1. Not wanting to jump to conclusions regarding the outcome of this mess, but is there still anyone out there who can defend Lynch. They can’t beat anything that comes close to being a real team and when they do win, it usually is because the players have been able to overcome coaching blunders. I know we might not be able to get anyone who’s very good for the money IU would pay them but this misery has to stop.

  2. Bottom line…Many years ago Lee Corso made a statement that 80% of the time the team with the best players win the game…Ben Chapell is a very good division 2 or mac quarterback as is the rest of the team at almost every position. That is why IU year after year wins 0ne, two, or even three big ten games. IU players lack the size, pysicalness,quickness, speed, and ability to elevate themselves to big ten level football. IU sometimes struggles to beat division two or mac conference teams and sometimes will lose to them. They very seldom physically and athletically dominate those teams. IU play in the big ten should be no surprise and realistically expected.

    As far as coaching goes give Lynch and his staff Ohio State players and Tressell and his staff IU players; when IU calls the wildcat IU scores a touchdown against Ohio State. When your team is inferior it puts tremendous pressure on coaching to try things that your players cannot execute, however if you do not try things you get beat anyway. It really makes coaching look bad as it kind of grasp for straws.

    From a different perspective I have watched Oregon play a couple of times and how fast they execute on offense and defense. Their coach and team know every play at a lightning pace and are committed to that. Currently, they have the players to execute it and probably will for as long as that coaching staff is in tact.

  3. Theres not much to be said other than Lynch needs to go.

    Down two scores with 11 minutes left and you punt the ball. Way to show leadership. OHHHHH wait…you don’t have any. I forgot.

    Please note that Ben Chappell is and will remain the most overrated quarterback Indiana has ever had. He played a combination of no one the first three games and has shown his true colors against actual competition.

    Please note I am an IU fan, and I have nothing to be proud about other than our swimming/diving team may win a little bit this year.

    p.s….fire Glass too

  4. I’m not expecting IU to be Ohio State. But under Corso, Mallory, and Hoepner they were in the middle or upper third of the Big Ten many times and beat Iowa, Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, Minnesota and Wisconsin. We’re probably lucky that Minnesota isn’t on the schedule because I wouldn’t give this coaching staff much of a chance to compete with them. By the way, there’s an obvious reason why Lynch and his staff won’t get the opportunity to see what they could do with Ohio State’s talent. The AD at Ohio State isn’t stupid enough to hire them.

  5. By early next week Fred Glass needs to do or say something to demonstrate he knows what he is doing.

  6. Lynch has to go. To lose going down fighting is one thing. To not even have enough football sense to not go for it down by two scores with 9 mins left on a 4th and 2 is another. He basically took any chance away from us being in the game with his piss poor game management. Unreal we kicked two field goals inside the 5, when we were getting demolished. If you want to keep the score “respectable” go coach pee wee lynch. You play to win the game. Its really sickening as a fan to watch a coaching staff this clueless. Never in my 25 years of football have I seen a worst coached team from top to bottom. I’d have to agree that we need a completely new coaching staff and AD for that matter~! If Glass thinks this is acceptable he needs to go as well.

  7. Before someone points out my over-zealousness in the post above, I do remember that IU wasn’t consistently beating the schools I named. Under those coaches, however, IU was competitive with those schools most of the time which has not occurred under Lynch. That team that played Oklahoma State in a bowl was ALL Hoepner’s. Lynch almost threw that season away too (the Northwestern game that year comes to mind).

  8. i wanted to give him a chance this year, but hes proving the same as previous years, lynch is no D1 caliber coach. sad to see IU so terrible this year

  9. We have to do all we can to make sure glass understands the fan base wont put up with this trash. I just joined the fire billy lynch facebook group and advise us all to do so, maybe we can get more people to join than actual people who show up to the games!

  10. Same old, same old. I don’t even bother rooting for IU football because why? I don’t expect a big ten championship, but I do expect more than mediocrity. Glass has to pull the plug now before the season is over and get a jump on whoever would be available, give them the bucks it takes to get a big name and go from there. I honestly don’t know how he recruits. What would you show them for highlights?

