DSR to Xavier

North Central guard D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera verbally committed to Xavier on Saturday, according to multiple outlets.

It came down to Xavier, Wake Forest and Georgetown, the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep writes.

There seemed to be a feeling that when IU chose to really pursue another 2012 point guard, Park Tudor’s Yogi Ferrell, Smith-Rivera started to look at other options.


  1. i’ve watched him before he’s overrated. I’ve also heard he’s been held back two times, so i doubt he’ll be growing physically anymore

  2. Look at it this way, none of the local teams were in the mix for him at this point, that alwasy makes you wonder about a kid! I like him, will be a good player, but there are some things that the local in state schools were worried about forsure!

  3. Good luck to DSR. He should be fine as long as he stays on campus. Avoid Clifton after dark and if he values his life don’t go anywhere near Over the Rhine.

  4. Not a big deal if we get Yogi and Harris, but if we strike out on them, letting him go becomes huge. This is a top 50 player in the country.

  5. Tell it like it is. Crean’s head just exploded. DSR is the #3 position player in the COUNTRY! Go X

  6. Patterson > DSR—- no contest, Also we don’t need both Yogi and Harris , but it would be nice. Harris is the only 2012 Indiana guard that I would rank higher than Patterson. Ask Teague about Patterson’s physicality and defense.

  7. Nowadays, watching almost every so-called basketball school in the nation develop a competitive football gives us the necessary knowledge that this is not an impossible mission; it just takes the right people.

    I already forgot who won the NCAA championship game in basketball last year. It must have slipped my memory because it’s so irrelevant compared to getting to one of thirty bowl games. Was it Virginia Tech? Who cares. I sure bet they’re regretting wasting time on landing every 5-star basketball recruit they want while we search for the next Bill Lynch. And all those needless dollars earned from guaranteed television contracts with ESPN and CBS from November ’til March? Nothing but a couple peanuts in a box of Cracker Jacks! When they look at that cheap cloth banner hanging in their hoops arena they surely must weep for more exposure their “competitive football”. It’s only a matter of time the one sick pigskin patient brings illness upon the entire universtiy. When will they learn?

  8. Can Crean keep Xavier out of Indiana? Martin, Davis, DSR, Chandler….
    I am a huge fan of Patterson but I would not say he is better than DSR hands down. And we do need both Yogi and Harris.

  9. It’s obvious IU has placed a higher priority on Ferrell in that class. DSR, being the attention-hungry player he seems to be, probably didn’t enjoy seeing that. If we get Ferrell, I could care less about losing him. No doubt he’ll be a solid college player though.

    Chandler made it clear he wanted to make a decision soon. If IU hadn’t offered a scholarship at all yet, it’s obvious why we weren’t in his final considerations.

    Neither of these are crucial blows to our plans, assuming we cash in on our high-priority targets.

  10. Casey,
    The attention hungry reputation that Smith-Rivera has developed is interesting to me, because when I covered North Central at semistate and then Indiana Elite at the May Classic, I got the exact opposite impression. He was gritty and gutty and fearless and willing to do whatever his coaches asked. In the North Central game, Jeffersonville was doubling Terone Johnson, and DSR went down on the low post and started posting people up for buckets. It didn’t show college coaches anything about how he could be a point guard at the next level, but it was what he needed to do at the time. At the May Classic, he exhausted himself playing on both the 17 and under and 16 and under teams, and flat out played like an MVP in that tournament. All his coaches raved about him after that, and couldn’t say enough about how much of a warrior he was and how selfless a teammate he is.
    But I know exactly where you get that perception, and I see where you’re coming from. Which is why if I ever have a son who is a major basketball prospect (I’d either have to marry an Olympian or adopt, but bear with me) he’s not getting a Twitter account.

  11. Dustin,

    You’re right in that I gained that impression solely via Twitter. That said, I understand that a few words typed on a social networking site aren’t a pure reflection of his character.

    I’m just a bit sensitive to the types of players who exhibit any sort of entitlement to play wherever they’d like after much of what happened in the Sampson era. That’s probably not DSR, but the “I see who really wants me” comment just rubbed me the wrong way — especially when Crean invited him to an IU camp when he was still injured and couldn’t play.

    I just saw it as a slap in the face to other coaches who had been recruiting him consistently. I do stand behind the belief that he saw IU’s love for Ferrell and probably began to set his sites elsewhere. He may not be attention-hungry, but he does strike me as the sort of chip-on-your-shoulder, competitive kind of player who doesn’t want to be someone’s second option. I’m sure he didn’t sit and smile as Yogi made unofficial after unofficial to IU and has his name chanted by the crowd.

