1. Dear gents: Look at my name. Why, whenever you try to post something on this blog, does Firefox open up an annoying window with this title, and then asks you if you want to save it? I miss the old days, where you could just post with one click.

    And now, as I press “submit comment,” I will prepare myself once again to deal with this annoying pop-up window…

  2. Any regular reader of Scoop knows that wasn’t the real VDowning. I have never had a problem with posting on Scoop. I blog at my leisure and without issue. They like me! I must say, I don’t use Mozilla..I use 4Guards Explorer with Anti-Chrises virus protection.
    If “wp-comments-post.php” or my impersonator continue to experience blank screens, or “comment awaiting moderation” messages, after hitting the Submit Comment box, then I would suggest putting a call into Dustin at the HT offices…or maybe that new guy..?…(Andy?)…or maybe Opie, Aunt Bee, Deputy Dane Fife, Gomer, Goober, Floyd, Helen, or Thelma “the moderating bitch” Lou. Unfortunately, Otis moved to Baltimore. Otis always had an Open Iron Curtain policy for blogging on Scoop…He was my favorite…a Pennsylvanian Russian from Amish country..and amish him very much..He loved the Cutty Sark and wanted to be nearer ships that looked like his bottle.

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