1. The Illinois-OSU game perfectly illustrates all my frustrations with the IU program.

    Illinois, a program presumed to be about as bad as ours, still finds ways to stay close to teams like OSU, and even beat them on occasion, go to Rose Bowls, etc.

    It is simply beyond belief that we aren’t even able to stay close to these teams once in a while. Better take that Illinois game off of the “winnable” list for IU.

  2. 1) Ben Chappell, not Denard, for Big 10 Player of the Week, please.

    2) I am disappointed, as always, with the Hoosiers, but at least we know the offense works against a (mediocre) Big 10 defense.

    3) This looks like one of those Randle-El type years, where we go 5-7 but score a lot and draw more national attention.

  3. Is Council the biggest goat in the history of IU athletics? How many more games will we lose this year because of him?

  4. Painful irony that when IU finally seemed to have Robinson contained, that it was Richard Council giving up the big play again to seal the loss. Why isn’t Andre Kates being give the chance to play? It is obvious that Council is subpar and that Matt Ernest is a WR not a CB!!

  5. I knew it was a matter of time today. Council takes the PI there, it’s first & ten on about the 36, instead he tries to make a play (which everyone but the IU coaching staff and himself knows won’t happen) and it’s first & goal from about the 4.

    He isn’t the only reason they loss the game, but his mistake set up the game winning touchdown.

  6. It was actually closer than I thought it might be.
    The O-line really surprised me with their pass protection vs. Michigan. Ben can throw accurately when he has time, and he had it most of the day today….the run game had its moments too, but not nearly as consistent as it needs to be in conference play.

    The defense looked like a defense that lost a bunch of starters from last year.

    Guys played hard, and appeared to be intense. Too bad we couldn’t get a big win. Nice crowd. Would be nice for them to win too. Might come back. Too bad we don’t know to be quiet in the stands when the offense is on the field.

    Liked the decision making on fourth down by the coaches. Need to win. Really need to win.

    Tandon Doss is a warrior. He is going to be a very sore pup tomorrow.

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