with his legs and arms. 2 years ago we were good enough to beat a ranked Northwestern team and be ahead or tied of many big 10 foes at the half.

    Last year, we were good enough to build leads as big as 25 points against good competition, repeatedly.

    This school has had D1 caliber players, not to mention NFL talent, for a long long time. I am so tired of hearing about how unfortunate or how bad we are. No more excuses – its all about coaching!!!

  9. The FB talent presently at IU whether it be depth(non-redshirt)or first string is still in the bottom third of the B10. I suspect in two seasons it will be placed in the middle third of the conference. Yes IU with Lynch & staff have made steady progress to improve recruiting but the next step is even bigger. You choose whomever you believe are the top four teams of the conference and evaluate their rosters and assess their talent as compared to IU. At least three of those four teams are always in the top four. When 3 and 4 star recruits are the core of your 85 scholarship players and 2 stars are your walk-ons it is a good chance you will compete for the top spots in the B10. Still quite a journey ahead.

  10. Fine^. Then explain to me why Northwestern and Illinois, two teams who fall into your “bottom third” category, find ways to go to more and better bowl game then we do. Also, explain why we get blown out by Purdue two years in a row, when there team had horrible seasons and were second to last place.

  11. Check Illinois, Northwestern and PUke’s talent evaluation ratings for the respective seasons of concern for your explanation. Do some homework because your emotional opinion holds no water.

  12. Clarion: You can’t explain away every loss according to numbers, ratings, and lists. Those are mostly opinions, not facts.

    How do you account for Appalachian St. vs. Michigan? How about James Madison vs. Virginia Tech? What “talent evaluation ratings” will logically explain the results of those games?

    Bottom line: IU could have had at least one surprise victory the last 5 years, over someone respectable, like a Wisconsin or an OSU. Unfortunately, they lack the coach.

  13. Z… You DON’T explain them! You ENJOY them! They are magical! Those teams had great chemistry, belief, etc. They are Major UPSETS for exactly the reasons Clarion listed. They don’t often happen. If you are fortunate with group of great and/or lucky skill players like Gonso, Isenbarger, Butcher, etc. (or Lewis, Hardy, Starr, etc.) you have a good year and go bowling! This could be one of those years (Chappel, Doss, Belcher, Wills, etc.)!

  14. Michigan was on the decline and not as good as they had been in the past and got caught napping with a slow defense in the Big House. Remember Lloyd Carr? Also App. St over the past 8 years has probably had better talent than IU.

    JM is not a poor team. I imagine VT was still recovering from the Boise challenge, had trouble focusing and took JM litely, also their vaunted attacking defense has not gelled yet.

    I have no need to explain away anything to do with IU FB. I used to look at the IU FB situation as you and others do. Take your emotions out of the equation and do some research on IU’s recruiting over the last 7 years and the picture will appear to you much clearer than you will believe from me. A blind man could see the talent deficiency from the rest of the conference. But like the old saying articulates a horse can only be lead to water.

  15. Ok, so you have explained why certain good teams have been “on the decline” or “caught napping” as reasons why they were magical upset victims.

    Now let’s reverse it: why has IU not caught a single team napping, or on the decline in recent years? As I remember, Purdue has been in decline for several years, and you know how we did against them. Michigan was in decline last year, and couldn’t even snap the ball to the QB against us. Virginia was in so much of a decline that they fired their coach at the end of the year, and they still

    Yet, as usual, IU can’t even muster a trace of gumption to give us a speck of light at the end of the tunnel. Not one win to hang the hat on, other than a road victory at Iowa the bowl year.

    I understand the benefits of patience and optimism, but as some point, you have to start setting goals and determining measures of success that aren’t just in “intangible” off the field categories.

