Dakich’s recruiting info

Dan Dakich just said on his show that he’ll talk about some recruiting information he has at some point during today’s show.

I am listening. You can listen too here.

I’ll let you know what it is and we’ll go from there.

UPDATE: Dakich did say Cody Zeller to IU is “a done deal.” But he’s been saying that for a while, so it does not strike me as news. Far more likely he’s going to drag this along and get a bit of a boost to his ratings.

SECOND UPDATE: Just teased IU recruiting after the next break.

THIRD UPDATE: Dakich: “I am going to tell you the same stuff I’ve heard before, but I got it confirmed again last night.”

FOURTH UPDATE: “Done deal to IU and then the other two after that.”


  1. Stuck with no audio (all web radio is blocked)…hopefully just not some typical sports talk tease

  2. I heard what tim mccoy heard. That’s what Dakich said. I know he is supposed to be close to the Zeller’s and I sure hope he is right.

  3. That’s what Dakich has said since the beginning…. I don’t necessarily think that is the recruiting news that he’s talking about.

  4. If we start to hear things about Yogi and/or Hanner getting ready to commit or actually committing, then you can be pretty sure it’s a done deal.

  5. I hope the fact that Dakich would look like an absolute idiot if he were wrong is assurance that he’s very confident in saying this.

  6. Dakich also claimed before the superbowl that Freeney’s ankle would be “100%” and that he would play “just like he had the rest of the season”. I heard him say this myself while driving through Central Indiana. Since Dakich is an IU guy and obviously has more connections to this story, I hope he is right. Either way, I’ll believe it when Cody announces it.

  7. I’m betting that he has the straight skinny! He isn’t going to wreck his rep and burn any bridges by broadcasting info on the air that he hasn’t checked out.

  8. Safe to say if Zeller doesn’t commit to IU Dan’s days on the radio are over in the state of Indiana.

  9. If he is close to the Zellers, he doesn’t seem to feel obligated to them to let them deal with their own business. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  10. Dan’s already said that his source isn’t the Zellers and that this is just his opinion. It may be a strong one, but that doesn’t mean Cody has ultiamtely made up his mind and has already given a silent verbal to Crean.

    He’s sharing what he thinks he knows, and that’s it.

  11. So the “bottom line” AFTER the Dan Dakich “special news bulletin” is that we will know what Cody Zeller intends to do WHEN Cody tells us! That sounds about right to me!

  12. Amen brother! I don’t do this much on here but…I said that before the season that crap does not work. You have to hit full contact!!!

  13. Hugh,

    The smoke was rolling off my head when he said that. The whole “the guys with the ball are pretty good” defense would work if it wasn’t that I have seen time and time again that they tried to arm tackle and as Megan M. says “tickle down” tackle only to give up the big play!

  14. JPat-

    You’re right. I heard the Bears didn’t practice full contact before playing the Seahawks last Sunday. Lovie Smith said it will not happen again.

  15. Ditka, I have never liked no-contact or limited contact practices for many reasons I have said on here before. The only coach I have ever known personally that has made a living at making it work is John McKissick from Summerville SC.

  16. DD just read an email from someone in NC saying that CZ was a lock for Carolina. This is DD’s way of covering up his guarantee to IU and cause more hype. I like DD but he is a knucklehead!

  17. Crean: Cody’s ours.

    Izzo: I’m very happy for you, friend. Branden told me he understood why you never called or showed interest….the ‘culture’ thing and all. There’s a ton of forces on you down there.

    Tom Crean: I’m glad Dawson went with you. It’s a win-win. He’s not in my backyard playing for Matt or Stevens and you’re so thick with talent it serves as reminder to our fans I never had a realistic shot at the cream of the crop right now. I didn’t have a shot, did I?

    Izzo: Of course you didn’t against me. Put that on Twitter! Hahahahahahahah….Anyhowitzers, you got the hungry wolves contained for a while. Put together a couple .500 seasons and you can ride landing that Indiana cornstalk for a three year Dakich Culture Club cruise in Love Boat land.

    Crean: STOP! You’re frickin’ hilarious!

    Izzo: Like I’ve always told you, Tom-a-Tan-aholic…Tell it to a microphone!

    Crean: I gotta go…You’re killin’ me here. You’re the best. Give my love to the family.

    Izzo: I am the best..And to your family the same..Stay in the middle the pack so I can still get a glimpse of you from the top..And tell Joni she is looking more stupid-hot than Ines Sainz these days.

  18. Win-win proves the old adage that it is REALLY difficult to write good humor. But bad stupid humor just flows off of the keyboard!

  19. This is just me, speculating with no sources.

    I don’t believe the Zeller battle is over. It’s not a “done deal.” I’m willing to bet that Cody may, in fact, have us in a VERY, VERY SLIGHT lead but a lot can change between now and the signing period. That being said, I think he picks us in the end but I doubt he’s thinking that right now. I bet he’s going to base a big part of his decision on comparing all 3 visits.

    Also, as disappointing it may be to discuss, I really don’t believe that getting Zeller = getting Yogi. I bet that regardless of what Zeller does, Yogi doesn’t decide until this time next year, like he has said about 15 times already in interviews.

  20. The UNC campus and Chapel Hill are OK but neither really compares to the IU campus and Bloomington. The more visits (to either or both) the better.

  21. The Zeller’s do not need any help from Dakich, and Dakich does not know anything about Cody’s decision. Cody told us what he was going to do and he has done exactly that! He will take some time after the end of his 3rd visit, talk with his family, make a decision, and let everyone, including Dakich, know of his decision at the same time with an announcement, probably at his HS in Washington IN. There is no mystery! I really hope that Cody selects Indiana, it would be a GREAT choice!

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