It’s all on Zeller now

One of Indiana’s two targets in the class of 2011 has selected another school.

B.J. Young gave a verbal commitment to Arkansas on Sunday after taking a visit to the school,’s Dave Telep reported (subscription required).

That leaves Cody Zeller as the Hoosiers’ top remaining target in the class. Indiana can certainly get involved with others (remember we had not yet started discussing Guy-Marc Michel or Will Sheehey at this time last year), and may get back around to Jeremiah Davis now.

But Young’s decision certainly puts even more of a focus on Zeller.


  1. In a small gym somewhere outside Washington, the Zeller family prepares for the opening of the Hoosiers Midnight Madness Show(choreographed by 4guards) to celebrate Cody’s historic announcement to wear cream and crimson.

  2. Zeller will be an Indiana legend. Can’t wait to to see him put it to Brandon Dawson like he does in high school.

  3. So in effect we have a 2/3 chance at the beginning of the end of the Tom Crean era.

    If Zeller goes to UNC or Butler, we aren’t going to be very good next year either. I think we’ll win 15 or 16 this year and if the prospects aren’t that much brighter for the next season, that could be his last one.

    I think we can forget about that dream 12 class with Tom Crean on the hot seat and I see no way of him avoiding it without Zeller.

    I also saw that Baylor got another elite kid today out of the 13 class, Perea is going to commit there I have no doubt about it. I dont know what hes doing but scott drew is closing everyone he wants

  4. You are right. Baylor…why would you want to go to Baylor? Why is Baylor getting all these elite athletes? Something doesn’t add up there. The program was in far worse shape than indiana’s (ie murder) and now they are recruiting with the best of them….something isn’t right.

  5. BULL!! Guy-Marc could prove to be a better post player than Zeller. He’s definitely a bigger and stronger body. Didn’t you hear Bobby Capo say he couldn’t budge the guy in the paint?..There is also word going around that he’s developing a nice hook shot and short-range jumper. We have two kids in Elston and Watford that could easily develop into the best forwards in the Big 10. If Creek is anywhere near 100% he could lead the conference in scoring…We’re going to play much more above the rim with Victor Alleyoopo. And let’s not completely eliminate the possibility that Crean could still snag a high caliber big man on the national stage. Don’t jump ship before we’ve even loaded are cannons for battle. And let’s not forget the stupendous job 4guards has done promoting our new coach and the excellent strides Crean has made on the rebuilding process in just two years. He has also praised our new assistant coach and the new conditioning hire. We couldn’t be luckier to have a journalist like 4guards reinforcing all the positives in the program..If Zeller has failed to listen to this very influential voice on the Hoosier basketball scene, then it is his loss. He better decide soon because this ship is ready to leave port with or without him.

    Did I mention Rivers? Rivers, Victor, Guy, Watford, Capo, Pritchard, and Elston..WE SHALL COMMAND THE BOARDS!!

  6. Al makes some good points. Crean’s livelihood hinges on Zeller’s decision. Could you imagine the backlash with a class of say AE and Goff?

  7. Goff and Etherington would be a dissapointment, however not the end of the world if IU wins. That simple.

    You follow with a strong 2012 class of Yogi, Hollowell, Buss, Jurkin…and PEREA! All is forgotten with Zeller.

    Just win baby.

    Perea will not go to Baylor because…
    + No coincidence he transferred to a prep school in Indiana
    + Perea and Jurkin are closer than people think
    + Perea for the record has NEVER even visited Baylor

  8. Hopefully Coach Crean is building a team that has no room for inflated egoes and bad attitudes. Much better to bring in a 5 star with ability to make those around him better. I understand how important Cody is to rebuilding where we want to be. A player like Yogi won’t come around that often. Going way out on a limb here but I see the qualities that I. Thomas brought to the floor in Yogi. When’s the last time IU had a true leader at the point guard position? It’s what over time wins national championships. Skills, yes Speed, yes Smarts, yes. With the combination of some real strengh upfront, a a wiz at the point—A new Banner for the Hall could happen!! Rather have a kid with banner focus and not all about a NBA contact!

  9. 4guards has been the number one contributor to hyping Zeller right out of town. It’s been his “livelihood” from the beginning. Crean and the Hoosiers are on their way back with or without the marvel of Indiana 3-A.

