Indiana 51, Towson 17

Towson Indiana Football

Indiana running back Darius Willis (28) falls into the endzone on his first quarter run as Towson Tigers safety Jordan Dangerfield (20) and Towson Tigers cornerback Chris Sheahin (29) defend on Thursday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

Indiana won its season opener in impressive fashion Thursday, taking apart Towson by a 51-17 final score.

It was a balanced effort from the Hoosiers, led by Darius Willis’ 102 yards and two TDs on 14 carries. His first touchdown, the second of the game, was a thing of beauty — running 49 yards and then diving backwards into the endzone.

Ben Chappell completed 16-of-23 passes for 182 yards and touchdown strikes to both Damarlo Belcher and Ted Bolser. Trea Burgess also scored a touchdown.

The Hoosiers led 17-0 before Towson scored 14 points to make it 24-14. But Indiana rallied with four-straight scores to put the game out-of-reach and allow coach Bill Lynch to empty his sideline.

Bill Lynch talks about the good and bad.

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  1. It was good to see IU win in convincing fashion but I have to also look at who IU was playing. Yet, the offensive looked good… fine “O” line blocking on both run and passing game, though I’d like to see some ‘just clear ’em out’ type run plays due to great blocking. The defense needs some help but I think having 16 days to prepare for game 2 should help. IU got some really good looks at a number of players and I think breaking down game films will help with the defensive adjustments IU needs to make. All in all, the “D” looks faster than last year and I am greatly encouraged for this season! Go IU!!

  2. I can only be positive after last night but it was Towson. I worry about the Defense and the O line. Chap, Belcher, Willis, Ernest, Davis Walker, Replogle stick out in my mind today. Crowd was small, I was sad about that. The William Tell Overture was not impressive to me on the football field. My wife and I were talking about that. Could not help but watch Bush, hope he is OK, think he got a stinger. These are just opinions, no more no less, have a great Friday!

  3. JPat-

    I think everyone is so used to 3-0 and 4-0 starts against terrible teams, that in no way would I expect to see a full or even close to full house.

    It was still a nice atmosphere, though, I must admit: a delightfully warm pre-autumn evening, a good buzz in the air, a lot of IU sports figures cruising the stadium…

  4. I thought that we allowed too much defensive penetration into our backfield. Other than that I thought the offense looked very good.

    The defense looked a little like the key stone cops out there chasing that QB. Too much over-pursuit. Their receivers dropped a ton of balls which really hurt them. But I did think that our coverages were better than last year. The D just needs more assignment discipline and better tackling.

    The kicking game was very good, I thought.

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