Cryptic Crean in Washington today?

Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean tweeted this today: “Just drove through the hometown of Gil Hodges with (IU assistant coach) Tim Buckley. On a tour of hometowns of Baseball greats in Southern Indiana.”

Former Brooklyn Dodgers  star Hodges was born in Princeton, Ind., but grew up in Petersburg, just a few miles down the road on Ind. 57 southwest from Washington, current hometown of a certain Cody Zeller.

There are unconfirmed reports out that the Hoosier coaches were at Washington High School for the Hatchets’ regular morning workout. Zeller, Washington’s 6-foot-10 standout and the most coveted uncommitted recruit in the state’s senior class, just returned from an official visit to North Carolina where he attended “Late Night with Roy,” the Tar Heels’ version of midnight madness, as orchestrated by coach Roy Williams — himself a not infrequent visitor to Washington in recent weeks. Elder brother Tyler Zeller, a junior player at UNC, was a participant in the LNWR festivities.

Cody, as is well-known by now, will choose between UNC, Indiana and Butler. His last official visit is set for IU over Halloween weekend.

So feel free to speculate as to the nature of Crean and Buckley’s apparent visit today.


  1. Glad to see some info like this on here considering you guys call yourself “The Scoop.”

    Peegs seems to have a bunch of it while you guys don’t have that much.

  2. Supposedly, Crean went to Evansville to see a freshmen at Harrison High School. So, if that’s the case, they probably were passing thru Washington.

  3. I wonder if this has anything to do with the IU recruiting news DD was talking about on his radio show today?

  4. doesn’t look good for Crean with the single most important recruit he’s ever had – trying to talk CZ out of going to Carolina probably

  5. If anybody catches what Dakich has to say….get it up on here….please for all of us at work.

  6. If they were in Petersburg, they were on their way to or from Evansville. Petersburg is south of Washington, so they don’t have to go through there to get from B-town to Washington or vice versa. Trust me, I know, I’m from Evansville, have family in Petersburg and went to IU, I’ve driven every possible route to and from Bloomington. Of course they could combine the two objectives on one trip.

  7. Bowski,

    I’ll put it on here if Dakich releases it. Remember, his show isn’t on till noon local time.

    If you click my name, it is linked to the radio player for the station he is on. You can stream it online.

  8. DD is going to reveal that IU Northwest is recruiting the son of the guy who runs the best pierogi joint in Gary (and whose daughter – a knockout – DD used to date), and that the pierogi guy also has ‘a guy’ who can get a great deal on diamonds. And that he understands the significance of this because he’s a coach and you’re not. By the way, I love me some Coach Dakich.

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