Words do not describe …

Both the Big Ten Network’s love of Ro*Tel, and my love of the Big Ten Network for loving Ro*Tel.


Here is the link to the contest (the above is just a screen grab). You could win pretty cool stuff, but more importantly you also get the honor of saying Ro*Tel and you are linked for eternity (or, you know, the year of free groceries).


  1. ^ I agree. Processed cheese (liquid or solid) has got to be one of earth’s most heinous and uneccesary substances -especially when considering how easy it is to melt real cheese on your nachos.

    You could probably run your car on that stuff.

  2. Husky, Ro*Tel is nothing more than canned tomatoes and chiles. yeah, it’s a whole lot better to chop them up yourself, but I guess if you need tomatoes and chiles in a hurry to make some late-night nachos or something, I guess it’s a good thing.

  3. HB- Yeah, nothing wrong with putting it on top of nachos, I guess…as long as you are melting real cheese.

    I am shocked at the phenomenon of “queso” dip here in Indiana. Even Laughing Planet uses that crap. Thank god for Upland. Their blue-corn nachos with bubbling, crisp-at-the-sides-of-the-plate melted jack cheese, and fresh jalape├▒os are mouth-watering.

  4. “If you want to give your food and your colon hell, be sure to add some Ro-Tel!” Ok, maybe that is why my advertising business failed… ­čÖé

    I love putting it into a pot of chili or mixed with any kind of cheese (including Velveeta) and sausage to make “Road-kill” dip.
    Try blending Ro-Tel in a food processor and mixing a healthy dose into your Bloody Mary recipe. Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!

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