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Aaron Price goes through a drill during practice. Heather Brogden | Herald-Times


  • Aaron Price had nerves throughout his first game but expects them to subside on Saturday, Andy writes.
  • WKU coach Willie Taggart inherited a program in a different place than he left it as a player, Dustin writes.
  • Indiana’s soccer team needs to improve how it plays on Fridays, Jeremy writes.


A REAL MAN WOULD BE A MOUNTAINTOPPER (or news on Western Kentucky)



Bruce Springsteen’s “My Hometown.”


  1. Are these guys arching their backs? Looks to me like they’re doing that ‘listening’ exercise in which you’re supposed to mirror image your partner so that the other knows you’re listening. Let’s see them run the stadium.

  2. The old Bruce is awesome. Music that evokes distinct memories and feelings from growing up in the 80’s. The old Mellencamp videos do the same thing for me.

    41 passes for Stanzi without an interception? Can anyone check to see if his last picks were against IU?

    Our secondary nabbed 5 or 6 passes of his in that game, and the offense couldn’t do squat with the extra snaps. Funny enough, people still blame the defense for that collapse.

  3. What a bunch of losers! In the time you’ve spent posting your ridiculously insignificant posts mostly defending the incompetence of your coach I and my beautiful 16 (sixteen) wives went mountain climbing in the Kilimanjaro, hang gliding over Victoria Falls and bungee jumping from an airplane flying low over the Serengeti. Meanwhile you buncha losers keep posting because you don’t dare to have a life and hope that my hungry humble (but very proud) warrior cousin Jobebawa Sule would at least consider playing for your thoroughly disoriented coach. What a bunch of morons! (Oh, and we also went disco roller skating at the mall in Harare.)

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