  10. Coach Crean’s livelihood and CZ’s decision are only remotely related since he is only able to play one position at a time, so the future would still bright and the sky would not fall. Any backlash would only be in 4blindeyes imagination. After all he is the only one to ever think up such BS.

  11. You guys crack me up. CTC has more job security than any coach in the country. He’ll be here for the next 20 years.

  12. Mike Chandler would be a BIG mistake for team chemistry! As for Cody Zeller, he would be a big get, but I am afriad the pressure that everyone is putting on him to attend IU is going to be to much and may drive him to a small school, say Butler or to NC where he will just be another power foward on a stacked team. I hope he does have the balls to be the MAN for IU. If he goes somewhere else besides IU, I don’t think it reflects on Crean as much as it reflects on the pressure the kid would be under.

  13. I put my faith in Mo Creek, CWatford, Elston, Verdell, Jordy, Vic and Will; everyone is worry about these recruits…IU will be good this year and legit in 2 years. If Creek/Watford stay until their Sr year…IU could win the big10…recruits will take care of themselves, we have the guy we need now: MoCreek3, he’ll lead IU back

  14. I liked the kid’s game but he was not an Indiana kid. So he has to prove that he can play and learn like an Indiana player should and he can’t. He lives close enough to Arkansas to be a homer. He would have been an over sign so lets just take one more player and wait until 2012 and get some real Indiana kids for IU. There are lots to pick from in 2012. Young is no big loss. Ark. fixes his grades and he goes to the NBA in one year or 2.

  15. I hope whatever Cody Zeller decides does not take into account Coach Crean. Because next year at about this time Coach Crean might be an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics telling anyone that wants to hear “It’s the Celtics! It’s the Celtics!”

    Cody Zeller: if you come, come for Jordy, Derek, Christian, Bobby, Matt and Maurice.

    There’ll be plenty of clapping on the side, with or without Crean.

  16. ^This guy is such a twerp. Out of all the words that could describe him, I think twerp has got to be the most point-blank accurate one out there. Twerp.

  17. Couldn’t agree more with the last poster. Do you have the number for his agent? I think he has a career ahead of him.

    The BIGGEST thing for Zeller to remember is that less than 0.5% of the fan base thinks like the poster CZ. Cody, make your decision based on the coach, the fans, the campus, and the great institution that is IU. Don’t worry about the small minority of bipolar lunatics on this blog (myself included).

  18. I don’t think we are lucky enough for Crean to leave on his own. I mean do you really think the Celtics or any team would want him? He is not a hot commodity.

  19. I’d say we have as good of a chance of Crean leaving and going to the Celtics as we do with 4tards leaving this site and getting a life. Not gonna happen. The first one is a positive, the second is well, dissapointing to say the least.

  20. Lets not overreact. After this year, Purdue, Illinois, Mich. St., will loose their core teams. Indiana will be ready to compete in the top tier in the Big Ten with or without Zeller. Yes, it would be much easier with Zeller, but Coach Crean and IU’s future DOES NOT rest on one recruit. Never has, never will.

  21. He sure as hell is a hot commodity. If you need help with your lack of memory or candor think back to Izzo’s most recent career decision. In other words Coach Crean was being genuinely talked about to fill Izzo’s shoes. Which in turn gave speculation about Stevens or “The Diviner” trying to fill Coach Crean’s shoes. Also remember 4brainfarts is no IU fan who compulsively massages a maniacal bias of negativity while cherry picking info to advance that agenda.

  22. HCTC (Hot Commodity Tom Crean) will be snatched by the great Celtics as soon as Jeremiah graduates. Of course others (including UNM) will be aggresively fighting to get him but Doc will have priority. And The Diviner will come to Bloomington to yell at the Krabenhofts of this league: “I said good career, damn it! You’re an a** ***e, that’s what you are!” And IU will be competitive once again!

    Tom Crean will leave behind a unique legacy consisting of baseball, football and lacrosse players that succeeded in their respective sports because they practiced with the basketball team.

  23. Tom, I agree along with you about said poster. He certainly forged the right description for CZ “Twerp”.

  24. Great point, Clarion. The fact that Crean’s name rose straight to the surface as soon as the Izzo rumours began to swirl is a big pie in the faces of CZ-JB-Remora and the 4tard groupies.

