Reports: Crean and IU in Michigan to watch Dorsey-Walker

Tom Crean tweeted earlier in the evening that he was in Detroit with Bennie Seltzer and Steve McClain and reports surfaced last evening that he was there to see Sherron-Dorsey Walker, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard from Detroit’s Pershing High School. Rated the No. 74 player in the Class of 2012, Dorsey-Walker has scholarship offers from Baylor, Central Michigan, Dayton, Drake, Fairfield, Oakland and Western Michigan according to


  1. How is it: Dwyane or Dwayne? Nobody really knows for sure…

    I think Crean even prefers the spelling: Dwhine.

  2. Coach Crean knows that you recruit until the class is full-and then you recruit some more! How can ANYONE seriously criticize that? You don’t fail to “concentrate” on instate players by going out to see other players. If you want to be great, then you can do it all!

  3. 4guards,

    Remember last week, when you cited Rivals — “the professionals” — in support of your argument that Peter Jurkin wasn’t talented because he wasn’t included in the top 75?

    Well NOW, the professionals, to whose opinion you defer, are saying that this guy is. If you notice, he’s in the top 75.

    Or are the professionals conveniently wrong this time?

  4. I never said anything about his talent level.
    But lets fill out this class with a combo of Harris, DSR, Hammons, Perea, Yogi and put the rest of our resources into 2013.

  5. You implied it with your comment about his offer list. If that’s not what you’re implying, I’m interested in what exactly you meant.

    And yes, absolutely — that would be a phenomenal class. But there’s a slight possibility that not every single player we want will actually choose IU.

    Contingency plans are necessary, and if our backup plan at SG is the 74th-best player in the country, that’s not a bad situation to be in.

  6. Like many in the food service industry, 4tards knows far more about basketball than any highly respected Big Ten coach.

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