YouTube remembers Knight

Starting Sunday, the Herald-Times will begin our coverage of the 10th anniversary of Bob Knight’s firing. Lynn Houser, who covered IU basketball at the time, talked to many members of the Hoosiers about that time and their experiences. And Dustin is working on a bigger piece on IU post-Knight that will come out at the start of the basketball season.

But, for now, let’s remember the quick-witted and occasionally (OK, more than occasionally) angry Bob Knight, as made available by YouTube.

Knight reads a crystal ball

Knight breaks down on his coaches’ show

Knight spends some time with Purdue’s mascot

Knight’s favorite word

Knight’s SportsCenter top 10


  1. Thanks Coach Knight for all that you have done during your coaching career.
    You are truely missed pacing the sidelines of Assembly Hall

  2. I don’t mind a look back but each year it becomes more and more of a day off for “journalists” as they rehash the same old drivel we have see a hundred times before. Some use it to take shots at Bob Knight. Some just don’t have anything else to write about. None of them seem to have an original thought. It certainly doesn’t help bring the IU family back together. More than anything it opens up old wounds.

  3. What a great man. Such a shame how he was treated by the University he was so loyal to.
    The numerous coaching blunders after Knight only help contribute to the mess.

  4. Best coach ever! Knight was truly one of a kind. I loved seeing him piss off the politically correct sissy crowd, I mean the man was hilarious! Hopefully one day we will be good enough to deserve seeing him step back into Assembly Hall.

  5. I love Coach Knight and what he did for IU and the state of Indiana both on and off the court, but the thing that continues to amaze me is that those who defend him can so blithely continue to turn a blind eye to his repeated outrageous behavior. Do you people dispute that the incidents actually happened or do you just think they weren’t that big of a deal? I guess I can understand an argument which acknowledges the bad behavior but takes the position that it wasn’t sufficiently outrageous to justify firing him, but the majority of the die-hard Knight loyalists just seem to outright ignore it. That said, I would love to see some sort of reconciliation between Knight and IU one day, but I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon, if ever.

  6. gprophet, so well said…you speak for me as well. Love the guy, great coach maybe the best but a jerk!

    JB, are you kidding, you speak as if he is GOD. Us fans are the ones that have suffered long enough. At this point he will be lucky if anyone from my family shows up…I did not feel that way a few years back!

  7. With all there is to acclaim toward Coach Knight, at the top of my list from the very first day he became the coach of the program he established that discipline by young men whether in the classroom or on and off the court was his #1 priority. He never changed even after being fired for again teaching the discipline of respect.

    On the other hand nothing I could ever say about Brand would ever be confused for flattery or praise. He was a loose cannon who twice in one decade tried to inflict irreversible harm toward the IU BB program. In the long term his actions have failed.

    As stated above we have had coaching problems since RMK’s departure, Davis and Sanctions. Both directly connected to Brand’s poor/misguided management skills and decisions.

  8. If you are going to comment on Coach Knight’s behavior please show some level of intellengence. Coach Knight was like MOST coaches. Have you ever been to an Izzo practice, a Coach K practice, becuase I have and these guys cuss and scream more than Coach Knight ever did. The only difference is that they understand that their public personality has to be different. Knight never cared about that.

  9. Great clip. He was indeed hilarious.

    However, I can’t help but be shocked looking at his coaching record in his latter years:

    1994-95: First round exit to Missouri after finishing tied for 3rd in the conference.

    1995-96: 12 point loss to #11-seed Boston College in the first round.

    1996-97: Yet another first round loss, this time a blowout loss to Colorado, after finishing only 6th in the conference.

    1997-98: Finally makes it to the second round, after finishing 5th in the conference. Loses to UConn.

    1998-99: Blown out in the second round by St. John’s, in a 25-point loss.

    1999-2000: Back to the first-round exits. Humiliated by #11 seed Pepperdine in a 20-point debacle.

    Wow, shocking numbers… why couldn’t we have just brought Crean in in 2000? Clearly 4tards and JB have the two rosiest pairs of goggles on the planet.

  10. This coversation has been done before so I’m not going to continue arguing with pseudo-IU fans.

    JPat – Your mom should wash your mouth out with soap for such blasphemy. Every Hoosier fan knows that Knight was in fact the God of college basketball.

    Youwillneverknow – not caring about his public persona is exactly what made him one of a kind. Its no big news story that coaches get mad, stomp around, and cuss. I guess in your opinion the behavior is okay as long as nobody knows.

    Gprophet – besides punching the cop in Puerto Rico I don’t think the other incidents were sufficient enough to justify firing a coach that ran such an exemplary program.

  11. ^^^Well-put, Aruss. Didn’t expect such cogency from you.

    I am sympathetic towards people who, like Knight, were fed up with dumb questions and didn’t take cr@p from anyone. Very likable personality he was.

    However, as I stated, I can’t believe that a true dynasty of basketball – one with some of the most petulant and impatient pseudo-fans in the land – would put up with such mediocrity for 6 years.

