Yes, the absurdity level has been reached

Hey, did you hear the one about a group of people starting a Facebook group to recruit a basketball player? How about the one where one current player and a committed recruit became part of the campaign?

Yeah, that’s what is happening. There is a new Facebook group titled, “1,000 Hoosier Fans For Cody Zeller.”

Victor Oladipo and Austin Etherington are both admins for the group.

Will any of this convince Zeller to come to Bloomington? Probably not. Does it create a cheap and easy blog post on a Wednesday afternoon? Yep. And, by the way, look at us blogging more than once a day. Such a new innovation to this blogging world.

UPDATE, 4:35 p.m.

Hey, Dustin Dopirak here. An addendum on this one.

Just talked to Austin Etherington. The Hamilton Heights guard said that neither he nor Victor Oladipo had anything to do with starting the Facebook group.  He got an invite for it from the creator, but said he had nothing to do with starting it.

“Someone just invited me,” said Etherington, who said he’d already received a phone call about it. “Me and Vic had no idea who started it, and I don’t know what’s going on with it. We didn’t do anything.”

UPDATE: 7:22 p.m.

Another addendum. An IU spokesperson also said that Victor Oladipo had nothing to do with the creation of the Facebook page, and it has been taken down.


  1. Ouch…poor Mr. Hutchens. You guys are so far ahead of him already…that was really a cheap shot! Fish in a barrel, as they say. (By the way, he hasn’t posted a blog entry since 9/26).

  2. Dakich seems to be backpedaling on Zeller to IU now too.
    If Crean loses this one, it is a disaster.
    This facebook thing scares me on the violations end of it.

  3. Its not absurd until we start tracking planes again and waiting for a Moses Abraham sighting and/or news.

  4. Disaster?


    Odd, when Knight was coach and lost someone, we were told, “So what? One recruit is no big deal.”

    And, Crean is in tight with MANY top recruits.

  5. It is a disaster because Crean would once again strike out on all the top Indiana talent and have another poor class. We CANNOT have 2 poor classes in a row and hope to be a top tier team.

  6. The whole “it will be a disaster if Crean loses Zeller is truly among the stupidest ploys I’ve ever heard. There isn’t a single person reading the Scoop that doesn’t see right through it. Every time tards says it he just sounds more and more imbecilic.

  7. 4 whatever. I don’t comment many times. Since when are you part of “we”? Did you ever play any sport at IU? How about any sports at all? Did you graduate from IU? I doubt you ever graduated from anything, let alone play any team sport. You are getting old. We CANNOT continue to have to read your garbage! GO AWAY and play with your sheep or pigs or whatever you do during the day and night!

  8. Yeah it would be an absolute DISASTER if Zeller doesn’t choose IU. The walls of Assembly Hall will cave in, and every other prospect interested in IU will go elsewhere, because they’re all basing their decisions on what Cody does. Not a single one of the five hundred top recruits we have visiting this weekend will choose IU. Moreover, Patterson, Lyles and Blackmon Jr. (none of whom apparently qualifies as “top Indiana talent”) will de-commit and commit to Ball State.

    Give me a break — surely, if Zeller goes elsewhere, it will sting, but it will hardly be a disaster. If you actually, honestly, truly believe that the fate of our program hinges on his commitment, you’re very short-sighted.

  9. Also, I propose a new policy.

    If you’re going to make a statement about “what you heard” about which school Zeller will choose, qualify it. Give us a reason to believe you’re any more informed than any other fan.

    Today alone, I’ve read that Zeller will commit to IU. I’ve also read he’s leaning toward UNC. I’ve also read posts advising fans not to overlook Butler.

    It’s not that you’re untrustworthy, or that I don’t believe you’ve heard something — but these days, everyone’s “heard” something. It’s difficult to sift through all the BS.

  10. What a truckload of BS that has been dumped on this thread by 4wheelbarrowsfullofmanure.

    Recruiting classes don’t mean nearly as much if you are talking about a 1 or 2 man class. Can you really have a 1 or 2 man class that is
    “a disaster”?

    When you have such a small class, it can only mean that you are coming off of such good previous classes, that there is little room for new blood.

