Baylor under investigation for Perea recruitment

Jeff Goodman of is reporting that Baylor has come under investigation for possible violations committed while recruiting five-star forward Hanner Perea, the Colombian native and LaLumiere junior who plays for Indiana Elite’s summer travel team and is being recruited by Indiana.

Sources apparently said that one of Baylor’s assistants was sending texts to Perea’s AAU coaches, including Mark Adams, while he was coaching games. That is a violation of NCAA rules.

Perea has said he has not ruled out going to other schools, but Indiana and Baylor have long been the two main competitors for his services. Perea recently took an unofficial visit to IU for the Indiana-Michigan football game.

UPDATE, 10:02 A.M.: The NCAA, through a spokesperson, declined comment on the investigation, but a source close to the situation confirmed the details of Fox’s report.

UPDATE: Another source close to the situation confirmed’s report. The source also said that the investigation is not looking into anything that might call the eligibility of Perea into question, and that the NCAA is unlikely to even interview Perea. The source said that none of the text messages in question actually went to Perea.


  1. This is an absolute shame. I feel sorry for the kid and his family. NO ONE should be treated like this. Anyone at Baylor anyway involved with this should resign asap.

  2. Dakich said a few weeks ago with regard to landing Perea–“be careful what you wish for”. I always wondered why IU and Baylor were the only 2 schools pursuing him– he plays above the rim and can touch a basketball at 12’2″ off the floor (You tube). Hopefully, IU is clean on this recruitment. I feel bad for the kid and for college basketball if this is the way things operate. There will be no real winners if the facts are as reported.

  3. “Morefield also sent a text to LaLumiere coach Alan Huss, which was obtained by, saying that if Perea didn’t go to Baylor, he wouldn’t be back in the United States.

    ‘I guarantee u if he does [commit to another school] he will be in Colombia for the spring and summer and next year. Don’t forget it,’ the text said.”

  4. not sure why Dakich would say that. Baylor has the issue, not IU. If his final 2 are Baylor and IU, he should be giving us a call any day, right? Am I missing something?

  5. Wow something definitely does feel not-so-right with the circumstances surrounding this kid. I think with our Sampson days still haunting us we should steer clear. It probably is not Perea’s fault, but as a university still suffering from the Sampson meltdown we can ill afford to even being around something like this. Too bad for him.

  6. Where there is smoke. We’ve heard there were coaches complaining about the Bears recruiting methods. With the quick rise of Baylor to national attention maybe the complaints are accurate. Could be Scott Drew’s future could be in a similarly precarious point as was described about boxer Billy Conn, when Joe Louis declared, “He can run, but he can’t hide”. At the least Morefield, the assistant coach of Baylor is a thug belonging in the NBA with Kelvin Sanctions. After this revelation I think HP will not be making any trips to visit the wackos in Waco.

  7. Why, BillR? The communications are from the Bear assistant to HP’s AAU and HS coaches during times when against NCAA regulations. No shadow is cast on HP.

  8. Hanner still has lot’s of options and anyone with his level of talent will be sought after. IU has’nt had a power forward with this level of talent since Ray Tolbert. Shear talent is not always an assurance of success! It would be great to get him committed with in the next couple of months to get the 2012 ball rolling! Suprised that Scott Drew would keep Morefield on his staff! The Drew family has had a great reputation, sorry to see it tarished like this. HP would be a huge get for us,let’s hope that he comes through all this well!

  9. Clarion, I agree with both posts you wrote. I really think this is just a jerk coach from Baylor and until we hear anything else, stick with the kid. He has done nothing wrong…so far from what we have read!

  10. reply to 4guards: huh? what do you mean “these kinds of players”?

    so because an idiot Baylor assistant coach sent a threat to a kid’s coach, that kid is automatically someone to avoid? I don’t understand that logic at all.

    there doesn’t appear to be anything improper or shady about Hanner or his family. this is ALL on the Baylor coaching staff.

    and to answer your question, hell yes I still want Perea to come to IU!

  11. 4guards –

    1. His name is Perea.

    2. What do you mean by “these kind of players”? Can you point me to any part of this issue in which Perea has been accused of any wrongdoing?

  12. I bet if we get Zeller and he has a tough freshman year someone we all know will blame Coach because he always spins things to try and make our Coach look bad. Tell me what has he done bad with HP? There is no mention of any IU wrong doing! This kid can play so why would we back off because a Baylor’s coach screwed up?
    If we found out that a UNC coach did the same with Zeller would we back off his recruitment? NO! So why try and stir it if it don’t stink?

