1. More than anything what this team needs is true Inspiration. Inspriation carries a team that may have faults to new peaks! The video production for the 2010/2011 team and it’s music sure is a good start! Ought to play that music everytime they come out of the locker room !

  2. Tom Crean WILL get the job done.Anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or a agenda driven weasel.Thats right you know who you are. I’m talking to you.

  3. I was thinking last week about the talent on our current team. Last Saturday I saw almost the entire team at college mall. With Creek back at almost 100%, Jones heading into his 3rd year, Watford and Hulls and Elston with more experience and muscle, and Rivers understanding his role…even if Guy is halfway decent I don’t see how IU will not win 20 games. You have decent shooters too in Roth, Creek, Sheehey,and Jones. Pritchard will finally after many of us have said so much, will be in shape. Oladipo and his athleticism and excitement. There is a lot to be positive about and I expect 20 wins. I don’t think that is too much to ask at all!

  4. JPat, I agree. Players develop. These are not the same guys as last your. They are young men who have learned a tremendous amount about basketball and have become more physically far more mature as well. I feel very good about this season.

  5. Like many in the food industry Chet thinks that college basketball players are like soufflees. If that were the case too bad IU doesn’t have a chef for a coach, only a hash slinger, not even a cook.

  6. This team will win 17 strong this year and go to the NIT. Your bratty self will still be desperately searching for mud to sling at coach Crean, yet you will find that the river has run dry.

  7. NIT? Big deal, who is happy with going to the NIT?
    NIT= Not In Tournament
    If Crean can’t field a NCAA tourney team in 3 years at IU, that should tell you all you need to know.

  8. Tards would make a great Notre Dame football fan. Keep firing your coaches there, buddy, while the rest of us sit back and laugh our buts off while you talk of “standards.”

    Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  9. First off, RAM, I think we all noticed you the first time, there’s no need to post to just draw attention to yourself, as you do.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day but Tom Crean most resembles emperor Nero (AD 54 – AD 68) of whom reports from Tacitus, Suetonius and Dio Cassius speak thusly: “Nero enjoyed driving a one-horse chariot, singing to the lyre and poetry. He even composed songs that were performed by other entertainers throughout the empire. At first, Nero only performed for a private audience.
    In 64, Nero began singing in public in Neapolis in order to improve his popularity. He also sang at the second quinquennial Neronia in 65. It was said that Nero craved the attention, but historians also write that Nero was encouraged to sing and perform in public by the Senate, his inner circle and the people. Ancient historians strongly criticize his choice to perform, calling it shameful.” In short Nero would have definitely been the first to sign up for a twitter account to let the empire know every time he meets some very mice people. During Nero’s time Rome burned for five days and five nights. Rome was declining. It was, to paraphrase Churchill, “not the end of the beginning, but the beginning of the end” and it still took him a fair amount of time to complete the disaster.

  10. Nothing at all wrong with a stop at the NIT while on the climb back to the top. After all Alford has faced and failed more challenges in the NIT than any other tournament. If it is good for him it must be good for IU.

  11. OH stationary front all that education and no good use for it. Plutarch if I wanted attention I would write a term paper LIKE YOU DID.

  12. RAM is a streaker.

    Knight went to three NIT finals and won one. He lost once first round at the end of his first year here and then next year he was in the Final Four.

    Clarion, you still don’t understand: IU and Alford need each other.

  13. What a nightmare that would end up. The glorious return of the native son. He steps into a program that has been rebuilt but hasn’t won a championship. There they stay. Locked into mediocrity. A big win every 2 or 3 years. He hangs around too long because no one wants to fire an IU legend. The team loses. Alford’s reputation is ruined. In the end everyone is bitter. No thanks.

  14. … no one wants to fire an IU legend.

    Bob Knight was the IU legend.

    One more season like the last and Glass will realize these young Hoosiers have no coach. And then Crean is gone.

  15. I have said it for a long time. If Crean strikes out with Zeller and we have a losing season Crean is out of here (especially with the cupcake schedule).
    I am not as sure it will be Alford replacing him though, with Stevens out there as well. I will be happy with either one.

  16. But retard, know one wants you to be happy. Who would we have to kick around if you got happy? No, we need you unhappy!

  17. Plutarch, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. It’s refreshing to read pointed and clever discourse on a blog.

  18. ^^^ Awfully mice of you to say that.

    Also, everybody: let it be known that Crean’s under divine protection this season from this guy. You see the stripes in the background in a circular pattern because IU will forgive noone this coming season: the Hoosiers will be 9-0 after Kentucky as Crean will steer them to a(nother?) dream season.

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