1. Congrats to the football team on barely squeaking out their last win of the season. My thoughts drift back to Clarion’s early-season words.

    When everyone else and their grandmother could see that IU’s defensive performance against Townson and WKU foreshadowed the worst, Clarion was saying that it was “just a few momentary lapses.” I think we can all now say without hesitation that history is repeating itself over and over again with this team, and until there is an entirely new staff in place, there will never be any reason to be optimistic with a 3-0 start.

  2. Last win???? What are you smoking??? We have games we should win against @Illinois, NW, PSU and @Purdue. Plus we are always one play away from beating Iowa. We should finish with 7 or 8 wins.

  3. Even Arkansas State’s QB can have a school record-breaking day against our defense. I can’t believe this is a Big Ten defense.

  4. Aruss!? Do you really think this team is capable of finishing against a conference team? Have you no memory?

    Last year’s team was better than this year’s. Last year was an opportune year, a once-in-a-decade chance to overachieve and put a signature on the Lynch regime. We came close, but we choked in every clutch situation, due to a combination of bad coaching and bad execution. With a program this bad, a coach doesn’t get many chances to right the ship. Our chance flew by. Time to start dreaming new possibilities for next year.

  5. Once we hear the sound of basketballs echoing in the stands our maple hardwood hearts, the world will be right in Hoosierland. Football, as predictable the turning back the clocks and the fallen leaves covering the walkways our beautiful campus, will again take it’s proper place on a sunny Autumn day as providing a booster shot of Vitamin D from the heavens before winter and the indoor sport that reigns supreme at Indiana takes front and center stage. When Zeller makes his Indiana destiny official, the TV contracts will skyrocket and the cream and crimson will once again be an undeniable force restored back on-track their glorious road that no other Big 10 school has ever come close to compare. Basketball is king in Bloomington. And though our blogging Husky friend from the land of foggy dreams feels a need to roll in some of his own brand of Seattle despair misplaced the true recipients his longing sports’ cheers, Indiana basketball is forever eternal with Spring even amongst the not-so-good-at-anything, prepackaged cool Washington air, of a misty and solemn vagabond.

  6. Watch it^^^. Easy there. This husky loves basketball, and salivates at the thought of the scenes described above. In fact, he relishes the knowledge that he will soon be undertaking his yearly task of saving Hoosier fans from their worst enemy – their own petulant negativity and moody simpleton superiority.

    This husky also loves the crisp fall air of the Midwest, and wouldn’t trade it for the sunniest Seattle afternoon.

  7. Well, let’s start with the positives. IU won it’s fourth game of the season and now is 4 -2. Chappell and his receivers made some fantastic plays and deserve credit and sincere congratulations for numerous outstanding plays.

    On the other hand, I don’t remember ever feeling this bad after IU won a football game. That was the worst win I’ve ever witnessed. We don’t even need to continue discussing IU’s defense. They’re just terrible. Enough said. As if that’s not enough, IU’s kickoff coverage was terrible. I thought we were in over time given Ark State’s starting field position in the second half.

    And our fifth-year senior running back fumbles the ball twice, in two consecutive offensive series, with less than four minutes to play in the game, with IU trying to run out the clock and/or post another score to wrap up the victory. Unbeleavable! Did you see how he was holding the ball as he approached the defenders, with only one arm and out away from his body? Fifth year senior! Unbelievable. And the same defensive lineman that jumps offsides twice, extending two Ark State’s fourth quarter drive, both of which result in fourth quarter touchdowns.

    Absolutely terrible clock management when IU has the ball late in the fourth quarter. Snapping thhe ball with 10 to 15 seconds left on the play clock, on several occasions, when all they need to do is kill the clock. Running that terrible “pistol” formation to the short side of the field and losing four yards, making it 2nd and 14.

    I could go on and on, but my point is, IU is a very pourly coached football team. The mistakes they made today are typical, and somewhat understandable, in the first tow games of the season, but not the sixth game of the season, with home field advantage, against a weak-non-conference opponant.

    What more do we need to see before we conclude Lynch has got to go. Today, his ineffective coaching got exposed. yea, IU won, but only because Ark State’s freshman kicker could not make a 43 yard filed goal.

    As for the remainder of the season, if you think IU will win another game, you’re optimism has turned into delusion. IU will finish 4 – 8 with two or three of the lossses being blow-outs.