    The reason 2011 may not look flashy is because Crean did such a phenomenal job with the 2009 class. That is the only reason. When Tards gets his GED he may begin to understand.

  11. mdr,
    Actually I did graduate from IU , also I did play college basketball at NAIA D1 level for a couple years. Not really sure what that has to do with anything because I know many IU fans who did not attend IU or play college athletics.
    Losing Zeller would be a disaster because Crean would prove once again that he cannot recruit the best Indiana has to offer such as Teague and Dawson. I am beginning to think the only top recruits Crean can get to verbal are 14 year old boys.

  12. Laffy,
    The last thing I want is to miss on Zeller. I believe he is the most important IU recruit in a very long time. Nor would I ever start something stupid like that which is probably a violation.
    Fluffy Tom,
    The problem with your logic is that we are NOT coming off a good previous class.

  13. Tards-

    The 2009 class is the centerpiece. As long as the players from that class are running the show, every subsequent class is minor in proportion. That is why I said CLASSES not CLASS. IU was a lot easier to get in to in your day – your intelligence level proves it.

  14. It will hardly be a disaster and he will do well wherever he goes. The programs left behind will move on right away.

    As far as the website-IU should be concerned and scrambling like mad. Someone knows the truth AND the IP address of the person who started the website.

    Basically, no one should be doing this stuff. It makes IU look desperate beyond the pale. If we want to get back to the great program we once were, we can start by not being so hysterical about Zeller. It’s everywhere and it’s mostly IU involved in all the craziness out of the three schools, in front and behind the scenes. Chaotic.

  15. It will hardly be a disaster and he will do well wherever he goes. The programs left behind will move on right away.

    As far as the website-IU should be concerned and scrambling like mad. Someone knows the truth AND the IP address of the person who started the website, even if it is just Facebook personnel.

    Basically, no one should be doing this stuff. It makes IU look desperate beyond the pale. If we want to get back to the great program we once were, we can start by not being so hysterical about Zeller. The hysterics are everywhere and it’s mostly IU involved in all the craziness out of the three schools from what I can tell, in front and behind the scenes. Chaotic.

  16. This facebook thing is another example of the internet giving a voice to the idiots of the world. Another example would be reading comments from some of the people here as well…4.

  17. The only disaster created by the loss of Zeller would be in 4tickturds mind and how much more damage could that do? Zeller would move on and IU would move on and basketball would still be supreme in Indiana.

  18. This is really fruitless to try and deal with a retard like 4retards because he does not listen to anyone but that pea size brain of his. Everyone knows that Bob Knight and his IU TEAMS( not one player) were legends for 25 years. He is a hall of fame winner with gold medals,NCAA rings,NIT winners,Conf. winner,etc. But for all he had at IU those 25 years only 10 Indiana Mr. Basketball’s played for him, the rest shared coaches but went somewhere other than IU. 60% left and of the 10 he had 3 of those left. So this great coach only kept 28% of the best Indiana had to offer. Our % of getting them since he left is even worse. He even lost Larry Bird! He had great teams and he had teams not 1 year players who jumped to the NBA. He also lost many great player who finished high at other schools. MY POINTED IS WHO CARES WHAT RETARD SAYS?? IT IS HOW WELL YOU PLAY THE GAME AND WIN. I loved Zellar but the more this goes on the least I think we need him to win. Coach is getting some great guys who will get IU on top again. Zeller is not the only great player in the USA. So cut out the crap and lets move on. Stop trying to convince the village idiot he is wrong and be a positive force for IU sports.

  19. Zeller may not be the only great player in this class, but he is the only great player left that we are in on.
    If we miss on Zeller, 3 out of 4 recruiting classes for Tom have been flops, and yes I know the first one was expected. Also it shows that we are still not able to get top Indiana talent, and no 14 year old boys don’t count.

  20. We all know how classes of great players PLAY OUT. Historically, and by season, great classes are not a stable predictor of success on the court. Great is subjective to begin with-no? Good coaching, smart coaching, and more than above average talent will bring wins.

