Zeller visit dates set

Cody Zeller will be on campus the last weekend in October (Oct. 29-31), the Indy Star is reporting.

Indiana is getting the last official visit from Zeller.

He’ll be on campus for the Northwestern game as well as Halloween weekend. The latter is as good of a reason as any to link to our friend ChronicHoosiers’ pitch to Zeller from early July.


  1. Chronic Hoosier’s stuff is what the H-T, ITH and Peegs would love to write but cannot.

    I too will be taking an official visit that weekend to Bloomington for the Mellencamp show on Friday and a Hoosier victory over Northwestern the following day. I am happy to sit down with Cody and explain the virtues of Bloomington and IU (or barring that, a suitcase full of cash… the Kentucky way)

  2. Have to say — I like that we get the last pitch. I don’t think Cody’s fickle enough as to simply base his decision off of his freshest memories, but on a subconscious level, you have to think that if he has a good experience at IU, it’s going to stick out in his mind more closely to the time of his decision than his visits to the other two schools.

  3. I agree with Casey that having the last visit is a positive. I wonder how the sequence and dates were worked out?

  4. I usually like the fact that we’re the last to see a recruit, but will he be visiting UNC for their Midnight Madness?

    I’d rather have him for that.

  5. I look at Zeller’s order of visits like a college application. The last one you send off is always your backup plan.

    After the bastardization of Indiana basketball into a class system, there is no great lore left on the court a high school title game. Scott Skiles was the last truly deserving name associated with Hoosier legends and small towns. Sorry, I’m not giving a kid playing for a 3-A title a chunk of that hallowed history.

  6. Dave,

    Anyone who claims to have figures probably doesn’t actually have any exclusive information.

    I truly believe all three schools he’s considering have a chance for different reasons. I think he sees the pros and cons of each. I do feel, however, that he recognizes the positive changes that have taken place within the IU program since his brothers were being recruited. If this year’s team shows promise early in the season, I like our chances.

    It like a close enough race right now that the visits really will play a large role in his final decision. Let’s hope Crean and co. provide him with a convincing and fitting experience.

  7. Every coach wants the last shot and a chance to win. It’s no different in recruiting. If he leaves Carolina without a committment then IU is in good shape.

    Attending the UNC MM is not a big deal. He was at UNC with his family on his brother’s visit. He’s been to IU’s MM. I don’t see that being an issue either way.

    If you want to play devil’s advocate and read into things for UNC then you could say he put IU last to relieve some of the pressure from the Hoosier faithful that surround him daily.

    This kid has handled recruiting as good as anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s not going to give anything away before he is ready. I’m hoping IU. I’ll be glad for him either way.

  8. For J Pat regarding the fireworks tonight:

    Don’t expect much, last night it was just a single volley of concussion fireworks right at 7:30.

  9. To Zellermania: I totally agree with you about Indiana High School class system but Scott Skiles??? Did you leave the country when Damon Bailey played?

  10. UNC’s Midnight Madness is one of the events least connected to basketball in the country. It’s basically a series of skits by the team. If watching Tyler Hansbrough pop it like it is hot is your thing, then it’s awesome.

  11. Plymouth represented the smallest school (894 students) to win the title since Milan. I believe Bedford North Lawrence was huge in comparison.

    Skiles doesn’t have many friends in Hoosierland, but his numbers and clutch shooting in the state finals against Gary Roosevelt are nothing short of mesmerizing.

    I stumbled on a nicely written piece form a blog named Order of the Court. The author, Ben Steele, wrote a story entitled Hoosier Dandies that took an interesting look at the recruiting, high school tournament performances, and subsequent careers of Skiles and Bailey..It offers a lot of insight into what recruiting obsessions have created. Didn’t it all start with Knight and Bailey? It almost seems like the ridiculousness surrounding hyping kids barely past puberty into god-like hoops figures is the insult added to the injury of destroying our great one class basketball tradition..The fun and mystery is gone. The goosebumps of Hoosier Hysteria are gone from many a closed-up small town gym..It’s now just about the hype..And now Cody Zeller gets to stare his directly in the eye.

    Hope you enjoy the article.

  12. “If watching Tyler Hansbrough pop it like it is hot is your thing, then it’s awesome.”

    Hugh, well done sir. Well done.

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