Lynch saving the wildcat for later

Indiana hasn’t employed the wildcat formation it used last year with Mitchell Evans as the trigger man this season. The reason, Lynch said, is because it would mean taking out the man who is arguably the team’s best player.

“If we go to the wildcat, we’re taking Ben Chappell out of the game,” Lynch said in response to a caller on his weekly radio show Monday night. “Right now, Ben’s playing pretty well. It’s a little bit like, they Colts could go to the wildcat, but that would mean taking Peyton (Manning) off the field. He has a way of making plays himself. I’m sure at some point, you’ll see us pull it out in a situation where we need it. We have two outstanding candidates in Dusty Kiel and Ed Wright-Baker.”

Chappell, obviously, isn’t nearly as fast as those two, and he wasn’t as fast as Evans, who moved to safety after playing receiver and wildcat quarterback. Even last year, though, the Hoosiers waited a few games to debut the wildcat formation, and that may be the case again this year.

“I like what we’re doing offensively, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t pull it out,” Lynch said. “I certainly wouldn’t share with you when we’re going to do it in case our opponents (might be listening.) But we certainly have two guys we think could do a good job with it in Dusty and Ed.”