Replogle back on depth chart; Ewald ahead of Freeland

It’s unknown yet whether this is a sign of his return, but senior linebacker Tyler Replogle is listed as the starting strongside linebacker on the depth chart this week. In another interesting change, Mitch Ewald is listed as the starting kicker ahead of Nick Freeland, who has missed the last two games with a hip injury.

The rest of the starters mostly remain the same, but there are some interesting shifts among the backups. After starting at right guard on Saturday, Justin Pagan is listed as the backup at left guard again. Cody Faulkner who had been listed as the backup right guard, is no longer on the depth chart, replaced by redshirt freshman Pat McShane.

The rest of the depth chart follows.

72     Andrew    McDonald,    6-6,    306,    Sr./Jr.
77     Josh    Hager,    6-9,    302,    Sr./Jr.
66     Aaron    Price,    6-4,    305,    So./Fr.
70         Justin    Pagán,    6-5,    308,    Jr./Jr.
60     Will    Matte,    6-2,    293,    Jr./So.
62     Jordan    Marquette,    6-3,    285,    Sr./5th
65     Marc    Damisch,    6-7,    317,    Jr./So.
67         Pat    McShane,    6-5,    301,    So./Fr.
73     James    Brewer,    6-8,    331,    Sr./5th
70         Justin    Pagán,    6-5,    308,    Jr./Jr.
88     Damarlo    Belcher,    6-5,    210,    Jr./Jr.
84     Jamonne    Chester,    6-1,    202,    So./Fr.
1     Terrance    Turner,    6-3,    209,    Sr./5th
13     Kofi    Hughes,    6-2,    200,    Fr./Fr.
2     Tandon    Doss,    6-3,    200,    Jr./Jr.
81     Duwyce    Wilson,    6-3,    196,    So./Fr.
4     Ben    Chappell,    6-3,    242,    Sr./5th
8     Dusty    Kiel,    6-2,    230,    So./Fr.
7     Edward    Wright-Baker,    6-1,    221,    So./Fr.
28     Darius    Willis,    6-0,    224,    Jr./So.
21     Trea    Burgess,    6-1,    226,    Sr./5th
26     Nick    Turner,    6-0,    188,    So./Fr.
41     Max    Dedmond,    6-5,    257,    Sr./Jr.
83     Ted    Bolser,    6-6,    252,    So./Fr.
DE    (Drops)
44     Darius    Johnson,    6-0,    252,    Sr./Jr.
34     Kevin    Bush,    6-3,    248,    Jr./So.
97     Larry    Black,    Jr.,    6-2,    326,    Jr./So.
75     Nicholas    Sliger,    6-3,    286,    Jr./So.
69     Mick    Mentzer,    6-4,    303,    Jr./So.
55     Deonte    Mack,    6-3,    281,    Sr./5th
DE    (Anchors)
98     Adam    Replogle,    6-3,    295,    So./So.
93     Fred    Jones,    6-4,    272,    Sr./Jr.

42     Chad    Sherer,    6-0,    222,    Jr./So.
33     Damon    Sims,    6-3,    224,    So./Fr.
48     Leon    Beckum,    5-11,    235,    Sr./Jr.
53     Jeff    Thomas,    6-1,    245,    Sr./Jr.
46     Tyler    Replogle,    6-2,    239,    Sr./Sr.
39     Brandon    McGhee,    6-1,    235,    Sr./Jr.
15     Matt    Ernest,    6-2,    189,    Sr./Jr.
23     Adrian    Burks,    6-0,    185,    Sr./5th
10     Donnell    Jones,    5-10,    223,    Sr./Jr.
22     Lenyatta    Kiles,    5-11,    196,    Jr./Jr.
5     Mitchell    Evans,    6-3,    206,    Sr./Sr.
20     Lawrence    Barnett,    5-10,    189,    So./Fr.
6     Richard    Council,    6-1,    198,    Sr./5th
7     Andre    Kates,    5-11,    195,    Sr./Jr.
16     Mitch    Ewald,    5-10,    179,    So./Fr.
99     Nick    Freeland,    5-11,    192,    Jr./So.
12     Chris    Hagerup,    6-5,    203,    Sr./Jr.
10     Adam    Pines,    6-0,    184,    Jr./So.
95     Jeff    Sanders,    6-4,    230,    Sr./5th
56     Josh    Keyt,    6-1,    243,    So./Fr.
17     Teddy    Schell,    6-5,    229,    Sr./Jr.
8     Dusty    Kiel,    6-2,    230,    So./Fr.
2     Tandon    Doss,    6-3,    200,    Jr./Jr.
81     Duwyce    Wilson,    6-3,    196,    So./Fr.
26     Nick    Turner,    6-0,    188,    So./Fr.
2     Tandon    Doss,    6-3,    200,    Jr./Jr.
1     Terrance    Turner,    6-3,    209,    Sr./5th
81     Duwyce    Wilson,    6-3,    196,    So./Fr.


  1. I notice Council is still first on the chart. Is there not another kid on the team that can play safety so that Kiles can move back to CB? Surely they can shake that up a little. I am currently trying to picture Council, Jones, Evans, and Ernest trying to tackle Robinson. I pray Replogle is healthy and can make the difference and that the coaching staff will have a kid “spy” on Robinson in situations that need it.

  2. J Pat, I agree! I’m told Council is a great kid and works hard in practice. But, the unfortunate reality is that he has not shown any ability to perform at the B10 level. This is not a particularly unusual situation…many kids do well in practice but under perform on game day and I think that may be what we have in Richard.

  3. J Pat, the situations where IU will need to spy Robinson is any time Michigan has the ball and he is in the game. I hope the staff is smart enough to realize that.

    As far as Council, couldn’t agree w/ you guys more. For anyone who has followed IU, it’s truly one of those maddening, head-scratching things. He has given us three years of shockingly awful football, and everyone sees it but the coaches. Without fail, it’s brought up weekly on the post-game call-in-show by at least one caller. His “attempt” at a tackle on that big 2nd half pass play last year at Northwestern was the single worst effort I’ve ever seen on the football field–and I’ve been an IU fan my entire life. How could he ever play another down after that? It’s things like that that make it so hard to believe in this staff. It’s only a matter of time before he gives up a game-winning touchdown late in some game. No matter, he’ll be out there the next week, ready to shake his head and talk trash after he makes his one and only tackle of the day. The only thing that will keep him off the field next year is that fact that he is finally a senior this year.

  4. I have always been a numbers guy and they can be misleading depending on what and how you measure them. Take Mitchell Evans- Safety has 17 tackles and assists,then Council has 7 tackles/assists. Council is actually 10th on the list for the team.
    OK,but there are only 11 starters,so he is 10th out of 11 starters.
    Evans plays safety in the back field and he is 2nd on the defensive team that starts. So maybe Council is not as bad as we think? WRONG!!!!!
    Stop stating tackle/assists made and start counting how many times a player misses a tackle and how many times he missed one for a loss and you would find out just how bad he is. This is a defensive coaching issue!!! It’s not Council’s problem. It’s the defensive coach not seeing and not replacing him before now. Councel loves football so he is not going to remove his self
    from the starting position. If we the fan’s can see it the coach has to know. Come on Coach!!

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