  12. to all you know knight is the man no in was in the army coach and came here too indiana
    he did not have a pr person he was his own pr
    before pr people was around their was two knights
    one a coach and one a person he had his side life live he had a great way to get too people and get
    things out of them not a snob at all he also went
    too bat for people stand up and be call on help
    people in ways you will not hear from yes he was
    a coach that love what he throught was basketball
    he know too stand up too people on the court
    on the floor of hoops their a lots of noise on a ccourt when a game is on

  13. I agree there isn’t a whole lot new to say about it, Sam, but journalists always do this sort of thing on anniversaries of newsworthy events. Just wait until tomorrow.

    Coach Knight did some things that were totally inexcusable.

    However, I think many of the things cited over and over again as bad behavior on his part (the whip, grabbing Crews’ jersey, cussing at a NCAA official) were blown out of proportion. Similar incidents go unreported or are forgotten the next week, but not with him. And rarely to never have I seen a report on the Puerto Rico incident that includes how poorly that team was treated and the fact that some players even reported being scared and that Knight was allegedly struck first by the officer.

    I still believe had he not been such a jerk to the media and cussed a little less in public, he’d probably still be here. (And, maybe had he not hired Ron Felling.) But, that’s part of what makes him who he is. Right or wrong, I’ll always miss him.

  14. The incompetence of Brand and his minions had much to do with RMK’s coaching performance the last 5 seasons. Brand had one goal in mind, to minimize the larger than life image which was IU basketball. Remember RMK”s commets at his introduction as TT coach, he pulled on a Red Raider sweater and said it was without a doubt the most comfortable red sweater he had worn in 6 years. That not only stated volumes, it “said it all”.

  15. It is funny how Fluffer Tom picks Knight’s worst years to showcase and he still made it out of the first round two of those years. Crean has only done that twice in his life.
    There’s a comparison for you.

  16. Made it out of the first round, only to be blown out by an #11 seed? Sounds a lot like…well…it sounds a lot like New Mexico, to tell you the truth.

    I thought you had higher standards, 4tards.

  17. I take offense at being called a “pseudo IU fan.” I spent four years at IU (97-00), went to every home basketball game and football game while I was there and am currently a football season ticket holder even though I live several states away. I watch every basketball game on TV and usually make it back for a game or two in Bloomington each year. But, according to JB, I’m not a real IU fan because I can look objectively at Bob Knight and reason that he should be held accountable for his actions. Just because someone does not blindly worship the ground Bob Knight walks on and make excuses for his frequently indefensible behavior does not make me any less of an IU fan than you. Truth be told, the vast majority of IU fans I know personally hold views very similar to mine. I guess they’re just “pseud-fans” too. I loved Knight, thought he was a brilliant basketball coach, and often a caring and gracious person. I was honestly upset when he was fired, but I was more upset with him than anyone else because it was really sad that his inability to control his temper and ultimately to look in the mirror honestly led to his downfall for something as stupid and petty as the “What’s Up Knight?” incident. The administration screwed that up royally, but it was Knight’s fault alone that he was ever in that position in the first place.

  18. I love his game face rant. Favorite part of that top ten. And for the record, my mother was once a secretary of his. She was in his office when he picked up an important phone call. He proceeded to swear during the conversation and end the phone call. As soon as he was off the phone, he apologized profusely over and over for using such language in the presence of a lady. I have such respect for Coach Knight because of the values he instilled and demanded from his players.

  19. The sad part about the “Knight’s favorite word” clip is that the sound track seems doctored over what appears to be a legitimate interview conducted by Al McQuire. Some immature joker pissed on one of the most decent guys to coach the game of college basketball…the true legend that built Marquette’s name in hoops.

  20. Jayward, not sure why that version was edited so much — it does look doctored. But I’ve seen the unedited clip, and that’s not McGuire. You can see the longer clip on youtube if you search for Bob Knight, and well, that word.

  21. I would also have to agree with gprophet. I appreciate everything RMK did for the state and the University and was there the same years of 97-2000. I had season tickets, went to see Knight give his annual lecture to the students, and also attended the farewell speach in Dunn meadow. He was a great teacher but too righteous for his own good. There was lots of grumbling about the state of the program during this time that many like to forget. It was Knight’s own fault that he gave the administration the door they needed to push him out. With all his self righteousness I think he knew it and helped facilitate it so he wouldn’t look like the bad guy for leaving Indiana. He has even admitted he should have left sooner…..only thing holding him back was his own ego. He’ll never come back for the same reason.

  22. I think Yogi is getting close to pulling the trigger and Cody is coming with him although they’re in different classes.

  23. Unfortunately, I have some UK fans in my family. I apologize in advance. It is strikingly similar to hear them speak of the grandeur that was Adolph Rupp, a vile, evil racist. I don’t think that was ever Bobby’s challenge but the man had serious issues that are ignored by many in retrospect. I crossed paths with RMK frequently back in the day and he was always gracious to me. But he had issues.

  24. If you’re lucky enough to hear an old football tale told by my father, inevitably the topic will include what a bastard his high school football coach was…”If you got hurt, he’d tell you to WALK IT OFF!”. Another favorite is how he played an entire second half with a dislocated shoulder..My dad played tight end. He turned down two Big 10 scholarship offers and postponed completing high school to join the Navy(just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor). He never ended up going to college after the war. Every year he reminisces about his football days he has no bitterness..And every story told about the “tough nut” his coach, you can sense in the corner of his grin just how much pride and gratitude has grown from the seed of those memories and the son of a bitch that allowed him no excuses than to give nothing but his best.

