Replogle practicing, but in yellow jersey

Senior linebacker Tyler Replogle was back in pads for Tuesday’s practice, but was wearing a yellow jersey that denoted he should be treated similar to a quarterback in practice. He did participate in some tackling drills — though the Hoosiers were in shells and shorts Tuesday, so there was no tackling to the ground — and also participated in scout work at the end of practice. He was listed as probable on IU’s injury report released at the beginning of practice.

Safety Donnell Jones was also working out in a yellow jersey. He is listed as questionable on the injury report with a knee injury. Also listed as questionable is kicker Nick Freeland, who has missed the last two games with a hip injury, and linebacker Brandon McGhee (knee). Safety Chris Adkins, who is still watching practice in a walking boot and crutches, is still listed as out with an ankle injury.

The Hoosiers spent most of Tuesday’s practice working on tackling drills and trying to prepare for speedy Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. For part of the practice, swift backup tailback Nick Turner lined up as  a quarterback for the scout team, and was more than effective, busting loose on a few long touchdown runs.

Indiana coach Bill Lynch joked that the Hoosiers might want to use Turner under center.

“I went back over to the other field and told (offensive coordinator Matt) Canada, maybe that’s something we better look at,” Lynch said.


  1. Not sure what the hell Lynch is joking about. If our backup tailback is torching our ‘D’ for 3 TDs, I cannot imagine what Robinson will do. 6 TDs?

  2. I was thinking the same thing, psych. We are going to get slaughtered if we can’t stop a speedy guy that has zero experience with the offense; a speedy guy that does know the offense will torch us. Yeah, laugh it up, Coach.

  3. Donnell Jones being injured is not good news. He is one of our more effective DB(s) and puts forth a solid effort. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with previous posters. I just don’t think our D can stand up to Michigan yet and I think their D is probably good enough to limit the number of points our offense can score.

  4. What do you want Lynch to do? Do you want Lynch to tell the press that there is no way on earth that IU can stop Robinson? It’s a media game that all coaches play.

  5. “the Hoosiers were in shells and shorts Tuesday, so there was no tackling to the ground”

    It seems that this has been the standard in practice this year. I know it is being done to avoid injury… but does anyone else see a correlation between this and the poor tackling we’ve been seeing all year?

  6. PBAT, Of course there is a correlation! But, the coaching staff is taking the approach that it is better to perfect technique in practice without risking injury and hope the guys will be able to replicate what they’ve learned in practice on gameday. Otherwise, they’ll be injured in practice and we’ll never know what they can do in a game. This is not optimal certainly, but when depth is this lacking, alternatives are few.

  7. IUFAN
    As I wrote in my post, I understand the reasoning behind what they are doing… and I agree with it to a point.

    I know that it is still early in the season, and we are still only 3 wins away from becoming Bowl Eligible. But, if the tackling doesn’t improve soon, at what point is a decision made that this isn’t working. When do we stop “hoping that the guys will be able to replicate what they’ve learned in practice on gameday”, and decide that we have to risk injury in practice to improve the results on the field.

    I sincerely hope that things improve and this becomes a moot point.

  8. pbat and others…Learn a little history! There is NO correlation! I have watched IU football for over 40 years. With live tackling every practice, every other practice, every third practice, only on even numbered days starting with the letter “T”, etc., Indiana has NEVER been a great tackling defensive TEAM! My observation is that we are “arm-tackling” too much, so the current practice approach of not tackling to the ground should be the best form of practice, be in front of the ball-carrier, wrap them up, don’t let go until after the whistle. But, I do like the injury report. We have only 1 guy out due to practice injuries, safety Adkins. Other Big 10 teams have lost important starters.

  9. What do I want Coach to do, Millport? I want him not to laugh about not being able to stop Turner on the scout team! NO, I don’t want Lynch to say we have no shot at stopping Denard — you are missing the point.

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