  11. Fred Glass needs to hire Ken Niumatalolo away from the Naval Academy when the season ends. The triple option works and IU will never be successful running a conventional offense. He makes $750,000 right now, lets give him $2,000,000 a year and show the Big Ten that we are just as serious about football as we are basketball.

  12. I almost got emotional reading the posts above. I love you guys and I agree with almost everything written. Some of us who have been calling for Lynch’s termination for a while were beginning to wonder if anyone else out there cared! Reading all the “Lynch-is-a-nice-guy-and-needs-more-time” posts can get discouraging.

    Would love to see it happen, but there is no chance IU is going to hire a guy like Ken Niumatalolo to be IU’s coach. No way they will pay a football coach anywhere near $1 million dollars to begin as coach of IU. There’s just no money to do that, and given the attendence for the remaining home games, IU’s financial woes will only grow more severe.

    Yea, the pressure on Glass is intensifying fast. He’s got to do something, and soon, or people are going to start questioning his judegement and leadership ability. To anyone that has even modest undestanding of college football, it’s obvious that Lynch needs to go.

  13. According to an article written in July, 2010 by Pete DiPrimio, Lynch is the second lowest paid coach, in both football and basketball, in the Big Ten. IU will pay Lynch $658,750 in 2010. The highest paid coach is Tressell at $3.4M. The average compensation, before incentives, for all Big Ten football coaches is $1,968,181. Interestingly, NW pays Pat Fitzgerald almost twice Lynch’s salary at $1.2M and IL pays Zook $1.5M. Purdue pays Hope $900,000 this year. I guess you get what you pay for.

    So, giving IU the benefit of the doubt, we have to assume the maximum carrot IU would dangle to hire another coach is about $900,000 per. That’s $241K more than Lynch get’s now. Can IU afford to do that? Will Glass take the financial risk? I doubt it. He’s safter politically by justifying allowing Lynch to go one more year and save the money in the short term. And Glass in nothing, ifnot a political survivor. But assuming Glass would do it, what’s the profile of the coach IU could attract with a starting compensation package of about $900,000 per year. Well, obviously not an established D-I coach from a major conference. You’d have to hire a top assistant or up-n-comer from a mid-major conference team or an Divison IAA school. I say hire a top assistant from successful major D-I conference school and give him an incentive laced package. One game per season with a full Memorial Stadium and IU exceeds break-even on its investment.

  14. In times of great emotion, in which two sides (the “we’re improving” camp and the “this is the same crap for the billionth year in a row” camp) are divided by their strongly-held opinions, it often helps to take a look at some very basic numbers.

    So here we go:

    2010 Hoosiers three games into conference play

    – Outscored 123-79 in conference
    – 6th in scoring offense
    – 10th in scoring defense
    – 1st in passing offense
    – 10th in passing defense
    – 5th in turnover margin
    – 11th in rushing offense
    – 10th in rushing defense
    – 6th in total offense
    – 9th in total defense
    – TIed for 7th in red zone offense (since we’ve made “finish” our mantra for the season)

    * Note that the ranking statistics do not account for today’s game. They have not been updated yet.

    2009 Hoosiers overall

    – Outscored 83-74 after three conference games, and 250-195 overall in conference
    – 9th in scoring offense
    – 10th in scoring defense
    – 4th in passing offense
    – 9th in passing defense
    – 2nd in turnover margin
    – 9th in rushing offense
    – 9th in rushing defense
    – 9th in total offense
    – 10th in total defense
    – 10th in red zone offense

    Keep in mind that the team statistical rankings include non-conference games, and are based on per-game averages, not gross total.

    So, let’s digest these numbers and account for change — positive or negative — for each category this year, compared to last…

    Scoring offense: +3
    Scoring defense: no change
    Passing offense: +4
    Passing defense: -1
    Turnover margin: -3
    Rushing offense: -2
    Rushing defense: -1
    Total offense: +3
    Total defense: -1
    Red zone offense: +3

    After looking these over, it’s hard for me to understand how people can look at this team objectively and say we’ve improved. Sure, our offensive numbers are a bit better at this point in the season, but that’s likely to change as we continue to play actually competent opponents. Our improvement in some areas has been marginal, and offset by marginal decreases in other areas. I’m not saying this year’s team is worse, but they’re not any better either.