    Let’s see if I can summarize their message to Zeller:

    Dear Cody,

    1) Come to IU for the sake of Jordy.

    2) We’re firing the coach next year, but you are expected to stick around and go through the turmoil of a coaching change because This Is Indiana and you need to step up to the plate.

    3) You are our savior; the only one who can save the program. But please don’t bond with our coach because he his not our savior, even if he gets you to come here.

    Sounds like a great environment for the kid, doesn’t it? A stable, optimistic fan base at UNC or Butler, or a marching band of derelict trolltards at IU that wants to destabilize the program as soon as CZ gets here?

  25. If it’s forged it’s counterfeit, so it won’t fly.

    Clarion you’re a crybaby because Crean will dump you from his payroll when he leaves.

    Yes, I’m the twerp in counterpunch. Now bite me. Thank you very much.

    Hoosier Bungalow: get ready to turn into a Boston Fife when you follow your hot commodity to the East Coast.

  26. What an assortment of pathetic posts, all by fans that know nothing (some guy pretending to know Chandler as a teammate, another pretending to know Perea, another claiming inside info on the Celtics front office, etc.). Cody Zeller and Austin Etherington will make IU a TOP recruiting class in 2011! If we do not get Zeller and do get Robert Goff, IU will still be a much stronger basketball team in 2011-12 than in 2010-11. So the hand-ringing and crying is without foundation. Maybe IU will reopen its recruitment of A Thomas #49, also great players like Quinn Cook #28 and Michael Chandler #47 are uncommitted. And I like our chances with Cody Zeller.

  27. A Thomas already eliminated IU. That ship has sailed. Quinn Cook has already eliminated us as well.
    Can somebody please catch this guy/lady up?

  28. “notandidiotfan” is reading my mind. I’m afraid that Cody is being left with a decision that amounts to this: Do I want to go to IU and have the pressure of being Jesus in Shorts, expected to feed the masses with a couple of fish; or do I want to go to UNC and be just another good player having fun in a loaded program? If I was 17 again and had that decision to make, it would be ‘hello, Chapel Hill.’

  29. 4brainfarts has a difficult time understanding anything but his own negative bias. I agree totally with BeatPurdue about Cook and Thomas. If recruits can reopen their availability to be placed back into the recruiting process there is absolutely no reason a program cannot reopen their efforts in recruiting of certain prospects. After all some might be interested and will listen.

  30. Wouldn’t all the narcissistic arrogant dweebs on this blog love to think their expert opinions matter one tiny hill of beans to a recruit? I doubt 90% of the fans showing up for games even give a rat’s bottom the name of the kid before he slips on a Hoosier jersey. They will infectiously support the Hoosiers like they have always done. They will cheer until deafens the ear. They will go back to their dorm rooms later and consume mass quantities of beer. They will leave college in four year and hopefully have better things to do than blog their days away on here. If Zeller takes to heart any of the garbage(firsthand or scuttlebutt) strewn over this wasteland of meaninglessness, then I feel dreadfully sorry for any coach/program in charge of turning such self-centered desires into a true competitor.

    And just a suggestion to the dude with “Beat” as part of his/her blogging name. Would you consider changing your name to something like Uncle Charlie or Beat4guardspolishsausage? No matter what context the sight of the name Puke, it sickens my stomach.

  31. Every once in awhile we here at the Scoop cycle down into the depths of stupid, kill the brain cells of some readers and feel we’ve accomplished some defense of our personal higher order. This is one of those times.

  32. Ok kids… it’s time for your evening dose of lithium… now off to beddie-bye we go… that’s a good littler group of buggers…

    Thanks guys. The posts on this blog take the cake. I think today was an all-time great and will be long remembered in the annals (possibly as anal!)of the H-T archives. Heck, this one might even warrant a Bullshlitzer Prize… lol

  33. Do you folks know that the guy who did call himself Steve Alford and decided he was embarrassing his idol and changed to 4 guards can’t post anywhere but here? He stopped posting on the Indy star, IU peegs, Inside the Hall, and just about any other site you can name because they would not put up with his constant degrading remarks about IU, IU Basketball, coaches ,recruiters, fans, former students and players. So why is he still allowed to write his hate here? I think the HT likes him and his comments or it is on us for
    responding to him in like kind. This was a great site to follow.

