Lynch: Bye week good for recruiting

After all the time it spent building up to its opener, Indiana now has 16 days before it plays another game.

It’s a bit awkward to put that sort of break between the first and second game of the season, but IU coach Bill Lynch said he and his staff are going to try to make the most of it.

For one thing, he plans on using the time off to give his players some rest and get healthy. Lynch said he would give the team the weekend off, then practice Monday through Thursday before giving them Friday off. They will practice again Saturday morning, take Sunday off, then get back into normalcy on Monday.

“I think they need a break,” Lynch said. “Deserve a break. … We’ll finally be in a regular routine on Monday, whatever that date is, because up until now, with summer school going 10 days into camp and move out day early and all the other things going on, there wasn’t a real routine to camp, but I thought our guys handled that pretty well, including playing on a Thursday night, which is different with the first week of classes, when there’s minds going from one syllabus to another and coming over here and trying to practice.”

The bye week also gives the IU coaching staff some time to focus on recruiting. Lynch said seven coaches were out on the road for games Friday and that 10 would be out next weekend. That’s thanks to a new NCAA rule that allows that many coaches to go out on the road during a bye week.

“It’s really, really good,” Lynch said. “We’re all over the Midwest right now, as we speak. If everybody’s travel arrangements work out. Next week’s even bigger because 10 of us can go out next Friday. That’s a new NCAA legislation. If you have a bye week, they let 10 go out. It didn’t expand the number of evaluations you get in the fall, but how you do it instead of it just being seven. Next Friday, we’ll really storm, we’ll be everywhere because we’ll be able to plan it out even better. I think to get a first look at kids early in the season is really big. We’ll take advantage of it.”

The time off gives them the opportunity to heal a few injuries. Lynch said wide receiver Tandon Doss will sit out the bye week entirely, but will return to action on Sept. 13 heading into the Western Kentucky game.

“We went day to day, and then when we kind of looked into it, we thought, ‘Let’s not let have this thing be a lingering problem all year,'” Lynch said. “A lot of times when you have those kind of muscle pulls or whatever the right term is, they linger. We didn’t want it lingering with him. Finally, we just said, let’s just shut him down. We’re going to shut him down. He’s not going to practice this week either. We said we’re going to absolutely shut him down. As the plan goes now, he’s going to practice a week from Monday.”

Junior cornerback Andre Kates suffered an injury in Thursday’s game, but Lynch said he didn’t know what it was.

“He had a big ole ice pack around his hip,” Lynch said. “That was what was iced down when I saw him on the sidelines.”

Looking back on Thursday’s win over Towson, Lynch said one of the things he was happiest with was the Hoosiers ability to get the vast majority of the team on the field. He said every player on the roster who was eligible to play — which mostly meant everybody but the injured players and the freshmen they plan on redshirting — got in the game.

“I think it’s huge,” Lynch said. “I think it’s huge for a lot of reasons and first and foremost is morale. Especially if you can do that in an opener. … To think what these kids have gone through since January, to be able in the first game to get to play is huge. … I think it’s really good. One they get experience. Two you get to evaluate them, and three, from a morale standpoint, they got a chance to play the first game.”

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