IU conference schedules for 2011 and 2012

This is how Indiana’s conference slates will shake out for the first two years of the new alignment.


Oct. 1  Penn State

Oct. 8 Illinois

Oct. 15 at Wisconsin

Oct. 22 at Iowa

Oct. 29 Northwestern

Nov. 5 at Ohio State

Nov. 19 at Michigan State

Nov. 26 Purdue


Sept. 29 at Northwestern

Oct. 6 Michigan State

Oct. 13 Ohio State

Oct. 27 at Illinois

Nov. 3 Iowa

Nov. 19 Wisconsin

Nov. 17 at Penn State

Nov. 24 at Purdue.


  1. OK, let’s sell the PN St game for the next two years to the DC area, pocket $6 million, and add Towson as a permanent non-conference home game so we always have 8 home games! Just a suggestion.

  2. I’m assuming that was sarcastic…..

    But if we EVER sell another home game, then that just tells me Fred is only about money and has no desire whatsoever in getting us to be a successful football team. If we end up narrowly losing to PSU this year and it costs us a bowl game, it is all on the A.D.


  3. Only a little bit sarcastic. I like the result of selling the PN St game in 2010 for $3 million! Check out the football scoreboard at the game, talk to the people that are hired to run the swimming and diving programs about there new electronics, etc. If you do not see the connection between the money and success for our teams, especially in football (the New North End Zone project), then you are blind or naive or both. Did you know that IU was one of only 14 Div I schools to make a profit in its athletic operations in 2009-10? I say that is what we want AD Fred Glass! Keep that up and our football team will be better on the field and we will have no NEED to sell any home games!

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