Evans, Doss named captains for Illinois

From IU Sports Info:


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana Head Football Coach Bill Lynch announced that senior safety Mitchell Evans and junior wide receiver Tandon Doss will serve as game captains for Saturday’s contest at Illinois. They will join season captains Ben Chappell and Tyler Replogle for the 11 a.m. CDT/noon EDT kickoff against the Fighting Illini.

Chappell and Replogle were elected season captains by their teammates during the preseason, and the team’s Leadership Council will vote on two other game captains each week to join them. Both Evans and Doss will serve as game captains for the second time this season.

After closing out a 4-0 non-conference slate, Indiana returns to conference play at Illinois. The teams will meet at Memorial Stadium (62,870) in Champaign, Ill., and the game will be televised on the Big Ten Network.

Tom Hart will handle play-by-play duties and he will be joined by Anthony Herron (analyst) and Lisa Byington (sideline). The game can also be heard on the statewide IU Radio Network with Don Fischer (play-by-play), Buck Suhr (analyst) and Joe Smith (pre-game, halftime and post-game) on the call.


  1. I don’t care if Captain America is leading this team – this one is going to be ugly.

    A Tale of Two Programs: Illinois, our alleged “equal” in football, will once again show that even the worst Big 10 teams in recent decades are light years ahead of IU.

  2. They’re 3-3, they were 3-9 last year, and we’ve won 3 out of 5 against them. But sure…freak out if you must.

    Not saying it will be an easy game though. We don’t exactly dominate on the road.

  3. Hmm… do the numbers say it all, Jimbo? Who did they lose to? Why, I seem to recall it was to some pretty legit opponents…Ohio State in a close one, Missouri in a close one…they also cremated Penn State on the road… it’s ok, keep the rose-colored goggles on, you will need them badly in a few weeks

  4. It’s a hard decision when it comes to IU football. Goggles vs. no goggles?

    I sure miss chattin’ with my old blogging whale on friendlier site a friendlier day. This place is one cesspool of egomaniacs with viciousness there main calling.

    Your Seahawks sure took it to my Bears. Lovie has to go.

  5. oops. Forgot the goggles link.

    Never thought I’d say it, but I’m beginning to lose faith in Cutler.
    Last in the league in 3rd down conversions. The guy is getting creamed because he refuses to get rid of the ball. Nice to see Hester has his wheels back though.

  6. …[their] main calling.

    I think the Hoosiers can beat the Illini this weekend. Without Willis they’ll have to resort to what they do best. Not that I know a damn thing about IU football.

  7. If IU had IL’s 3 – 3 record, I’d be stoked! IU has beaten 3 creampuffs and slipped by Ark State at home because their freshman kicker missed a 34 yarder. IU’s running game is in the freezer, the O-line is a patchwork (again), and IU’s defense is terrible. The game’s at Champaign, the locals will be pumped. Sorry, but I think Husky has it right, IU goes down. I just hope they keep it respectable and that Chappell survives the game. Yes, this one could get ugly.

    Honestly, I think we have a better chance to beat Penn State than we do beating IL this weekend.

  8. Aruss, but at least Husky Tom’s posts make sense. And he’s had twice the amount of time to evaluate Lynch than 4guards has had with Crean.

  9. TaterShines- I miss those friendlier days too.

    By the way, as happy as I was about the Seahawks pulling the upset this weekend, I refrained from mentioning it, because in all honesty I like the Bears a lot and would feel terrible about taunting.

    Yes, Cutler is worrisome. Like Ditka said, he takes way too many sacks; also, the grumpy face is for some reason more pouty and annoying-looking than other such faces. I’d feel better if someone like Kyle Orton were still around, but unfortunately, we know the story there.

  10. Jimmy,

    You are correct, IU is 3-2 in the last 5 against Zook and crew. However, Lynch and crew is 1-2 against Zook, including a 55-13 BEAT DOWN the last time they travled to Champaign!

    Like Podunker said, their 3-3 is more impressive than IU’s 4-2. The only loss they were not in till the 4th qtr. was against Michigan State. The took it too S. Illinois, a team that beat IU with Lynch at the helm in place of Hep, beat N. Illinios, a 5-2 team who is 3-0 in their conference (MAC) right now. As we all know, they beat down Penn State in Happy Valley.

