That’s a lot of Hoosier


That’s the cover of the first Maple Street Press Hoosier Tip-Off magazine. It’s 128 pages and no ads. It’s all about Indiana.

I wrote two stories for it (one on the 1976 and 1981 championship teams, the other on Dane Fife). Dustin wrote a 5,000-word season preview. Old friend Korman wrote the same amount on the rebuilding process. The Ginger, Zach Osterman, edited it, and Alex Bozich was a part of it. And a host of old IDS friends and former interns had their own contributions.

So, yeah, this dominates Lindy’s. Athlon too. Maybe even Sporting News.

You can order the book online here and they’ll ship it on Oct. 11. Or you can wait until the end of the month, when it hits news stands.


  1. Andrew,

    It is. The company looks for fervent fan bases and then hires a local editor (in this case, Zach) and has him put together a staff. I read the UNC version of this a few years ago when I covered the Tar Heels and it was very detailed. From the copy I’ve seen, that’s absolutely the case here.

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