Indiana 35, Akron 20


Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell looks to pass to Terrance Turner during the win against Akron. Click on the photo to go to the photo gallery. David Snodgress | Herald-Times

The Hoosiers improved to 3-0 on the season Saturday, defeating Akron, 35-20.

That, coach Bill Lynch said, is the important thing. Indiana must now prepare to face Michigan, which is 4-0 and scored 65 points on Saturday against Bowling Green.

The Hoosiers continued to rely on a dynamic passing attack to carry the team, led by quarterback Ben Chappell. The senior QB was 23-of-33 passing for 342 yards, four touchdowns and did not throw an interception. He has nine touchdowns and zero interceptions this season.

“He’s becoming a very, very good quarterback,” Lynch said. “He makes such great reads and he’ll put the ball right on the ¬†money.”

Chappell found Terrance Turner six times for 121 yards and a touchdown. It was the first 100-yard receiving game of Turner’s career.

In all, seven different receivers caught at least one pass. Duwyce Wilson and Damarlo Belcher each had four catches; and Ted Bolser’s two touchdown catches gave him four for the season, the most since Bob Stephenson in 1979.

“If they run hard they’ll get the ball,” Lynch said. “Ben doesn’t pick any favorites.”

It appears the team got out of the game healthy. Linebacker Tyler Replogle (concussion) and kicker Nick Freeland (hip) did not play. Lynch said the former was his decision.

The Hoosiers did struggle to tackle the Zips, which gained 5.3 yards, on average, on 30 carries. Lynch said the team appeared to be in position, but may not have been wrapping up well enough.


  1. I don’t think there are any suprises with this team. The offense is going to put up a ton of points and the defense will give up a ton.

    I say Bill Lynch and IU take it to the next level and fully embrace the 2000 Northwestern team strategy of “basketball on grass”. Just spread it out and go no huddle. Score as many points as possible. They have the weapons and quarterback to do it.

    Hopefully Replogle will be back and help direct the defense against an explosive Michigan offense.


  2. I want another story about how Council is a great DB and how he’s the best player on the team. He looked like a fool giving up that first half TD.

  3. Last year I thought Council was the worst guy on defense but after watching D.Jones# 11 miss sooooo many tackles he is in the running for worst. Instead of tackling he just tries to bump guys off there feet and never grab anyone. He gave them one touchdown by doing that and actually helped push their guy across the goal line. I known they missed their leading tackler due to injury but only one down lineman had more than 1 tackle, Johnson had 5. You are not going to stop the rushing game if you totally depend on CB’S and safety’s for tackling, also were were the linebackers? Good Big Ten running backs are going to just steam roll over the backfield if we can’t slow them at the line of scrimmage. Evan’s needs to key on the run too from strong safety but he is trying to cover up for Council and Jone’s mistakes. I love the offense but it looks like all the best physical
    players are on offense. They need to look at who they can move to defense for help. It was nice to see the tight ends play well,but
    do we need 3? Move one of them to defense. Coach has is work cut out for him or it will be a big day for Michigan. You can’t always have your offense bail you out, as good as they are, some defense has to be played.

  4. I agree with everyone on this topic. Richard Council will not play close to his receiver and cannot tackle that receiver from 5 yards away after the completion. Donnell Jones actually made one or two good plays with the many bad plays you describe. Put the new guys on the field! Use true freshmen if you have to. My general complaint about the defense is that they do not BELIEVE in their talent, skills, scheme, teammates, etc. to the point where they can play AGGRESSIVE defense and fly to the ball, knowing that the other guys are in the right position and can make the play. We are a “reactive” not an “aggressive” defense. I can live with giving up a long TD play if everyone is being aggressive on defense.

  5. Good points from most, we MUST tackle better. Too many to count of guys in the right position and not wrapping the ball carrier up. Still good improvement, the offense is fun to watch, and fired up for next week’s game vs. michigan. Could be a record for points scored in a big ten game, I hope we have the ball last.

  6. What about andrea kates? Is he not better than evans or council? He was being recruited heavily by Miami (Fl) and other top notch football progams

  7. So often the hyped offensive showdowns end up being unexpected defensive battles.

    I say this as I watch the Texans and the Cowboys game which has yielded 13 points at the half.

  8. Departing the thoughts I had of the first 2 games, Council did not show a hint of swagger yesterday. As Knight would say the best time for learning is when the butt and the pine meet.

    I don’t know if I have the appropriate words to describe Duwyce Wilson but it would be akin to him being “gunpowder” in a football uniform. What a future.

  9. Its probably a given that to win saturday we will have to outscore UM in a shootout, because the defense is likely not going to stop them.

    Will Ben C have the time to read and throw, that is the unknown…

    How will the guys play when they realize a real BigTen team is on the field with them?

    Hoping for the best, but just not sure.

  10. I agree with the posts here. Our D has no killer instinct and did not appear to be trying all that hard. I think we actually took a step or two backwards, particularly in tackling fundementals around which I thought we had made more progress.

    I continue to be concerned with coaching of the defense. More significant, I suspect Glass/Lynch may be coming to the conclusion that this defense two headed monster deal isn’t working. I think we’ll see some changes there after the season. I just hope we can pull out a few wins this year, but it does not look good.

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