    I get so sick of these Knight stories. Men at war fight battles. How fortunate to be in college and get your arm grabbed.

  25. I played for a guy like that. I always just thought he was a piece of $hit. Now, my My Drill Instuctor in AOCS, Staff Sgt Cleveland United States Marine Corps (you always had to say the entire name and title), that was another story.

  26. back to knight he also sign a lot of things for people to get money for auctions so money could
    be used for people also he did speeches to people
    groups for auctions too raise money for arts
    and for health too maybe billions of dollars
    but you can only have so many days out of the
    year too do that and run a team or be with your
    family thank you mr knight for lets people get money for their things and people are draw too
    bad people not good on the news bad people make the news not good is not right but people watch that all the times maybe knight say what people
    would had said if they was their he speech
    was the bust i heard from some people in sports when he let

  27. That Knight was truly a great basketball coach can be seen from this fragment:

    Moye remembers the message Knight delivered to the team. Several players had discussed transferring, Moye included.

    “Coach got us all together that night and told us to stick it out and how our team was built to go all the way with or without him,” Moye said. “To me that’s what made coach Knight great. He didn’t just go out and throw a busload of blue-chippers together, he built teams like technicians piece cars together. We all served specific purposes.

    Nothing like this when Sampson left: the team collapsed then. There’s no comparison between the two. Without Knight his players (coached by Mike Davis) played for the NCAA title 16 months later.

    I agree we should have brought Crean earlier, because if we had brought him earlier he would have definitely been gone by now… As such we’re still stuck with him! But hopefully not for long, since the leprechauns are beckoning…

  28. ^^ so true. The thing that sickens me is that Knights players never would have lost to MD in that Championship game with The General on the bench.

  29. Even acknowledging Knight has done awful things and has anger and other issues, comparing him to a bigot like Rupp is pretty poor, in my opinion.

    And I know you are comparing people’s justification for the behavior, but I find it a lot easier to justify supporting someone who has a bad temper and made some bad decisions than to justify supporting a racist. One is so much worse than the other that it’s hard to even fathom the comparison, but I understand your sentiment. And leave it to UK fans, racists, cheats, they don’t care.

  30. Knight would’t have taken the 2002 team to the championship against Maryland. He would have lost in the first round, like he had made a habit of doing by that point. So there’s no use in 4tard and Remora “ifs”.

  31. Wisco. I certainly wasn’t comparing RMK to Rupp. Bobby did some inappropriate things. Rupp was an evil person.

  32. Knight would’t have taken the 2002 team to the championship against Maryland.

    Maybe so, but neither would’ve Crean, yet Mike Davis did. Live with it.

  33. You have to understand the Huskie: he seldom believes what he writes. His only goal in life is to be incendiary, inflammatory.

    Knight’s 1987 NCAA title stays sandwiched between two first round NCAA exits.

    Which renders Husky’s comment irrelevant and jealous once again. He’s not a real fan. He’s an arsonist.

  34. Great picture, Downing. I really wish I had your photo-doctoring skills. I would be a lot meaner than you have been to me, since my only goal in life is to fan the flames.

    Once upon a time, Knight was a very, very, very good coach.

    He lost that ability in 1995. In his final 6 years at IU, he won 121 games and could barely make it to the second round, at one of the most prestigious Bball schools of all time.

    In Crean’s last 6 years at Marquette, he won 135 games and went to a Final Four. It was Crean’s first coaching job, and he coached at a second-tier university.

    The facts hurt. Or should I say they burn.

  35. The facts also say that in his six years at Indiana Mike Davis won 115 games and made it past the NCAA first round three times, once going all the way to the championship game. By contrast in his 9 (nine) years at Marquette (your second-tier school) Crean only twice made it past the first round in the NCAA tournament. Ouch!

    What Crean can do at a first-tier school (Indiana) we have seen: going 16 – 46 (5 – 32) in his first two years. Ouch!

    Also, it seems like you’re again talking to the mirror. Good luck with your new medication!

  36. oh, “fan the flames” — that’s brilliant!

    brilliant… get it? 😆

    the sum of three and eight again?! oh what the heck i’ll go with 11 this time…

  37. Did Mike Davis inherit Kyle Taber and Brett Finklemeyer as his best players?

    Was he forced to clean house due to a discipline-loving homer culture enraptured by fading images of their precious Bobby?

    The answer is no, ney, never!

    Mike Davis inherited Tom Coverdale, Moye, Fife, and those other guys that were primed and championship ready (I mean, ready to comptete dude compete) – they just needed some new stewardship and to ditch their washed-up coach.

  38. ^^^You are simply the best. There is no equaling you, Remorowning’s 5th.

    I was expecting you to give it to me when the Huskies lost to BYU last week. What happened?
    Too late now: 289 yards and 3 touchdowns for Locker yesterday against Syracuse.

    The message for today? Go Seahawks!

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