1. Nice weight equipment. Snazzy.

    I can’t wait for the season.

    Capo does NOT look like a basketball player. Trying to think of who he reminds me of…

  2. The track team used to work out in the stadium every Friday in the fall. If you could run the alumni side twice top to bottom, no rest in between, you could skip the scheduled workout. It was faster, but I can count the times on one hand that I attempted it.

    Then we played football.

  3. Thanks for the video. Victor looked like he was hustling. It was a little scary to see the players arching their backs on the bench press.

  4. Wow, the bench press part was hard to watch. Unless something has changed since I lifted weights for high school athletics (20 years ago), you’re definitely not supposed to arch your back like that.

  5. I agree with the wanna be 4guards that the weightlifting form was pretty startling. Was the S &C coach around anywhere?

  6. I agree with the previous two 4guards – real and fake.

    However, in fairness, go to any gym or weight room and you will see countless blockhead, ape-like “personal trainers” and fraternity guys doing the same thing. It’s an endemic.

    Hate to see how the IU guys are doing their curls; probably torquing and swinging their whole bodies to lift 50 lb. dumbells in each hand when they should be using 25s.

  7. Can we agree on a rule that no one can comment on work-out form until they post their own certificates and full body photos to show they actually “walk the walk” are not just “talk”. Of course the Strength and Conditioning coach was there, I saw him repeatedly in the videos.

  8. when you lift that kind of weight to cause your back to arch, you simply put a weight lifting belt around you and the bench to hold your body down. That being said I have never met someone who has hurt his/her back benching weight!

  9. BP- whoa, come on. I hear what you are saying, but the whole “arch the back” thing has become common sense not to do these days.

  10. Knight would never condone arching the back on bench presses. What is Crean thinking? He has lost control of the team.

  11. The only negative of arching the back when bench pressing is it may cause a little low back soreness. It’s not like they are in jeopardy of serious injury.

  12. If you really want to stop the worry about the lower back, then use an incline bench. Arching the chest is recommended, keep the butt on the bench.
    When doing curls stand against the wall, you cannot heave the weights. They weren’t doing curls, their hands were in the position for clean and jerk, not curls.

  13. I gurantee everyone of those guys doing piggy back rides up those stairs are thanking God or whoever that D’Andre Thomas is no longer a Hooiser!

  14. Loved the video, bad weightlifting form and all.

    I can’t say how proud I am of the way Coach Crean has been turning this ship around. The drills he has the guys doing are not only creating toughness and endurance, but also an increased bond through shared struggle.

    The season, as far as I am concerned, can’t come soon enough. I see 15 wins minimum, which will be a success by all measures.

  15. Coach Crean and his staff have to be jumping with glee with the image this video gives the many viewers of the programs off season hard work. I wonder as a team how much weight they have added since June 1?

  16. Seeing the guys run the stadium made me think that now they know what us balcony-dwellers go through every home game. Now try it with nachos and a Coke in your hands.

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