1. Great stuff here. But, I have to wonder…has anyone ever seen Victor shoot the ball. How’s his shot. Yea, his athleticism is through the roof and I’ve heard he’s a good defender…but…I mean…how’s the rest of his offensive game?

  2. His shot is horrendous, barely gets off the ground for a jump shot. He’s not a very good defender either as his lateral quickness is very subpar.
    On a positive note, he can jump out of the gym and finish at the rim very well.

  3. ESPN evaluations mean nothing to me when it comes to recruits. Their recruiting service is a joke.
    I have watched him before in a high school game and you asked for people’s opinions. Sorry if you don’t like it.

  4. I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I didn’t even imply it. I asked for opinions on his offensive game. You gave yours, and I didn’t discount it whatsoever.

    I’m starting to understand why you have the reputation you do on here.

  5. First off 4guards is full of sh*%. I can guarantee you that he has never seen him play a game. He has watched videos and thats it. I personally have seen two games that Victor has played in. One game was an exhibition in Lexington (Derby Classic) and the other was during the high school season last year. His defense is tremendous and will be one of the better defenders on IU’s team. His lateral quickness is ABOVE PAR. If there is someone on IU thas is quicker with lateral, linear, diagonal, or perpendicular movement then you let me know. Maybe you shouldn’t always try to sound like you know everything, its actually what makes you completely unbelievable. If just every now and then you would say things like I dont know or I’m not sure when you truly dont, then maybe….just maybe people could partially tolerate you, but these are words that you are completely unfamiliar with.

    His jumper is flat, but this can be seen on video. This doesn’t mean that it is horrendous. He definitely needs to work on his jumper, but even he will tell you that. Not sure how he ends up making the three point finals during Derby Classic in Lexington, (with some tremendous shooters such as Poole, Ray McCallum, Tyler Lamb etc) with a horrendous jump shot. The contest started on Friday in which there were several rounds to get through to Saturday (The Finals). Only three or four made it to Saturday night and VO was one of them. His shot looks much worse than what it really is and if you know anything about VO you know he isn’t here for his shooting prowess.

    Its things like this that make you look like a flat out idiot, liar, full of yourself FOOL. Dont make things up just to look more retarded than you already are. You make me ill and I’m embarrassed for you.

    Everyone else, realize that VO has tremendous athletic ability, unbelievable defensive skills, quickness, energy and a flat out player that IU is getting in the kid. Indiana is lucky to have a player this exciting, VO will be a crowd favorite after the first few games. His a great kid with a great head on his shoulder. Great get by Tom Crean!!! Anyway thats what I have seen from the two LIVE games I saw IN PERSON. As for Steve Alford or 4play or whatever his name is, well he knows all…just ask him.

  6. If you would have read articles or paid any attention from his senior year at DeMatha you would know that VO often, if not always defender the opposing’s team BEST offensive player. DeMatha was ranked nationally that often played other ranked high school teams so the talent he played against was superior.

  7. Don’t think rationally about a recruit you have to start thinking more like 4guards. He’s not from Indiana, therefore he sucks! It’s that easy!

  8. VO will be Creaned or decide to transfer within 2 years. He will see limited playing time unless his jump shot improves SIGNIFICANTLY.

  9. I too have seen VO play in person and agree with RHF’s assessments. It is also true that they put him on the opponent’s best offensive player in a private school Catholic league where all the players are recruited and play at a high level. My assessment of his jump shot during warm-ups was that it was flat, but they didn’t look for him to shoot and we won’t necessarily either.

    He was the team captain, at least for the night I saw him play.

  10. These guys look like they’re being shot out of cannons! I’m not sure if Zeller’s 6″ vertical with robotic flex of the knee joints will fit in while surrounded by such an abundance of pure quickness, leaping ability, and athleticism. Mechanical awkwardness doesn’t hide easily on team built with speed and explosiveness. Cody could end up looking like Peter Sellers doing his version of the Birdie Num Num.

  11. Oladipo was recruited by IU, Boston College, Maryland, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Marquette, Pitt and Virginia Tech.

    He obviously has some things to bring to the table. If he’s not the best shooter, he probably won’t be relied on to be a shooter, logically. His athletic ability will give our team someone who cuts to the rim, goes hard after rebounds, and is great in transition. Those are all things we could use more of.

    Most importantly, he seems like they type of player who will understand his role, and do what’s asked of him. Not a lot of ego on this team overall.

  12. 4G/your a funny guy, who knows nothing about basketball. You could be a comedian tho, you make me laugh! Your not an IU fan, that is obvious/Purdue maybe or Kentucky. IU is doing it’s best to get good players, it takes time/and they will get them. Your proud of Kentucky i bet, how Calipari recruits, he’s a cheat and we know it. Some day they will find this out, but the kids can go where they want. So 4G or whatever u call yourself, why don’t go into another field or something. Maybe polo or cricket/something you might know about anyway.

  13. Don Taylor, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I like IU, I just also happen to like Illinois and Ohio State. Don’t dislike me simply because I’m being realistic and you are a day dreamer.

  14. Well RHF has revealed it. When 4tickturds can not cherry pick the information he needs to fit his negative biased agenda then he will and has out lied to besmirch anything attached to IU basketball by Coach Crean. In other words there is zero credibility to his posts.

  15. Nice try guys. I don’t even like basketball, I’m just on here because I live in my moms basement and I have nothing else to do. Its not like I can play dungeons and dragons all day long!

  16. – Oladipo’s play around the 1:40 mark is sick.
    – Jurkin’s got a mean streak. Dude’s a freak.
    – If Perea joins Jurkin….damn.

  17. It takes many different parts to make a team. If everyone can shoot and nobody can rebound your not going to be very good or vice versa. If VO can add some defense and offensive rebounding he will be an asset. Theis is only ONE ball you have to have players who can do other things beside shoot.

  18. Vic was the #1 defender on a very good HS team at DeMatha. I have seen five of his games. His lateral quickness is excellent. He is a lock down defender. He also scored 23 (I think), the team high, against Gonzaga for the championship. Most coming on 2’s and 3’s. But his greatest strength is that he is ALL about the TEAM WINNING! He was the unquestioned leader and captain.

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