Crean confirms Jones’ ankle injury

Our friends at Inside the Hall reported Sunday that Verdell Jones suffered an ankle injury in practice this weekend. Indiana coach Tom Crean confirmed it Monday evening on his Twitter account.

“Now we have to deal with different injuries,” Crean said on Twitter, continuing his thoughts over several posts.  “Verdell is suffering from a ankle sprain he got defending in our scrimmage work this past Saturday. He was playing at the highest level he has been at with us when it happened. Injuries are a part of the game and right now we have way to many assistant coaches because of it. It is no fun for any of us.”

How long Jones will be out is unknown at this time, though the fact that Crean used the word “sprain” would indicate that it likely won’t be a long-term problem. It doesn’t help guard depth at the moment, however, with sophomore guard Maurice Creek still recovering from a fractured knee last season and not practicing every day.

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