Konstanski a key for IU soccer

I’ll have a full feature on former Bloomington South standout and current Hoosier Caleb Konstanski in tomorrow’s print and online editions, but here’s some info that didn’t make the cut.

Konstanski was named to the IU Classic all-tournament team last weekend, something he didn’t find out until a day later when his dad sent him a text about it. The center back says he doesn’t view it as an individual honor.

“Really, it’s just a reflection of how we did as a team defensively,” he said. “It wasn’t just me, it was our back line and Cam Jordan really did an excellent job just staying compact, and Luis Soffner, we were all connected and did a really good job defending as a team. That award was for the whole back line.”

Konstanski also earned high praise from first-year IU coach Todd Yeagley for his overall play as well as the all-tournament performance.

“Caleb’s a confident kid. And yet, until you’re put into the fire and show what you’re capable of doing, (winning the honor) was a good confidence-booster for him,” Yeagley said. “For him to be a local talent, starting for us and doing well, couldn’t be more pleased.
“He’s seen the IU program throughout his whole life, and he does have some of those intangibles and toughness that epitomizes some of our best backs. And he has a lot of pride in that uniform, which goes a long way.”


  1. I really wish I could get into soccer. Really, I do. I used to watch them when they played after the football games when Yeagley, SR, was just starting. I support them and I’m happy when the Hoosiers do well. I’m sure it’s fun to play and great exercise but it’s just unwatchable. This is from someone who will watch track meets for hours. I guess I’m just unsophisticated.

  2. It’s more a matter of taste than sophistication. Kind of like music, one person can’t stop talking about how incredible this band is and another finds them unlistenable. I mean, I’m sure there are people who can listen to Britney Spears for hours. Does that make them unsophisticated? … OK, bad example, but you get the idea.

  3. Chet,

    I concur. With me it is more about culture and era. Also I sometimes wonder how much better available football talent would be. There has to be some dilution because of soccer.

  4. Chet- what about World Cup or Premier League? Do you feel the same way?

    I don’t know about you, but I find college baseball unwatchable. I’d rather watch curling. It’s not because I don’t like baseball; it’s because I prefer the higher levels of competition. College baseball is behind both the MLB and the minors. And the metal bats – uggh.

    I’ll never get into IU soccer, but I can’t get enough of the international and professional game. I understand how some people can’t, and that’s fine – I just hate when people politicize it .

  5. Nah, none of it. Really, I’d rather watch high school because I’d know the kids. It’s not because I’m not around it because a buddy of mine can’t get enough. I’ll go to a baseball game with the kids but I like it less now than when I was young. Love collegiate wrestling, MMA is fun but I’ve been into martial arts forever, hell, I kinda liked watching curling during the Olympics. The X Games are cool. I just don’t know. Soccer just puts me to sleep.

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