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Ben Chappell runs out of bounds against Western Kentucky. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • As the Colts have Peyton Manning, the Hoosiers have Ben Chappell, Andy writes.
  • Tom Crean asked students to go above and beyond in the same way he asks his team to, Dustin writes.
  • The men’s soccer team is trying to get back to its place in the men’s soccer world, Jeremy writes.




A Hoosier Morning favorite: Gaslight Anthem’s “Great Expectations.”


  1. PUke could have their hands full with Toledo this Saturday. They are coming off back to back conference wins on the road. The Rockets have a dynamic coach in Tim Beckman. He is a great evaluator of talent and an even stronger recruiter. He was the Oklahoma State D coordinator against IU at the Insight Bowl. He and the offensive minded Drake coach Chris Creighton will both land bigger paying jobs in the future.

  2. Eli Rasheed, former DL at IU (91-95), is Toledo’s Defensive Line Coach. I assume he has told his players how much he wants to beat the Boilers.

  3. “As the Colts have Peyton Manning, the Hoosiers have Ben Chappell”. Comparing Chap to Manning…wow…Korman and Wilson must be spinning in their graves.

  4. Aruss,

    It’s an analogy, not a side-by-side comparison.

    Ben Chappell is to the Hoosiers as Peyton Manning is to the Colts.

    They’re equally valuable to the success of their teams — not equally talented. And no one’s saying otherwise.

    You’re inferring something that isn’t there for the sake of negativity. Find something better to do.

  5. Toledo 31

    PUke 20

    It is games like this that makes me glad there is a Vegas.

    Our defense is questioned but the PUke D is bad and Toledo is not known for their offense.

  6. If 4tards were a Notre Dame football fan, would he be calling for coach Kelly’s head right now after getting bushwhacked by Stanford? OF COURSE he would, because he is that tarded.

    NOtre Dame football and IU basketball are actually in very similar situations right now.

    Hopefully the main difference between the two programs is that we have fewer 4tards in our “fan” base than they do. Firing Bob Davie after going 34-24 in 3 seasons with 3 good bowl games, all because a “This is Notre Dame” attitude? Now that is idiotic.

  7. 4guards,

    Crean made it back to the IU game by halftime.

    Ferrell and Perea then stuck around to meet with Crean and the entire staff Sunday afternoon.

    Nice try.

  8. Crean made it back by halftime and Perea and Yogi were there well before the game.
    Just not a smart move, in my opinion. We are not talking about a Dorsey-Walker. We are talking about Yogi and Perea.

  9. It is a terrible situation when Coach Crean would rely on such an intangible as aviation to allow him to be in two locations in the same day which granted him the time for personal pleasure, recruiting business and family entertainment. His ability to organize and manage his time and mind details are serious flaws in his character. He will never be able to get commits from the likes of a Trey Lyles using these practices.

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