The best play you did not see this weekend

Yes, I went to Appalachian State and that’s probably why I saw it. But still pretty cool — first-year starting QB DeAndre Presley, who got the nod to replace Armanti Edwards, throws a pass, watches it get fumbled and then picks it up and runs it for a touchdown. Yes, that means, according to the boxscore, he completed a pass to himself.


  1. App has a great program. It’s reputation in NC is that of a ‘party school’ but, then, any school can be called that?

  2. have been to campus and used to go and ski in the Boone area when I was in high school. What a beautiful school, love that area in the mountains!

  3. We’ve sunk to a new low. First we had Korman’s PSU stories and now we have Hugh’s Appy St. tales…oh brother.

  4. if it reads that way in the box score, it’s an error. it’s a fumble recovery. you can’t have 2 pass completions for one pass attempt. but what would you expect for app st., certainly not a bastion of higher learning.

  5. coachv,

    Game was at Chattanooga, so their stat people handled it. You’re right in that it was not a pass completion — he was not awarded one. He was awarded the receiving yards. It’s the same rule as a hook-and-ladder. Receiver A catches an 8-yard pass and tosses it to Receiver B, who runs 35 yards for a touchdown. Receiver A gets a catch and eight yards, while Receiver B gets 35 receiving yards and the TD.

  6. Actually Aruss, you ASKED Korman if you could be allowed to post again. Korman responded that he didn’t care but you were posting at your own risk!

  7. ^Hugh’s response to coachv sounds more like an SAT question. Just reading it made me nervous. Will I be tested on this? Is this how a future anti-spam question will be formatted for Downing’s 5th?

    Somewhat Related: I once saw Rex Grossman fumble and pass of the ball on the same play. It forever remains symbolic of his performance against the Colts in the Super Bowl..Bears fans(and fans of Madden NFL) refer to it as his “Immaculate Distension“.
    It was recorded in the box score as a mere fumble..but it’s so much more.

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