    By the way, from the T.V. broadcast, the stands looked half empty. Nice warm, dry fall day, a chance for a win, and maybe 35,000 fans show up? Looks like the Hoosier nation is sending IU’s AD a message. That kind of attendance is costing IU a ton of cash. Let’s conservatively estimate $300,000 for today’s game.

    Get a coach, build a competitive team, fill the stands, count the money. When will IU ever learn?

  8. ^^^Nice. It was quite the beautiful Indiana Fall day today. You still have the verbal magic.

    Good luck to your Huskies tonight.


  9. pod, I could not agree more. Funny, your posts this year are like mine were the last two years. I am worn out with it! Have enjoyed reading you lately! I heard going out that it was just under 40,000 but I took my daughter to the game and was not impressed with the homecoming turnout. Hope to never see a non-conf game for homecoming again. I won’t beat up on the D as much as I have in the past few weeks but will say that this just is not that good of a football team all around. More later…

  10. Aruss; Husky Tom is right on. This was IU’s last win of the 2010 season. And I agree, IU is not as good this year as they were last year.

    40,000 fans in the stadium for homecoming? Ouch, that’s big financial trouble.

  11. Today was, well, it was a win.

    Lynch talks about finishing ball games, out of 6 games this year, his teams have been out scored in the 4th quarter of 3 of them, played to a tie in 2 others, and only won the 4th quarter once, and that was against OSU, a game that was decided before the end of the first quarter.

    Is that what he considers finishing games?

    On a positive note, today marks the first game under Lynch that an IU team has lost the 1st half and won the ball game. They are now 1-19 under him in that scenario.

  12. Though not an overwhelming win. It still is a good win because of some residual shaken confidence after last week’s thumpin’ by osu was overcome, also ASU almost beat iowa last year and defeated txam two years ago, running game was good even without Willis. IU will win 2, maybe 3 more games this year. Sorry, Aruss, I’m IU loyal, but 8 is asking for too much, I will by you a round of beers at Nicks or Kilroys if they can pull out 8 wins.

  13. Pod,
    Each of the first two wins last year was harder to watch than today.

    Can’t wait til you get your blood pressure down so that you can post your thoughts.

    Never was money more safe.

    What an amazing, amazing stat!!

    (Rooting hard for Wisky right now.)

  14. Glazed; Your last post makes you the fool. Podunker and Husky Tom are two different people. What, you can’t believe there is more than one person who’s not happy with Lynch and the way his teams play? Our posts don’t even look familiar, different language styles.

    Are you one of those “9/12 truthers?” How bout a “birther?” What’s the point of posting comments as two different contributors? It would not be worth the trouble.

  15. KevinK, you must have a serious crystal ball or something…I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and put on medicine, weird!

  16. I was chatting for most of the game on here. I felt that IU was definitely off their game mentally to start, but Chappell definitely kicked it into high gear and started executing the offense with ease. Hard not to love watching Chappell/Doss/Belcher in action out there.

    Our defense is just…wow. They did have a nice stretch from the 2nd qtr – 3rd qtr where they were staying home and making some stops. Mitchell Evans deserves some props for two interceptions due to two great reads. However, our pass rush is just sad. Speaking of schemes: do we EVER blitz anyone? Seems like there are only 4 guys rushing the ball with our slow/undersized corners hanging around people’s ankles.

    Guys, Lynch isn’t going to be fired this year even if Glass has made his mind up, so how about something a little more constructive? You guys have a good football understanding, but sitting in a circle and talking about something that won’t even be considered at the EARLIEST, the end of the season, just seems fruitless.

    Anyway, I don’t think IU is going to be blanked from here on out this season. I don’t know who, but we’ll get one more win. Illinois has been competitive this year, but we match up pretty well against them. Penn State and NW are doable, too. ASU has a better offense than most of the bottom rung teams (sans NW) in the Big Ten.

    Just to be clear, I’m not supporting or not supporting Lynch. I just like reading some of the football comments from some of you guys and tend to glaze over Lynch stuff. There is a lot of football left to play.

  17. DD, if IU does not win another game…Lynch is gone. However, I do see one more win, maybe 2. Not sure what happens at 5 or 6 wins but 4 wins and not one Big 10 win…he is a goner!

  18. J Pat, and I will agree with the decision if things play out in that worst case scenario. In the meantime, there is a lot of football left to play.

    In other words, there are a lot more broken arm tackles for us to witness before the season is over. 😉

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