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Indiana’s Darius Johnson grabs Akron’s Patrick Nicely. David Snodgress | Herald-Times
  • Michigan’s Denard Robinson is ‘scary good,’ coach Bill Lynch said, Dustin writes.
  • Will Bruin scored the lone goal in a 1-0 win for Indiana against Evansville, Jeremy writes.
The Beatles “Here, There and Everywhere.”


  1. Unfortunately I’ll be in the greater Lacrosse, WI area during this game. And by “greater”, I mean just past where Jesus left his sandals. i.e. both the Verizon and AT&T coverage maps forgot about this part of the world.

    Hoping for the best, but prepared for reality “Denard Robinson” to set in for this IU team.

  2. @PB – I’ve been to Lacrosse a few times. Surprising number of decent bars and very pretty scenery. I am trying to figure out a way to get down to the Michigan game

  3. I am bored today. Any predictions on the game this weekend? I am hesitant to try. In my gut I see Mich by 17-21 but my heart says there is hope for IU. If the past years are any indication I am scared…

  4. Mich-42,IU -14. This one won’t be close. Michigan’s D is not that good, but good enough to stop IU running game and pressure Ben. Our D lacks both speed and tackling ability. The games that are winnable are Arkansas State, NW, IL and Purpoo. Those wins will get us to a bowl.

  5. Applying the scientific method of inductive reasoning here, you can look at every single one of BL’s “big chances” to win home games against better than average Big 10 teams, and the result is nearly always a blowout by the visitor.

    I like iufan23’s prediction, although I would like to say 42-21. The flow of the game will be just like last year’s Purdue game: we go into a 21-0 hole, then spend the rest of the game trying to play catch up, getting as close as 14 points but not closer.

    Basically, we will do just barely enough towards the end so that Jimmy and Friends will be able to say “If it weren’t for that terrible 1st quarter, we would have won.”

  6. Watch clip and listen for this quote:

    “But the Hoosiers, a coming power in the conference…”

    That was 31 years ago. Scream loudly on Saturday, young bragging Hoosier studs with your “coming power”. If it doesn’t work out just give Lynch and Anne Boleyn party for your impotent cheers. One day, someday, maybe your big empty cream and crimson bullets may give berth another Holiday Bowl. Yippee.

    The “disaster” isn’t Crean possibly missing on Cody Zeller. The disaster is needing in excess of three decades to realize a football clown will never be interchangeable with a Hoosier basketball identity once world-renowned.

  7. You have no idea^^^. Books were once seen as the coolest thing on earth, until movies came along. Pagers and car phones were once the cutting edge of technology, but then came cellphones.

    The Italians once thought it couldn’t get any better than potatoes, and then New World corn arrived upon their shores.

    Native Americans thought that human legs were the best possible method of land transport, until Cortez arrived on a horse.

    When football becomes big at IU, Hoosiers will realize that a one-sport mentality is antiquated and primitive. The modern college sports world has diversified. The more we talk about being “a basketball school,” the more we sound like Sarah Palin touting a “Real America” found only in the mill towns and farms of Virginia.

  8. Not so surprising coming from a renaissance blogger giving the name “student” a glamorous professional designation in place its true stagnancy. Not so surprising wishing the same mediocrity upon young Hoosier fans the dreamy memories his childhood teams as he strolls the quaint coffee shops of a Bloomington sports ghost town, reminiscing of his gone-too-quickly, vibrant, city boy years.

    It doesn’t take the typhoon of a condescending mouse fart, nor 10 years a scholarly wart grown on the pompous butt a balding genious, to know Cortez didn’t cross the ocean with a team of Mark Spitz horses. And Hoosier sports will fail to cross any expanse, colonize any new unknown land to build hope our economically trapped despair, without the strong ship of basketball to navigate her way. The food will run out faster than an Obama bailout package. The men will eat the horses. The ship will be lost, aimlessly drifting under a blanketed sky, with no star to guide her away from the depths of confusion the violent beast that thirsts to swallow her.

    If you have an extra ticket to the Michigan game, I’d love to go. How ’bout them Bears!

  9. Not a computer guru, but I had an idea for your “submit comment” issues…Maybe you could get rid of the irritating pop-up window if you tried loading an older version of Firefox(e.g. Firefox 3.019)..Just make sure it’s from a trusted site. You can always reinstall your current version if it fails to resolve the problem. Might be worth a shot.

  10. Yes, how ’bout them Bears? Very likable team you have there in the windy city. I especially love the resurgent brat Jay Cutler. Truly.

  11. He does tend to carry a bit of a Jordy Hulls expression. But he does seem to have game, guts, gumption, and glory written all over his George Halas grumpy face. Julius Peppers speed coming from the outside and the return of Urlacher aside Briggs doesn’t hurt much either.
    Tough one this weekend against a Giants team desperate for a win. Should be a fun Sunday night game to watch. Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

    Though I doubt it would have helped, I sure wish I would have had more teachers like you when I was a young lad. Your history lessons are very inspirational. Don’t take my recent hogwash seriously. I’m sure you know I’m just getting your juices fired up for the Michigan game.

    My mom passed away. I don’t have a friend to tell. Guess I’ll tell you.

  12. Very sorry to hear about Mom. Sorry you had to tell me. I meant to ask a while ago, but – and I say this in complete seriousness – the line between you and Remora is so, so thin, that I couldn’t be sure who I was talking to.

    4-0 would be awfully exciting for Da Bears. 3-1 would be equally exciting for the Seachickens. Pete Carrol has them playing alright so far.

  13. Thanks for your caring thoughts about my mom. I know you’re sincere, but I wish my voice was clearer in your mind than a blurred thin line. And because my own line of patience is also so, so, thinly stretched when it comes to accepting the inability you claim in making such distinction, I must bite the bitter bullet and realize, either by truth, concocted fear, or a comfortable choice to protect yourself from the equal ground you refuse to grant me, you’ll never see me as I see you. I desire to be unique. I am unique. You once called me a ghost and now a new implication a shadow. I’ll no longer stand in Remora’s light. I would rather return to a darker day than draw in my heart the confused eye of your bland indifferent stare. The key to the virgin lockbox my once cherished words can now be found tucked into the junk mail your whore next-door.

  14. Remora’s cowardly trolling does much harm to all, and since he started so long ago, back in the days of Del Hoosier, I have no way of sifting through those deep memory banks of the Scoop and identifying exactly which exchanges were with Downing and which were with Downing’s yellow-blooded leach.

    As a result the present is cloudy for me; like a war veteran, I see an enemy around every corner and have trouble distinguishing between the troll in the hole and the friend around the bend. Both the Downing personality and the Remora personality engage me in similar ways. I can’t be blamed entirely for my reactions.

    Alas, enough inner turmoil. Wish I had a pair of tickets to tomorrow’s game for us, but in all honestly, even if I had a pair, I’m not sure if I’d go, for two reasons. First, they don’t serve beer at the stadium, which is a massive turn-off. If I can’t drink beer while I root for my team, then I’d rather be in a bar where I can. Second, I won’t go see this team until I am convinced that something other than a major letdown will occur. It takes too much out of the wind out of my sails to spend the time and money on a team destined to be blown out.

  15. Remora-

    We both know Tom doesn’t think you’re a “yellow-bellied leach”. We far too often accuse another what we think at times ourselves. You have every right to do as you wish on these blogs. No person is exempt the accusation of only showing the dimmest glimpse their true self behind the thick cloudy glass of a written word.


    Sometimes I think you’re completely full of crap.

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