  21. As far as a “blogoshpere meltdown” on the reporter’s part, he was just reporting what was all over the Internet and on Facebook. That’s what you do on blogs and there was no reason to dispute who the administrators were, especially given Etherington has made it clearly publicly many times he’s out to get Cody to our campus.

    Given this action opening violates NCAA rules, at the minimum ethics related, where Oladipo is concerned, it would be “understandable” that everyone is denying participation. Now, that’s predicable.

  22. I listen to ESPN radio every day at work.

    Yesterday it was said that his parents want him to go to IU, that Tyler is really pushing UNC and indications are that Cody is leaning toward UNC.

    Dan Dakich has said all along that Cody would end up at IU, yesterday he seemed to back off that statement.

    In some aspects, 4guards does have some truths to his statement. Zeller is a key piece in the rebuilding of IU Basketball in the short term. Getting him will help the process and hopefully get Crean in the door with other recruits who our cold on IU because of the problems. However it is not a disaster when considering the long term goals of the program. It will just delay them getting there by a couple more years.

  23. I am one that is not really that worried about whether Zeller comes to IU. I guess it does not have much to do with his style of play. I like his play and think he will be darn good as a 4 year player. Not sure I ever bought in to the whole if Zeller comes it will open the flood gate for others in state. Look at the last 2 weeks with the 2014 class! I started to drink the Zeller Kool aid a couple weeks back and get excited. I read and heard on the radio where people thought he was an IU lean. Anyhow, he knows IU kids and people want him, he knows how nice Cook Hall is, he knows he will be a GOD here, he knows Crean wants him big time, he knows his academics will be the best fit at IU. If he chooses another school it will be purely because they did not go through what IU has and he does not want to rebuild, period! If that happens…then screw him and if he comes to IU I will be in his face with my kids every time I see him in B town thanking him for coming and asking him for autographs. Sorry but that is exactly how I feel!!!

  24. People, (including Mike P), come on here. You are being ridiculous. Consider this very realistic diagnosis of the future:

    With or without Zeller, the 2011-12 team will be an experienced tournament-caliber squad featuring Hulls, Elston, Creek, Watford, and Capo, who will only be juniors .

    The almost certain prospect of a good campaign in 2011-12 means that the 2012 crop of recruits will be even better than it looks already, as just about everyone will be assured of the program’s health.

    The 2012-13 team will feature a senior point guard in Hulls, and senior leadership in Elston, Creek, Watford and Capo (assuming no NBA defections). Victor, Etherington, and Sheehey make up a solid group of role players, and the freshmen on that team will be Patterson, Jurkin, and potentially Perea, Ferrell, Harris etc., who all get to learn in the shadow of the previously stated players.

    Come 2013-14, we could be sending a dynamite group of sophomores on to the court, with enough leadership to stay plenty competitive.

    Long and short: there is NO way under the sun that the short-term health of this program depends on a Zeller commit, or that a lack of such a commit will “delay the growth of the program by 2 years”. Saying so is akin to saying that the Colts’ season depends on the health of Bob Sanders.

  25. My assumptions (and they are just that) is that the perception of Crean and the rebuilding procees of IU Basketball has a lot to do with the committ of Zeller.


    You actually make my point for me. If Zeller commits this year, it will go a long way as to the perception that Crean is getting it done. If Zeller goes elsewhere, then it will be the senior led 2012-2013 team that will really show the program is at a turning point.

  26. Forgot to add, the 2012-2013 season is 2 years away from this one, or a delay in about 2 years to the long term health of the program.

    I for one don’t care if we get Zeller or not, Luke was nothing at Notre Dame, even though he was great at Washington. Tyler is better at UNC, but he isn’t setting the world on fire and I’m not sure if he ever will. Yet again he was a stud at Washington. Now we have Cody, another Washington superstar, but what does that mean for his college game? Who knows?

    I do however see the reasons why his commitment to IU is important for the health of the program and really think he will be an important pick up.

    Again, just my opinion and assumptions.

  27. 4guards is undeserving one ounce of credibility. If you grant him any, then it could be only concluded your back is spineless and your skull is filled with the same lemon jello.