  13. OK, let me try to follow the logic (although there is no logic presented): a Baylor assistant Coach breaks an NCAA rule by texting an AAU Coach during a game in which the player did not play, the player never saw the text, never heard about the text, knows nothing about the text and was totally not involved in the rule violation. Yet, despite these facts, the player is somehow “tainted” by this violation. Yes, that is absolutely absurd! Let me give you another example of this nonsense: a drunk driver hits your car which was legally parked on the side of the street while you were out of town and the entire event is documented. So the drunk driver’s defense is that you are “tainted” by his hitting your car. That is absurd and NO ONE takes it seriously!

  14. That was somebody else using my username. Since Korman left, it seems to have gotten worse. I would welcome Perea and it seems very likely he is ours.

  15. BiIIR,
    Your post has no merit and makes no sense. Why should we stay away from him? What has he done wrong?? Because an idiot coach threatens to deport him if he doesn’t go to his school (Baylor)you think we should stay away? Your post has to be one of the most ridiculous posts I have seen given the facts we know.

  16. James Riley | September 11th, 2009 at 4:19 am |

    Talk about a scary hire.
    The AAU teams that he has been involved with have been considered shady by most the other AAU programs.
    Drew does seem like a good kid. Just hope that his dad does not get involved in the IU program.
    Very strange hire by Crean.

  17. It would actually be pretty devastating if he went somewhere else and we are still stuck with Jurkin and nothing to show for it.

  18. There’s big don taylor again. Do you say anything basketball related or just get on here to call people names? As I stated, those comments were not mine. I have been supportive of Perea for a while now, so it should not have been too hard to spot the comments were not mine.

  19. I’ve been kind of lazy on this, in large part because I see little point in getting involved in the squabbles on here. However, 4guards is being honest and his user name was in fact used by someone else. Please do not misconstrue this comment to be taking anyone’s side, but merely providing you all with information you could not have.
    Carry on.

  20. I don’t take anything posted by the name 4guards “seriously”. Scoop refuses to stop certain bloggers from heisting 4guards’ name. I don’t like the real 4guards’ methods of tearing down people to build his case for another. And if he is anything in reality close to person he acts to be on this blog, I doubt he’s too worried about cheating his integrity to get what he wants. All that being said, I don’t think that should open the door for refusing the rest of us a clear picture are aimed responses. Scoop has demonstrated that 4guards’ has lived within a set of unwritten standards/rules that allows him to build his trademark on their website. He doesn’t take the blog hostage by posting silly off-topic pictures and he conforms to decorum by not taking cheap shots at the hardworking and talented journalists that provide this site for all Hoosier fans to enjoy. To my knowledge Scoop has never moderated his comments and Korman used to reiterate that he only used one blogging name. If Scoop feels 4guards’ has done everything the right way, has dressed his free speech in manner they feel befitting, then shouldn’t they also honor an unwritten contract of respect and stop the clowns that steal his name for whatever their higher purpose? This is where Scoop loses the credibility they give own illusion to upholding. There’s nothing that could make this place look more “silly” than allowing games with a bloggers’ identity. Being a model citizen blogger on Scoop for many months doesn’t even allow a commenter the most basic right of protection a name sacred its own thoughts? That’s silly hypocrisy in my book and merely proves you only give protection to a voice you want to hear. You should never complain about bloggers that alter and call 4guards ugly names. How can it be harmful a flea when you’ve already allowed the dignity of ‘self’ and ‘individual’ be removed from anything you’re protecting?

    It would not surprise me the 4guards impersonator is someone with a close allegiance to the real 4guards..I hope it’s not someone inside the HT offices. What better way to portray the ludicrous opinions of 4guards’ in a better light than to create a false target of an even bigger jacka$$.

  21. There is no conspiracy as much as you guys want one. I have no connection to the HT. I only post under 4guards on any site including Peegs.
    Just an average longtime IU fan who calls it like he sees it.
    By the way, if Crean lands Zeller, Yogi, and Perea as he should, I will lay off him in recruiting and admit he is turning it around on the recruiting trail.

  22. We should have been more vigilant on this in the past, but we are going to be in the future. There is no excuse, joke or rationale for stealing another poster’s identity. The previous comments have been removed. We can keep going as the situation warrants it.

  23. Your eyes don’t “call anything like you see it” except for “tan”, “orange”, “clapping”, “incompetent”….on and on and on.

    You have no right to stake a claim to anything including a conspiracy. Your blue-chips may fall into place, but we all know they’re buffalo chips built by a mole who builds mountains out of anything he can deface. You should be the final person put in the tube used to rescue the miners in Chile. Tell you Zeller is at the bottom waiting for you autograph. Fill hole. End of your honorable story.

  24. Screw 4guards.

    The guy is a fraud and no fan of IU.

    Crean could win 5 Titles in a row and he’ll continue to call him the anti-Christ.

  25. There is nothing that could be posted by an imposter that begin to be as insipid as the drivel posted by 4tards. His reputation could not be pulled any lower than it is. He is an idiot.

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