Confirmations of things you may have read on Twitter

It took me a day, but I finally got confirmation on a few pieces of information that you may have already seen on Twitter and have been bantered about here recently.

Indiana coach Tom Crean and assistant coach Tim Buckley were in fact in Washington to see prized 2011 recruit Cody Zeller on Tuesday morning, according to a source. While they were in Southern Indiana, they also stopped in Evansville to see Harrison freshman guard Ernie Duncan, though Duncan has apparently not yet been offered a scholarship.

The Indianapolis Star’s Kyle Neddenriep reports, however, that Evansville Bosse guard Jaquan Lyle did pick up a scholarship offer from IU.


  1. Yea, Duncan was ready to pop for IU yesterday since Buckley told him Crean was going to offer, but no offer came. Personally I wouldn’t offer any 2014 kids yet outside of the 2 commits and Blueitt. They are so young.

  2. ^^^Real 4guards? Imitation 4guards? Organically grown 4guards? Farm-raised 4guards? Non-alcoholic 4guards? I can’t believe it’s not Branden Dawson butter 4guards? Low-cal 4guards? Nutri-4guards? Less Crean-hate filling but with same great distaste of the coach 4guards?

  3. Luke Zeller had a Facebook status from Lithuania this morning about food portions. Someone from Butler he knows commented on it that Dakich reported Cody to IU was a done deal. Luke has since deleted the entire status from his Facebook. In what way should we interpret this?

    I don’t know that this is exciting because Cody himself rescues us from the depths, but if he brings along Yogi & Hanner it looks like we are relevant again by 2012. Either way, we are relevant by 2014 with a top 5 class.

  4. Is there any concern that the Zeller family would think that Dakich’s comments–accurate or not–are a sign that the program is not respecting their efforts at maintaining privacy? And would that be enough of a priority to turn them off of IU? Or am I just going crazy?

  5. The Zeller’s do not need any help from Dakich, and Dakich does not know anything about Cody’s decision. Cody told us what he was going to do and he has done exactly that! He will take some time after the end of his 3rd visit, talk with his family, make a decision, and let everyone, including Dakich, know of his decision at the same time with an announcement, probably at his HS in Washington IN. There is no mystery! I really hope that Cody selects Indiana, it would be a GREAT choice!

  6. I think this is a case where recruiting can get out of hand. Dakich hasn’t been all that hot on IU for the last few years, and all of the sudden, he is the in crowd on Zeller. I will believe the Zeller decision is a “done deal” when Cody himself says it. Let’s all give the kid some space and let him chose the school for him (cough cough IU cough).

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