Chandler also pops for Xavier

Michael Chandler, a 6-foot-10 center from Lawrence North, made it two commitments in as many days for Xavier from the Indianapolis area.

The senior said he felt like he might commit during his official visit this weekend, the Star’s Kyle Neddenriep reported.

Indiana was interested in Chandler, and Chandler was interested (or at least said he was) in IU. But it never seemed to be a hot relationship. In dating terms, they were friends who may eventually get together, but if they didn’t no one would have felt a longing 20 years later.

But Chandler was the one prospect keeping IU’s known 2011 recruit list from being just one, Cody Zeller. Tom Crean has not backed off signing two more players in the class of 2011, so we’ll be watching and asking what new names may come out in the coming days, weeks and months.


  1. OK, anyone else think these recent gets by Xavier seem a little fishy. Its starting to feel like Memphis a few years ago or Kentucky recently. In other words, something doesnt feel right to me…

    I wonder ho long until something comes out about that program.

  2. Hugh, what happened with the 6’9 PF from Baltimore named Greg Lewis who took an official visit over the weekend of Midnight Madness?

  3. It’s a private school and they do not play by the same academic standards as state universities. They can be tougher or more lenient. I think they may be a little more lenient.

  4. Steele is an asst coach at Xavier. He was the video coordinator here at IU. I believe before IU he was an AAU coach for Spiece or Indiana Elite.
    Basically he has a lot of ties to IN recruiting and it is paying off.

  5. Aruss,

    Because Purdue sucks. And everyone knows it.

    I think the more detailed answer is that Purdue’s 2012 class is already locked up, so they couldn’t recruit any of these guys even if they wanted to.

  6. Anyone who thinks Xavier is academically lenient is really out to lunch.

    X has been very active in Indiana for years – no surprise since Matta and Miller helped open the doors wide – but Steele definitely has helped up the ante.

  7. I too would like to know how Lewis’ official visit (if it did end up happening) went. Despite 4guards’ anti-non-Indiana player bent, I actually want IU to get good players regardless of their hometown. Of course it would be nice to get more players from this state (and we’re doing a good job for future classes in that regard), but I’m also not putting on clinging-to-the 70’s blinders to other states’ prospects.

  8. Lewis wants to play close to home. Not to mention he is 6’8″ and claims to be a Center.
    He is not coming here and that is a good thing.
    Lets get Zeller and call it a class so we have scholarships for 12.

  9. 4g for you to pretend to be one of Lewis’ “closest advisers” is laughable. You do not know anyone who knows anything about this kid-if you do provide the source. I know you get Peegs and Scout (which I don’t). Otherwise, no one believes you. He probably will not come to IU, and, yes, I agree get Zeller and fill up the class of 2012 with 4 plus the over-sign. But you have to keep recruiting all the time because nothing is final until the NLOI is signed and delivered! So I want to know how the visit went!

  10. I am not a close advisor or anything close. Everything I said has been well documented. Go to and you can see he wants to play close to home.

  11. Easy kids.4guards seems like he is seeing the light. Turn down the heat for a minute and see if he comes around.If he doesn’t then let him have it with both barrels.

  12. By the way, Hugh and Dustin, not sure why my IP is being blocked. I’ve been very civilized for quite some time.

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