Council injured, could miss significant time

Indiana senior cornerback Richard Council injured his knee in Saturday’s loss to Michigan and could miss significant time, IU football coach Bill Lynch said on his radio show Monday evening.

“Richard Council, we’re probably going to lose him for a while,” Lynch said. “He hurt a knee on that last long pass play in the final drive, so it looks like we’re going to lose him for a little bit. After the game we didn’t know, but he had it looked at this afternoon and we found out this afternoon.”

The long play Lynch spoke of was the 42-yard pass from Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson to wide receiver Junior Hemingway that set up the game-winning touchdown in Michigan’s 42-35 win.

Council, the starting cornerback, has nine tackles including one for loss and a pass breakup this year. Among the options to replace him in the lineup are backup cornerbacks Andre Kates and Adrian Burks. Also possibilities are junior Lenyatta Kiles and Lawrence Barnett, who were moved from cornerback to safety in the preseason when junior safety Chris Adkins was hurt.


  1. Maybe this was why he looked out of position or whatever on that play. Wonder if his knee was injured before the ball got there or when he jumped to make the play. Either way, this reminds me of when Chris Phillips was injured trying to break up a TD pass in the end zone in the Ball State game two years ago. A key play in the game and an injury that knocked a player out for the rest of the year.

  2. Well Mr Pryor maybe out for this Saturday…that’s an injury worth reporting. We never want to see any injuries but we may benefit from this one.

  3. I doubt RC hurt his knee seriously in the UM game. I think this is just some dis-information being passed along to the media to give the appearance that RC is not being benched. Ok, Andre Kates…it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and change the face of the IU secondary. Beat OSU!

  4. Funny, this is what Bill Lynch had to say about the injuries sustained from the game, “Nothing major. After a game like that you’re going to have some guys banged up, slowed a little bit this week. I didn’t see anything on the injury report that looks like anybody who’d be out.”

  5. Me and a buddy of mine talked about this last night Higgi. Council hurt the knee on the long pass play, yet I’m pretty sure he remained in the game on the next play. The staff didn’t know about his injury Saturday, or soon enough on Monday to remove him from the depth chart?

  6. That thought crossed my mind too, Higgi and Mike. If he is injured, I’m sorry for him, but I’m glad to give someone else an opportunity. On the radio show, Lynch even said something like “that’s too bad for him” in reference to Council’s injury, not that’s too bad for us or a big loss for our D or whatever.

  7. Uhhh…he was probably sore after the game, and when he was evaluated further, the doctors found that he did some damage. Happens all the time.

    But sure, the entire program is conspiring against Richard Council. That makes a whole lot of sense.

  8. That’s exactly the problem with these blogs– over-the-top statements intended just as much or more to disparage the other poster as to prove or disprove a point. Just as the excitement and news of football season is drawing me back into maybe posting something every now and then, I read some comment like that and it makes me regret ever participating. This is in addition to how sad and frustrating it is to read the comments on basketball stories which, among other things, have lead me to believe we should just hold a mass suicide if we don’t get Zeller.

    I just thought it was odd that Lynch said it the way he did (although maybe I read too much into it), and Lynch’s “loyalty” to upperclassmen and hesitance to make changes has been discussed over time and while I feel bad for the injury and I’m sure he’s a nice guy, Council has blown plays over and over. Additionally, three different people independently had the thought cross their mind, so while it may be incorrect, I don’t think it’s such a preposterous idea that it needs such a wise ass comment. But, then again, that’s about the level of discourse to be expected anywhere, yet alone in the anonymity of the blogosphere.

    Above all, who really care what we think about it, because the bottom line is that he is hurt and will not be playing for awhile. While I feel sorry for him personally and hope he has a speedy recovery, I am interested to see what other players might be able to contribute in his place because he has been a big liability on defense for some time now.

  9. Wisco,

    You have to remember, Jimmy and Hoosier Clarion don’t just drink the Lynch Kool-Aid, they mix it to pass out to others.

    Exactly what you just mentioned about Lynch’s loyalty to upperclassmen is what drove the thought last night and the discussion tonight with the other dad’s at my son’s football practice. No conspiracy against Council, just that Lynch doesn’t want to throw him under the buss by benching him.

    Like you said, if he really is hurt, then I wish him health and a full recovery.

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