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Terrance Thomas, Brandon McGhee, Tandon Doss and Damarlo Belcher sing Indiana’s fight song after defeating Western Kentucky. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



A REAL MAN WOULD BE A MOUNTAINTOPPER (or news on Western Kentucky)



Arcade Fire’s “Ready to Start.”


  1. Now begins the build-up to the biggest game of BL’s coaching career.

    IU’s success as will only be measured by its conference schedule.

    As HC said, this year will tell us whether the changes in the program are working.

    Anything less than a home victory against a completely beatable Michigan team will be a borderline disaster.

  2. I would like to formally request that next week’s Akron news section be titled, “Zip-Zip-Zipadelphia”. That is all.

  3. Congratulations to Coach and team for the win.

    They won one we all expected them to, and played reasonably well.

    I think that we better be careful expecting a win vs. Michigan. It would be wonderful. But I just don’t think we are to the point yet where we can expect wins against UM.

    That would be a nice place to be.

  4. Many of the posters on this blog must not have watched much of a certain QB that is playing for Mich this year…

  5. As Lee Corso likes to say “Not so fast my friend…”. I believe that Akron is NEXT!(another KY opponent) IU vs Michigan could be a very big game if both teams come into the game 3-0. But looking at the Big 10 so far, other than OH St, EVERYONE is beatable, if you play well and they play average.

  6. Jimmy, you always question me…what is up with that? At least you are respectful about it. I would ask you this, have you watched IU’s defense, it is awful as well???

    My point is many posters on this blog penciled in a win vs Mich and did not expect this QB to be playing at this level, that’s all. If IU wins vs Mich I will streak around my hood and claim “Jimmy is King” on this blog. take care.

  7. JPat,

    I agree, IU’s D struggles against mobile and quick QB’s like a Robinson. What I don’t get is why people aren’t adjusting our outlook and talking about how it is reasonable to pick up a win against either Northwestern or Purdue for our 6th (Illinois as the 5th and all the non-conference). Neither team has been very impressive thus far. (24 points on a Ball State team that couldn’t tackle… awful)

  8. Our defense is “awful”? For 51/2 quarters out of 8 they have been solid and aggressive, even with 2 starting rotational DE’s not playing in the second game. Two big plays in the first half of the first game and one long scoring drive in the second game is all the competition can hang their hat on. Our lb’s tackle #s are up at same point over last season which says something about DT’s play. Why did the Hilltoppers Rainey not have a good second half or for that matter Towsons QB?

  9. Clarion- No offense, but the “5 1/2 quarters” argument sounds way too much like the “we were only 12 plays away from 8-4” argument from B.L. regarding last year.

    The time that our defense has sputtered has been disturbing, and if our defense is going to similarly take 2 1/2 quarters off during the conference schedule, you can fully expect Big 10 teams to bury us during that time.

    21 points against a team on a 22-game losing streak, including letting them dominate on the opening drive, isn’t exactly settling.

  10. Our defense is improving. Our offense is potent, particularly passing so all in all, things could be a lot worse! Moreover, we apparantly came out of the game with few significant injuries. We are moving in the right direction.

    Of continued concern is defensive coaching, particularly secondary. Too many foiks out of position on too many plays and I don’t really see a true “killer instinct” on defense. That said, go Hoosiers and let’s take Akron.

  11. It’s a shame to see people like GF already taking the “if we win” road. To me, it looks like a preemptive attempt to soften the blow on Coach Lynch after what is almost sure to be another disappointing loss in a completely winnable game.

    Are you aware that UMich almost lost to UMass? We should win this one, hands down, but coaching may lose it for us.

  12. Hoag, well said. IU struggled the first game with a mobile QB and that is exactly why I think IU will stuggle vs Mich. I was asked recently on here about my expectations for the season and I have NW and Illinois as possible wins but they are must wins for sure assuming we win all 4 non conf games. The PU game is in West Laf so I cannot be excited there. Have to admit I have not watched NW but they seem to be on par with last season just younger at QB and Illinois is beatable but on the road.

    Clarion, I watched Council get a stupid penalty, talk trash, and be out of position and then they started rotating Kiles in. Council has improved his speed it seems but he should not be first string. Ernest does not have the lateral speed to tackle to the outside and takes poor angles but he is a smart player and should get better. The line does not impress me much with rush but the LB group reads decent and looks ok. I said awful up top in my post to make a point, I should have said I think they will be awful come Big 10. The run blocking is terrible and it MUST improve. Also, Willis needs to quit tip toeing and hit the hole or he will lose his starting job. Our QB and WR group look great but Big 10 teams will be able to plan for IU too well if we cannot get the run going. I think if IU was moving in the direction many think they are, 7-10 points was enough last weekend…that team was tired and worn down!

    IUFan23, I love your positive outlook, keep it up.

  13. Yes I reiterate, “our defense is awful”? 51/2 quarters of solid defense while intercepting passes when chasing a swivel hipped QB and in game two advancing on a very fine RB and holding him to 43 yards for 3 quarters. Particularly when compared to IU defenses of the past. This defensive group is gelling steadily. The LB’s are excelling because the DT’s are also. The DB’s few errors are from over aggressive play causing missed reads. That improved from Towson and will temper with more game time. Council gambled and lost, but I do like gamblers who are experienced Seniors. Unlike passed years both these games were no longer in doubt at the end of the third quarter. In both games I was satisfied enough with the D to unleash the victory “barley pop” at halftime. We are going to have to keep our eyes on Rich Rod while he is in Bloomington cause he is going to try and hide 2 or 3 extra players around the field for defensive purposes.

  14. Clarion, I hope this D that you are singing praises of vs 2 smaller schools can hold their own in thee Big 10. IU football in the past makes me somewhat skeptical but I will be there with my friends and family next weekend and root them on big time but my wife will look at me before I give my ticket and tell me not to get my hopes up and expect the worst but hope for the best…that way I am never let down and always satisfied. GOD bless her, we have sat through many more losses than wins in our twelve years total together. GO IU FOOTBALL!!!

    Clarion, lastly…I want to be only postive but feel I must be realistic at the same time and keep in mind Big 10 season is coming!

    I would be nothing but optimistice if we had done a few things and I say this very seriously:

    1. Run Block better
    2. Willis hit the hole and run hard
    3. Good Def Secondary play
    4. Held one of the first 2 teams to 0 points!

    I feel if we cannot do this vs the small schools, what happens Big 10???

  15. Hell even the Buckeyes did not hold Marshall or Ohio U. scoreless. I am happier with our D than I would be with PUke or Mich. As far as the run game, I see the same thing as last year. I believe the backs are getting to the hole to late. I think they should be a half step closer to the line in their set up particularly when running between the tackles.

  16. Clarion, I agree 100% with your take on the run game. That is typical of the pistol…maybe they will improve that and use a blocking back/fullback of some sort. I do pray for the best this year!!!

  17. Chet… It means that some “fans” cried big tears about the quality of IU’s out of conference opponents- which is weak. But every weak team in a tough conference, IU in the Big 10, KY in the SEC, etc., must schedule this way to become “bowl eligible”(6-6). IU played Western KY last week and will play Akron this week. KY played each of these two schools the week before IU played them. So Indiana’s schedule is “normal” for an unranked team in a tough conference. We will have plenty of opportunity to be tested by good teams in the 8 game Big 10 schedule. Why should a 5-7 Indiana sit home and let a 7-5 Toledo ( just as an example of a MAC team) who only plays 3 good teams each year go to a bowl game? We should play 4 winnable games in the non-conference and then win 2 in the Big 10, for a 6-6 record.

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