IU-PU volleyball updates

Indiana takes timeout with a 15-9 lead in game one. Best point so far involved four straight Hoosier blocks and a winning dink to make it 9-6.

Purdue closed within two three times, but has no taken timeout with IU up 21-17.

Now it’s IU coach Sherry Dunbar’s turn to take a timeout. Purdue has rushed back within 22-21. Purdue serving.

Big kill Benson. 24-22, IU, creating a set point. Timeout Purdue


Purdue withstands one set point but not two. Ashley Benson big, swinging right-handed kill just inside the backline for a 25-23 IU win in the first set.

INDIANA 25, PURDUE 23, SET ONE FINAL.  Jordan Haverly and Samantha Thrower with five kills apiece for the Hoosiers. Purdue’s Ariel Turner had a set-high seven. The score was tied three times but, otherwise, the Hoosiers led.


Purdue’s first lead of the night comes at 3-2 of the second set on a Turner kill, but IU again leads most of the way, if tenuously. Purdue fans contribute “IU sucks” chant to the proceedings.

New attendance record for volleyball at U-Gym with 2,308 here tonight.

Television timeout with Purdue just having regained the lead at 15-14. Turner continues to play well up front for the Boilermakers, who also have Tiffany Fisher serving well.

IU now up 19-17, off great Haverly serve and a kill from Mary Chaudoin. Purdue timeout.

Turner serve gets caught on top of the net, but drops for a PU point and a 21-21 tie. Timeout IU.

Chaudoin dink staves off Purdue set point. Now 24-24.

Purdue wins a point, serving again for the match. PU coach Dave Shondell calls timeout to set something up.

Ariel Fisher big right-handed kill for Purdue to win match 2.


Thrower with eight kills to lead IU in set two, but Purdue has a decisive 6-1 lead in blocks for the set.

It’s like a sauna in here, but don’t see anybody leaving. Good match going on.


Purdue grabs the early lead this time, and IU having problems at the net. Lots of unsuccessful dinking by the Hoosiers. Purdue wins four straight points to go up 13-9 and timeout IU.

The visitors kept surging, going up five, 17-12, before IU started inching back into it. A Haverly kill ended the longest rally of the night to bring the Hoosiers to within 18-15 and, after IU won the next point to cut Purdue’s lead to two, Shondell called time. Purdue up 18-16, IU serving.

IU miscommunication at the net leads to nobody attempting a kill and prompting an “air ball” chant from the Purdue fans. IU timeout, but the Boilers are in control of this pivotal set, 23-20.

PU timeout, up 23-22, but IU serving, so PU in the better position to score.

Jaclyn Hart, dinking well at the net all night for Purdue, wins it with a solid kill for the Boilermakers, 25-23.



Purdue maintains momentum, looking to close out the match. After a 6-6 ties, surges to an 11-7 lead, prompting a Dunbar timeout. PU consistently blocking IU kill attempts now, and none of the Hoosier dinks are finding the floor.

Things change in hurry. With Caitlin Cox serving, IU roars back, forging an 11-11 tie on a Benson=Marschall block, then taking a 12-11 lead when the Boilers get in the net on a volley. Timeout Purdue.

Match stays close. PU leads 21-20, IU serving.

Purdue leads 23-21 in the fourth set. Timeout Indiana. Purdue serving.

Two straight Benson kills for a 23-23 tie. Timeout Purdue. IU serving.

Fisher kill, but then a Benson block makes it 24-24. Benson then saves another set point with a kill, 25-25.

IU staves off three set points, but not a fourth. Haverly blocked successfully by Catherine Rebarchak and Anna Dewry for a 28-26 Purdue set four win and a 3-1 match win.


  1. I was one of the 45 crazy Boilermakers in attendence tonight. We TOOK OVER U-GYM with ease. The IU students have no coordination and should probably think about learning some new chants. I don’t know how 45 people can out-chear and out energize 2300 IU fans… Not a very impressive showing.

  2. I attended last night and those kids from Purdue who follow around the volleyball team were hilarious and sad. Picture the cast of Revenge of the Nerds in appearance, but more of them. They have their dorky little chants that they do over and over – kind of like the Will Ferrell cheerleader character on SNL – and they’re so into it with no self-awareness that they just might be way over the top for a volleyball match.

    You see this sort of thing with some high school bands where somehow they’ve gathered together the most hyperactive spazs in the school and they feed off each other and think that their group is cool and admired, while people outside of the group are kind of amused and/or annoyed by them. That’s great that the Purdue kids have their own thing together, I think, but to come on here and try to talk trash is a bit much. Here’s a newsflash, Purdue Pete – maybe there aren’t too many people here who want to be the foaming at the mouth volleyball superfan.

    I actually saw one of the Purdue kids prancing around the gym as people left to go from person to person telling much older IU fans about how he just loves to come into the opposing gym and take the win home with him. There should be one of those Real Men of Genius commercials in his honor. Here’s to you, Mr. Overzealous, Synchronized Spaz Out, Get in Everybody’s Face Volleyball Fan. That may be a grandma sitting next to you, but you’re still rising for the kill!

  3. For the record, if you’ve never been to a college volleyball game you’re missing out. With all due respect, if only because my daughter is a volleyball player, but half those girls look like Wonder Woman wearing hot pants (oh, that’s right, Wonder Woman already wears hot pants). Not to mention the athleticism is off the charts.

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