    Can anyone provide an actual reason to be hopeful as long as this staff is manning the ship (a reason other than “our 2011 recruiting class is less below-average than normal.” Those players won’t have an impact until 2012)?

    I’m generally not a negative fan, but our team is embarrassing beyond description. We routinely make mediocre competition look like Super Bowl champions, we state explicit goals for areas of improvement and rarely do anything to meet them, and our staff continues to rationalize and play down horrible losses. And fine, I understand we can’t compete for Rose Bowls overnight, and that marked improvement will take time, but I don’t even see improvement on a game-to-game basis. We follow one horrible performance with another, and the team can’t put together a game that features strong efforts on both sides of the ball simultaneously.

    It’s become a sad routine for me: Wake up on a Saturday, get excited for some football, watch IU game with a small hope of an upset victory, wonder why I ever thought that possible by the end of the first quarter, realize we still suck.

    Someone stop the cycle.

  15. My real concern is that CTC is not any better of a game coach than Lynch– he just has more charisma. Have CTC give $500,000 a year of his overblown salary to hire a new football coach. Without a drastic upgrade , IU will continue to be totally irrelevant in Big 10 football. They have always been the team that allows me to work in the yard at half-time.

  16. The Crean-Lynch comparison isn’t even somewhat analogous.

    It’s fine if you don’t think he’s a good coach, but those two aren’t even on similar planes in their respective professions.

  17. Sad….very, very sad. What is even sadder and more regrettable is how long it took some of us (spelled M-E) to come to grip with this reality.

    Casey’s discussion is a good example of the type of constructive but clear criticism that is needed. Several other comments also offer the hope of the interest in IU football.

    In many ways the leadership has to come from us. We can no longer afford a “closed”, non-responsive athletic administration that refuses to share its actions, or ignores its accountability for poor decisions to the very support it depends on.

    I agree that winning football is possible at Indiana. The next Bill Mallory or Coach Hoeppner– a solid, knowledgeable coach with integrity and passion–is out there.

    The University’s President and AD Glass need to show leadership and must lead NOW! Indiana University and its fans deserve no less.

  18. Its time for Lynch to go!!! Harbaugh, Creans brother n law, would love to be a BIG 10 coach! We need a coach that the public and the team, can believe in. Lets make it a Family Affair!!!

  19. Think about it, Harbaugh turned down the NFL, and an extension @ Stanford. He’s a Hoosier @ heart, and a WINNER ! A proven Winner,, yeah, its been a while since we could say that! He has BIG TEN written all over him, I think he would adjust his salary, for a chance to build a winner out of these Hoosiers! And recruiting? no doubt he can do that too, he’s a proven winner,, not a pig in a poke.

  20. Phil Fulmer is still out there! and as the person b4 me, so is Harbaugh, either one would bring winning back to IU. You cannot expect to have a winning program with a “wannabe” coach. Get a proven coach, and a proven winner, with a proven winning staff backing him,, its not brain surgery.

  21. why not spend the money on a coach,instead of a scoreboard? I’d rather have a old fashioned score board with one light bulb, and a winner on the field, as a 2 million dollar score board and a fifty cent coach!

  22. Why would Jim Harbaugh leave $2-3 million/yr at Stanford, which is in CA where great football players are produced by the truck load, to come to Bloomington to coach football (he can visit his sister any time he wants)? Not even the fools on this site could seriously think that he would. Phil Fullmer makes more each year from his TN buy-out than IU pays it’s football coach! We tried a discarded SEC coach-Dinardo-with horrible results! Getting a GOOD football coach at Indiana will take a minor miracle! But we have to try. Good luck AD Glass!

  23. Lets be real people…Stanford is a better job than Indiana Football. I don’t know who would want to take this on is the biggest problem. Surrounded by Kentucky, Ohio State, Illinois, Notre Dame, Purdue, Northwestern…I just don’t know how we turn it around at this point. But hey go for Harbaugh, Leach, Bowden, one of these may be our only shot at turning the ship around. Too bad for Lynch – super guy with what seems like a real dedicated staff. Next couple of weeks will decide what we should do.

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