    He formulates every “positive” recruiting scenario and frameworks every viewpoint pertaining to “what’s good for Indiana” within an atmosphere of complete ridicule, slander, mockery, and claims of incompetency, our coach. Anyone that cannot see the absurd contradiction in calling a coach a failure for not recruiting a top-talent, while, in the same breath, selling our coach to all recruits as incapable the job Indiana University has entrusted upon him, could only be a member of the same clan of wiggly, artificially flavored, lemony dysfunctional bigots.

    “If Cody doesn’t come to Indiana it will be a disaster.”

    “If Cody comes to Indiana he has made a choice to play for a disastrous coach.”

    “Please Cody, come save us…Save us from disaster by sacrificing your future in playing for a disaster.”

    “Please Cody, bring your great game. Bring fine character to play for Indiana and a coach that will guide you and enrich your skills with his blank clapping stare.”

    “Please Branden Dawson, we all know you sucked against Cody at the State Championship game…We all know you couldn’t even lift Cody’s jockstrap on your best day, but that shouldn’t have stopped you from slamming the door in Tom Izzo’s face. And though you’re a 5-star piece of suck that will soon make a sucky ESPN Top-10 list of suckiest players in the nation, I still think you should have come to Indiana to play for our Hoosiers and the suckiest coach in our history. It’s Indiana! Who cares if it will be a disaster if Cody doesn’t come. Why didn’t you decide to come and bring your sucky game to a disaster party? You suck for not sucking it up to be a Hoosier on a sucky sinking Crean ship.”

    “One more request to all Hoosier recruits..If I stick me thumb in my mouth and it comes out with crap on it, will you suck it clean and then blame Crean for how it tastes? Sincerely yours, 4guards….P.S. Your tan sucks!”


    I used to think Crean was a giant blowhard until 4guards(Captain Disaster) and his first mate seaman, JB(Jr. Blow) filled their Scoop sails and navigated the world on the wind of a mouse fart.

  28. 4g… You have become a mean-spirited fool! I am going on the record: NO class with Austin Etherington in it-even as the only recruit for that class-could be a disaster! He makes it a success! He is the perfect “It’s Indiana” kid and from Indiana! He is one of the very best Indiana HS basketball players in the class of 2011, probably behind Zeller and Dawson, but NOT behind ANTONE else (IMHO)! NO class with Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey in it-even as the only two recruits for that class-could be a disaster! They make it a success! They are the perfect “It’s Indiana” kids from outside of Indiana! As WE have already discussed they were better than ALL but 3 (in your stated opinion: Thomas, Johnson and Hopkins) or 2 (in my opinion: Thomas and Johnson) Indiana HS basketball players in the class of 2010, but NOT behind ANTONE else (you agreed!)! I don’t mind your nonsense against Coach Crean. No one cares anymore. But your low-life smear campaign against OUR players: Victor, Will and Austin, needs TO STOP NOW! It is disgraceful and unseemly! THEY are Indiana Basketball now and YOU are becoming an evil jerk (as opposed to the boring jerk you have been)! How can you disparage OUR players and claim to be a fan?

  29. Bam! The team of Tard recruits(Korman, Engel, Eline, Remora) is always on time..They know how to cover all the angles. You try to get the Scoop viewers to watch five minutes of a Titanic, “Ship of Tards”, documentary and then they quickly turn the channel to “Debbie(Beat Purdue) Does Dallas in Tardville” with a dumb-downed version, fake pornographic assault, against their Captain of Disaster.

  30. Tard Recruits! That was neat. I like that you didn’t include Dustin in there. He’s definitely not a Tard Recruit; he has sympathy for his mentor Korman, but could never quite pull the Anakin and join the Dark Side of the Force commanded by Emperor Tards.

  31. 4guards you lose your credibility by continually linking CTC and “14 year old boys”. We obviously know we recruit males for the mens basketball team so I can only assume you keep repeating “14 year old boys” to imply some sort of sick relationship between the two. I think it’s sick and wrong and it astonishes me you are allowed to post on all of these fan sites. You are a flamer. You know very little about basketball and you put a negative slant on almost everything. I wish I could see what kind of joker/clown you are. I bet it would fit perfectly with your personality.

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