  34. 4tards is posting on Korman’s new blog at the Baltimore Sun no. Korman and 4tards – two peas in a pod.

  35. Actually, 4tards serves a purpose. His level of idiocy is so incredibly high and amazing consistent that you can safely assume that anything he posts will be 180 degrees from accurate.
    Post away ‘o witless one.
    Perhaps you’ll take a swipe at my children this time. They can handle it.

  36. Prometheus suffered the wrath of the gods because he dared to bring from Olympus the fire of knowledge. Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden because they tasted of the tree of knowledge. The gods blamed Pandora for opening the Box, and letting loose upon the world evil in the form of demons, devils … and knowledge. Such is the unfortunate destiny of 4guards who keeps bringing the light to you for you to yell at him and berate him on account that its brightness blinds you. Profanity is the weapon of the witless!

  37. We built Cook Hall because the AD was hearing voices…..If you build it, Zeller will come.

    Stopped posting on ITH a long time ago, Don’t like how it is ran. Don’t post on Indystar much because I am tired of Hutchens lies and broken promises. Don’t feel like waiting 2 weeks for a basketball post.

  38. 4tards: you are like a door-to-door Jehova’s Witness religious lunatic. Everyone slams the door in your face, and yet you keep on trucking, annoying the piss out of everyone and certainly not convincing a single soul. I don’t understand your mission in life – anyone else this hated would get the point already.

  39. I was bored once and, while I’d never let them inside, I sat on the porch and let them give me the JW spiel. There is not a lot of upside to that religion.

  40. 4g What is the source of your info on Thomas? You base your hollow thoughts on the fact that he no longer lists IU as a favorite? You have been on the dating sites too long. How could he when we told him we no longer wanted him? IU would have to really want him and then go all out to get him. I agree that is doubtful, not impossible. However, I do read the shipping news, and no ship “A Thomas” has left the harbor yet. But since his options are Cin, Clemson, FL St and Nebraska, if IU came calling Aaron would listen. Any real basketball player would. Of course there is Purdue with Hale #144 and Lawson NR getting scholarships in 2011 and Thomas with no offer at all. As to Quinn Cook you are just uninformed, ask Vic.

  41. Thomas and Cook both have a final list of schools and we are not on it.
    Might as well forget about both of them, doesn’t matter what we do.

  42. ^ That was one shining moment. One shining moment, frozen in the improbable trajectory of this thread. Right up there with the cupcake drive-by and the Tom Crean recruiting calls. 😆

  43. …and as we all know only one name on a list of final schools ever turns out to mean anything…IU can get in the hunt for Thomas and Cook if that is Coach Crean’s decision…

  44. Are the jokesters finished? It would be nice if Scoop would share the video that’s on the official IU Athletics page featuring Crean talking at a Hoosier alumni event in Monroe county. The guy knows how to work a room.

  45. Nice try 4 guards. The other sites saw your hate and deleted and
    told you to stop. It was not your choice they made the move just like the Scoop could but won’t. Why? I think you make for fun so they let you post knowing that others will try to reason with you and a person driven by hate has no interest in any opinion but their own. You are sad

  46.                             /  \
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                 |                |
                 |                |
                 |                |

    If this doesn’t convince Cody Zeller, nothing will.

  47. Southport,
    That is just not the truth. I can go back to posting more on those sites if you wish. Hutchens just never posts much on basketball to comment on while he is not away on vacation. I will make more of an effort to post on those sites for you since you miss it.

  48. 4guards months and months of oily criticisms slathered on the name of Tom Crean…The daily blog-thrusting of a singularly obsessive concentrated purpose into one name all his perverse admiration…One mission..One small part the whole body our team..One compulsion with the playing of the post all tied-up into one uncontrollable excitation…All the history..All the tradition..All the glances a Steve Alford poster in his 1987 short shorts…All the years in a dark basement gathering rancorous slimy thoughts built from restraint a thousand simple faithful reasons to cheer..all the distorted pent-up love of cream of crimson finally exploding onto the pages a future addition of Scoop into one giant Cody premature expectation!!….Is that what you meant by “It’s all on Zeller now“?

  49. 4g. As always you talk big but you have zero sources. Rivals lists Cook as interested in 18 schools and with offers from 14 and ZERO final 5 for visits. Most see Quinn waiting until the Spring to pick a school. You just don’t know anything!

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