1. That was a fun ScoopTalk..Nice to see you guys free-wheeling it and laughing. So heavy the mood has been for too long. Put Ginger on the payroll!

    Did anyone catch the post where 4guards decide to give Tom Crean “a lot of credit”?

  2. It’s clear to me that Crean is now in his last 12 months at IU. He’s going to make use Jeremiah’s upper class leadership this year extensively and that will sink the ship. Going 5-3 before Kentucky will nail it. He’s going to go on clapping and cheering on though, as if nothing happened, because … that’s Tom Crean. Wagga wagga! He made good money while at IU and, as Madden would put it, “that’s, tha-that’s what’s all about!”

    Football, on the other hand, will have an exceptional season!

  3. ^ and you seem to be the only one to bite.

    say what you want but crean is on his way out.

    this will his last year. bye bye crean!

    the logic is simple: rivers is catastrophic (as shown by clarion). crean will continue to rely on him (senior leadership and all). the team will implode again. it’s going to be a disaster. and it all started with the observation (aggresively argued by clarion) that rivers is by and large catastrophic (overall).

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