1. If we land Zeller, the tide has turned in recruiting. Watch Yogi and Perea follow up shortly after.
    If we lose Zeller, Crean is left with another poor class and lost out on all the IN kids once again , Teague, Dawson, Zeller, Plumlee.
    Yogi and Perea will see the talent shortfall and start looking at other schools.
    EVERYTHING hinges on getting Zeller to commit. No better time for Tom to get his first 5 star recruit.

  2. So I just left Assembly Hall and there were people saving seats on the first rows. Is that legit? I was pretty sure they would be told to leave and not let in until six. Some dude was lawn chairing it though outside assembly hall. I love this place, and can’t wait till tonight.

  3. Hoosier Hysteria is now officially taking over Bloomington!

    Here’s a picture of workers setting up a humongous picture of Zeller at the Memorial Stadium (north side)!

    (Picture taken just a few moments ago.)

  4. excited about tonight
    if your not then your just not an hoosier fan. This is another chapter in our history.
    If Zeller doesn’t comment then yea we lost a good recruit does that make Crean look bad a little but, we do have a hell of class coming in down the line. It doesn’t take one player to win a championship it takes a entire team.
    Go Hoosiers i love what is happening with this program.

  5. We get it 4retards.

    You’re praying with your entire soul we miss out on Zeller because you want IU to fail so you can gloat and cry Alford would have done better.

    Get a new act.

  6. Hanner comes, then Yogi, then the stream of Indiana players continues! Zeller goes to UNC and spends his first year watching on the bench. No one player makes or breaks a program!

  7. I listened to coach Crean talk on the radio this week about the up comming basketball season. He was positive about his team. The players comming back remind a little of the IU football funk they are in. It will be an exciting season if exciting is 15 wins and 12 losses….on the bubble for a bid to the NIT.

    Zeller goes to Butler.

  8. But Zeller will come because they hung that monster image of his outside the Memorial Stadium earlier tonight! Good thinking Fred Glass!

    (By the way does Fred Glass wear contacts?)

  9. Laffy, anyone can post as guest on he live chat. I am not 4guards and I was posting about being disappointed at how lame HH sounded. It didn’t sound like it was very exciting and I think that hurts recruiting.

  10. If Zeller doesn’t come all is lost…What a frickin’ moron. Indiana lost Larry Bird. Knight had him and lost him. All we were able to do was have an undefeated national championship team. Zeller is one player. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. He damn sure isn’t a Larry Bird.

  11. Zeller is another Kirk Hastons. Nice talent around the basket with a good outside touch, but nothing of NBA caliber. And what a play drawn up by Mike Davis!

    It’s just a bit said these 5-star recruits from within our borders continue to act like a Hoosier jersey is chopped liver. There was a day when Indiana basketball did not have to kiss the butt of any recruit. I almost prefer he goes elsewhere. If you’re from this state and you can’t wholeheartedly decide there would be no greater satisfaction than being an integral part of bringing back the glory to one of the most storied basketball programs of all-time, then there must be something seriously amiss. The bold candy-stripes are far too precious my heart than see them made generic by the wishy-washy attitudes of an undevoted prima donna.

  12. My school is IU and I am an old guy but I will tell that even in Bob Knight’s Day we had plenty of Indiana MR. Basketball’s go to school’s other than IU and I thought just like some of you that they must be Stupid to leave our state but they did. However, we didn’t care because we knew we were INdiana and sooner or later we would kick their butt’s. We don’t need to beg for Zeller! If he wants to be here and get some big time fan support cool, but if he is not into it fine let him go like his brother’s did. They didn’t turn out so great but everyone says Cody is better. I have seen him play several times and he is know NBA superstar at this point but you would think he would want to go a school and hone his skills for 4 years or he can go to UNC and ride the pine. IU will be fine… No begging please we already have many kids lined up as you could see Friday night!

  13. I agree, Southport65. Even at the height of Bob Knight’s success, there were a lot of Indiana HS star players that left the state, some of those a lot better than Zeller.

    It would be great to land Zeller, and send a message that IU’s recruiting has taken another step up. But he’s not the savior of IU’s basketball program and losing him to another school will not devastate IU’s program. And I think IU’s recruiting has already turned the corner.

    Even on Knight’s best teams, IU was never recognized as having the best athletic talent on the floor or the most superstars on the team. It’s how the talent they have plays together that counts, not how many 5-star HS recruits they get. I sight last year’s Butler team in support of that statement. If accumulating 5-star talent is all that mattered, Kentucky would have won the championship last year and Memphis in the years before. How many rings has Calipari won? Zero.

  14. The difference is that Bob Knight had many top talents lined up. We have nobody else to replace Zeller in this class. It would be 2 pathetic classes in a row. That can’t happen at IU.

  15. Two pathetic classes in a row is simply BS, 4tickturds. You have no credibility at all.

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