    He’ll have a good shot at being “the man” at Xavier.

    All of this sure makes you appreciate how Zeller — who’s received ten times as much attention — has handled his recruitment, regardless of which school he chooses.

  12. Casey,
    Again, I definitely see where you’re coming from, and that comment really surprised me as well. I get the impression (and this is complete speculation on my part) that his injury, particularly the timing of it and what it meant to his recruiting stock, has messed with him emotionally. That’s where the chip may have come from. If you asked me in May to pick between Ferrell and Smith-Rivera, I’d have taken the latter in a heart beat. But Ferrell had a great summer, especially at Adidas Nations, and Smith-Rivera didn’t have a summer. It’s gotta mess with a kid’s head to see so many people pass him without having a chance to do anything about it.

  13. DSR will not play much point guard at Xavier– unless he beats out Dee Davis which I doubt. Chandler is a gamble because he may not qualify plus if he does qualify in 2011 then xavier is in an oversign position.

  14. Dustin,

    I’m sure the injury was tough to swallow. It’s gotta be tough to watch your contemporaries excel and pick up interest while you’re stagnant on the sidelines.

    I actually don’t a player who plays with a chip on his shoulder. Sometimes it makes for a more tenacious and effective competitor.

    I think more than anything, his situation just sheds some light on how odd of a role social networks play in the recruitment process. Coaches tweet to subliminally affect the perception of players and fans. Players play the same game to fuel their own recruitments. Fans create Facebook groups to woo top recruits.

    The danger with Twitter and other similar public forums is that it’s so instantaneous. DSR may have been emotional at the time he posted that, and maybe he wouldn’t normally employ that tactic. But he did, and once it was out there, I wonder what, if any, impact it had on his recruitment.

    I think the role of social media in recruitment would be an interesting subject to explore. How impactful is it actually? How many coaches use it/pay attention to what players they’re recruiting are saying? Do players consider who’s looking when they tweet/update a Facebook status? How do players feel about be re-tweeted by fans and reporters?

    OK, done with that rant — I wish DSR the best. I hope we get Ferrell, and that he thrives, and that DSR does the same at Xavier.

  15. This is part of the process, or “Game” now. This just helps weed out the class. This is why you go after so many and offer one to many schollys. I am beginning to think that Harris might be the key player in all of this.

  16. Casey,
    I think you’re right there, and I think it’s a story that needs to be explored on a different path. I think everyone’s done the “what do you do to make sure your current players aren’t doing something dumb on Facebook” story, but the way this recruiting game is being played on Twitter is probably more fascinating.

  17. Exactly.

    I think the story focusing on how coaches essentially censor their current players yields a pretty boring and expected answer.

    But I think Twitter’s role in the process is interesting. I mean, read some of Crean’s tweets (which I know you do), and you can’t tell me he’s not being extremely intentional about some of the things he says.

    A couple examples I can think of off the top of my head are when he tweeted about the Kelley School of Business’ recent accolades (a Zeller-inspired tweet perhaps?) and talking about his love for recruiting multi-sport athletes (Harris, anyone?).

    On the player side, I can recall Yogi, Chandler, DSR, Merrero and Hollowell all tweeting recruiting-related things at some point. I wonder how much of it is simply them talking about what’s going on in their lives, and how much of it is inspired by the thought that what they tweet could help their causes?

    On top of all of that, Twitter provides yet one more way for recruiting-obsessed fans to hyperanalyze the decision-making process of high schoolers. I mean, Ferrell has more than 1,000 followers for goodness sake.

    It’s all very intriguing. Even the NCAA hasn’t quite figured out how to manage it.

  18. Casey,
    Yeah, Crean goes subliminal on a weekly basis. My favorite was last week when he was going through Southern Indiana talking about the birthplaces of famous baseball players. Or when he was in Detroit talking about Eminem and Kid Rock. And yeah, Hugh pointed out the multi-sport athlete thing. He pumps up the Kelley School all the time, and that works for Zeller and others.

  19. Yeah, it’s laughably obvious sometimes, but hey — no one can claim that Crean isn’t doing everything he can to draw top talent to Indiana.

    What I wonder, more than anything, is does it work?

  20. I don’t buy the logic IU should somehow have done more for these guys in the event IU’s top targets don’t work out.

    You target kids, you have backup plans and you hope those backup plans have enough interest and patience to wait. These guys didn’t have enough interest or patience so they made their move.

    The alternative for IU being what? IU offers the backups, they accept, and IU doesn’t have the scholarships then to add their top targets who are still strongly considering IU.

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