Follow our Tweets from Big Ten Media Day

CHICAGO — Dustin and I are here at Big Ten Media Day in Chicago. In lieu of a ton of posts, we are going to try out this new CoverItLive Ticker. It should feed our Tweets into the window for you to see. No commenting, though. Sorry.


  1. Did Hugh just call one of the best, most respected Caoches in the Big Ten the “cryptkeeper?”

    Stay classy Hugh.

  2. Hugh-

    Based on your last ScoopTalk session from the Chicago hotel room with bright headboard light(at first I thought it was Tom Crean’s “The New Generation” light of hope, redemption, and 19 F’s), and an overwhelming fear that you may once again drop the ball for your next Hoosier Morning song of choice, I bring you….(Quit guessing…It’s not The Darkness)…not a UFO band, but an Earth Band.

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