NFL cuts claim former Hoosiers

Three former Hoosiers were cut late Saturday as NFL teams try to trim their rosters.

Ray Fisher was released by the Colts, Jammie Kirlew by the Broncos and Will Patterson by the Texans.

No official word on Nick Polk, who was with the Texans, but he Tweeted that he was released.

James Hardy may be released by the Bills.

UPDATE: Hardy has been released.

So far, the rest of the Hoosiers in the NFL seem to be safe.


  1. I’ve wondered about Hardy for some time. For various reasons he has never been able to get any traction in the NFL.

  2. He looked so promising, too. One of my favorite Hoosiers.

    Oh well, there is always the CFL. Not a bad second option.

  3. Hardy has done about as well in the NFL as he did in that bowl game…

    Feel bad for Fish, it was like the Colts really wanted the other 2 guys returning after he muffed that one punt return. I watched him make a couple good open field tackles.

    Kirlew is the biggest surprise to me. I thought he would make it.

    I guess they could all be picked up by other teams. Good Luck guys!!!

  4. Like Tom suggested there is always the pass happy CFL and I doubt they have many 6’7″ athletic receivers. Maybe a full season of play up North is what JH needs but I really think another year at IU would have served him well.

  5. Hardy had the same problem in the NFL he had at IU which was lack of character. He being a NFL bust is not a surprise.

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