    IU’s best chance this weekend is to take adavantage of the frequency (2.3/game) in which Illinois turns the ball over, get scores off those turnovers and hopefully continue to take care of the ball.

    There is no one else on the Scoop to compare you to. Everyone else here offers something constructive to the conversation!

  11. Mike P- To add to your point, what kind of a person boasts about a “3-2 record” vs. another team, especially a historically lowly one? To win 3 out of 5 is to barely win more than half, which translates to a .600 winning percentage. Impressive vs. Ohio State or Wisconsin, but against Illinois? Classic Aruss statistical manipulation.

  12. To their credit, both IU and Illinois have made significant strides in their respective programs. But, at this point, Illinois is probably the stronger team with somewhat more depth on both sides of the ball.

    For IU, this season has gone down just about the way a lot of us anticipated. We now have some B10 caliber players, but not nearly enough to remain competitive over the entire season. We lose about 3-4 contributors each week either in the game itself or in practice. While this percentage is probably not too different from our competition, the difference is that the other teams have more ability to reload. When we lose a player, he is typically replaced with one who is not ready to compete at this level. This leads to more injuries etc. etc. It is a viscious cycle that has gone on for years and IU is only now beginning to break.

    But the good news is that this is college football and anything can happen. Illinois could have a bad day, put the ball on the ground and we could pull off an upset. The probabilities do not favor IU this year, but let’s cheer and hope for the best.

  13. iufan23-

    With all due respect, where to you get off implying that Illinois and IU are even remotely close in the development of their programs? Illinois went to a Rose Bowl recently, and beat OSU in Columbus. IU hasn’t been to a Rose Bowl in almost 5 decades, and currently enjoys a 23 year losing streak to OSU.

    Illinois hired a recognized name at the D1 coaching level remains a competitive program despite some inconsistency.

    IU on the other hand is consistent – consistently awful. How about a 23 year losing streak to OSU? How about 7 straight years of 2-0 or 3-0 with only one (barely) winning season to show for it, and “0” signature wins against the conference heavyweights?

    IU does not even belong in the same breath as Illinois, unless you are talking about opposite ways to try to revive a program.

  14. iufan23; you compliment my main criticism of Lynch and IU FB. Lynch does not/is not able to recruit enough Big Ten caliber players to compete through the rigors of the Big Ten season. Oh, we do well against FCS schools, weak MAC schools and other mid-major conf schools, and we might beat one weak Big Ten opponant each year, but we can’t run with the big dogs. No depth and not enough competition between the players to elevate play. After five/six games and a few Big Ten opponants, a lot of IU’s starters are beat up or done for the season. Yea, injuries occur to all teams, but most have really solid 2nd and 3rd stringers that step in. That’s why I go nuts when I read about the other schools that offered IU’s recruits scholarships. The vast majority are not turning down offers from other Big Ten schools, they’re choosing IU over MAC schools or other mid-major programs.

    Hey, we all want IU to beat Illinois. We’re all pulling for the team and hoping for the best. But the only way the University we love will have a FB progam that we desire is if the majority of Hoosier nation refuses to accept mediocrity. Hope is not a strategy. I want better for my alma mater and I believe we can do better, much better. But you have to be a realist about the problem before you can start to fix it.

    The best indication of future performance is past performance. Nothing in Lynch’s past suggets that he is capable of transforming IU FB into a program that can regularly compete in the Big Ten. Ishe making improvements? Yes, but only marginally. Given the money IU is losing every game, I doubt IU can afford to wait much longer.
    Look what Il did after last year’s bad season. Defense was terrible, they went out and got a quality defensive coordinator, paying him $475K. How’d that work out? So far, it looks like pure genious. Do you think IL is making a return on the difference in salary being paid to the new Def Coor? You betthey are and I’ll bet IL goes to a bowl game this year or next, making that invesment a no-brainer.

    I can remember when, as a student at IUB, we’d make the road trip to schools like IL, WI and NW because we knew IU had a good chance to win those games. At worst, we’d be competitive and that made for a fun weekend road trip.IU did not threaten Ohio State or Mich, but we were competitive with all the other Big Ten schools. Not the case any more.

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

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