  16. There is no question that historically IU has been an underperforming program. There are many reasons which have been cited ad nauseum. Zangief’s point is that the problem is coaching. I don’t agree entirely, but neither do I disagree completely. I don’t think BL is a bad coach but that said, he certainly is not at the level of the other coaches in the B10. Similarly, Canada and Palcic would not have comparable jobs at other B10 schools. However, IU has not made the investments that other schools have made in their coaching staffs, so in some sense, you get what you pay for. So, guess what, we have and will continue to be outcoached in any given situation which certainly reduces the chances of pulling off a major upset. But, we are contunuing to improve. It does not appear that we are regressing a la Gerry DiNardo (who makes BL look like Vince Lombardi)and we will win some B10 games. I’m confident that when we begin to be competitive on a regular basis, Glass is intelligent enough to recognize where the coaching staff needs help and will make the appropriate changes and investments. I don’t think we’ll ever be a B10 powerhouse, but I do think we will have a program of which we can all be proud.

  17. Good points. I have to say this: the investment in the facilities can only be read as a good thing, and if Glass has half a brain (as of now I believe he has exactly that: half), he knows what a sleeping revenue giant we have lying here under the limestone.

    Clarion has some admirable convictions and insight, but what we need is a combination of such conviction and a rational idea of what constitutes “progress.” It shouldn’t take decades to build a strong program, especially when you are in one of America’s premier conferences.

    You won’t find a perennial bottom-feeder like IU in the Pac 10, I should mention. Over there, teams like Oregon State and Arizona, if mired in losing seasons, hire guys like Mike Riley, Dennis Erickson, and Mike Stoops. Now look where they are.

  18. I’ll add this pitch to the lack of football tradition which leads to low expectations. For generations every male toddler born in Indiana is taught to recognize a basketball long before his recognition of a football. It is a culture the vast majority support. Now as these Hoosiers grow up they discover for which sport they have predominate talent. Then add the wild card to the football quotient(higher % for injuries)and because of that issue soccer claims many of those talented prospects( particularly from the skill positions). This all has something to do with prolonged bottom-feeding. Hell in my lifetime Purdue has only gone to one more Rose Bowl than IU, albeit they have gone to more of any kind of bowl games than IU. It is as it should be as they have always been more of a FB school than IU. It wasn’t until the Colts won the SB that more dissatisfaction of the status quo of the IU FB program really picked up steam. As Tom has stated it should not take decades to build a program. But we have to asterisk a point in time signifying when IU recognized they had to get serious about succeeding toward that goal. I think that point in time is 2008, 24 hours after the basketball program imploded. I think from that date five years is needed to build IU FB to respectability. As for Coach Lynch I believe he is at least as smart about coaching football as the smartest IU football fan. This season will determine if we are heading in the right direction.

  19. HC,

    “This season will determine if we are heading in the right direction.”

    Do you have a W-L projection in mind here, something else measurable, or just indicators like ‘the team plays hard?’

  20. Kevin,

    I guess if I could rephrase my statement with more focus I would have said, “This season will determine if we are still aiming in the right direction”. Because most of the progress made over the last 2 seasons by this program has been behind the scenes and off the field. As organization, a program plan(vision) and priorities had to be established initially. BL being an ex-QB(and a long time friend) was why Hep wanted him on his staff in the first place, to take advantage of those strengths. So your aiming at a W/L target is well timed for this season. Looking beyond this season the staff has to want to use this years OC schedule to dominate those opponents so as to build depth, evaluate young non-redshirt talent(to access if they’re recruiting is on target) and success and confidence honing the point of this years goal which is to emphasis finishing. In other words learn to hold a lead and also avoid a loss like Virginia. Considering IU’s history that would be this seasons first accomplishment showing improvement. If they can learn to finish and develop that killer instinct on the field it will be a positive advancement toward changing the culture of the programs history. I am anxious to see the competitiveness we project in the Michigan and the Penn State games this year. In the win/loss area I think if we can finish 7th in the conference it would display a continued sign of improving. In 7th place with 4 teams below us the possibility of 2-4 B10 wins can be reality. I am very interested in who those wins are against this year. A combination of outcomes during the whole conference schedule match-ups could find us defeating a team that finishes in the 6 places above us. I do not think it is out of reach, I think the time is right.

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